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Iran Dress Code

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What to Wear in Iran as A Tourist

Maybe the most confusing issue before your trip to Iran is what to wear in this country. It is interesting to know that the Iran dress code is different from other destinations that you have visited so far. Accordingly, we, as locals, have put together this trustable ultimate guide for the dress code in Iran.
Iran has special dress rules for the residents and tourists as well, which is different from other Islamic countries. Usually, when you travel to an Islamic country as a non-Muslim tourist, you will see a strict kind of hijab for Muslim women and sometimes men that the travelers do not need to observe. In Iran, the situation is different, and you will figure it out on the first day of your Iran tour. But as you have to pack up in advance, you must know the Iran dress code before your trip and follow it like the local women in Iran. So, here is the Iran dress code guide that you can rely on.

What Is the Dress Code in Iran?

Iran Dress Code Law

Arms: for women, it should be covered to the elbows and for men can be uncovered to above elbows. However, ring-sleeves are not acceptable for men.

Iran Dress Code Law

Legs: for women, Should be covered to the ankles. Your pants can be slightly above your ankles. For men, the pants should be long as well, and wearing shorts is forbidden.

Iran Dress Code Law

Feet: can be uncovered for women and men. Wearing flip-flops is uncommon in public.

Iran Hair Dress Code

Hair: for women, Should be covered in public places.

Iran Dress Code Law

Clothes colors: Any color can be used.

Iran Dress Code for Ladies

First of all, you should know that opposed to popular belief, the Iranian attitude to dress rule is not rigid, particularly in the big cities. There are almost simple rules to observe. Briefly, the essential item is wearing a headscarf in public places. This scarf can be a kind of light and loose hair cover. You will soon notice that It is not necessary to cover the whole hair. It means that like Iranian women, you can leave the front and back parts of your hair out of the scarf. This shawl (scarf) should cover your neck loosely as well.

Don’t be nervous about your scarf. You will not be arrested if your hair-cover falls for a short time. In this regard, if it falls unintentionally, rearrange it conveniently.

On the other hand, in shrines and mausoleums, you have to cover the whole hair. Sometimes you need to wear “Chador” in the sacred places that you can borrow at the gates for free.

Secondly, as a tourist, you should cover your body based on Iran dress code like the Iranian women. To make this issue more clear, here we explain Iran clothing for women in different seasons.

What to Wear in Iran in Winter

Fortunately, fallowing Iran dress code for foreign tourists is easy during colder seasons. Accordingly, as a female tourist in Iran, you can wear a blouse with long trousers and finally a coat on them. The pants can be tight jeans but should cover up to the top of your ankles. Additionally, the coat has to reach down to about mid-thigh, and your sleeves’ length should be under the elbows. However, your coat or jacket can be button-less. Also,  you need to cover your hair with a scarf or a knit hat that covers most of your hair.

What to Wear in Iran in Summer

During summer, Iran weather in most parts of the country is hot and dry. So, a summer dress for a female tourist in Iran can be a light shawl as the head-cover with a light tunic or manteau and jeans or any kind of long pants. As mentioned before, the blouse must fall to about mid-thigh. Moreover, instead of pants, you can also choose a long nontransparent skirt that reaches down to your ankles. Opposed to popular belief, you can use any colors that you like. It means that there are no about your clothing color. Finally, the open-toed sandal is OK, as footwear.
Finally, regarding travelers’ feedback, the important point is that most of the Iranian youngsters in big cities dress up fashionably. Therefore, if you wear super comfortable clothes or dressing gowns, you might become inconvenient in public places.

Iran Male Dress Code

Since Iran dress code for men is simple to follow, men as tourists are more comfortable. As a male tourist in Iran, you can wear T-shirts, but you must avoid tank tops.  Also, you cannot wear walking shorts in public places.

Iran Male Dress Code

Iran Indoor Clothing

All Iran dress rules are just for the time that you are in public places. In the other words, for private residences, there are no codes. So, if you are invited to an Iranian house, you can choose your desired dress that suits the gathering.

Indoor Clothing in Iran

Formal Iran Clothing

If you have a business trip to Iran or want to attend a formal meeting, you should follow the formal dress code. Accordingly, as a man, you can wear a suit and as a woman, a kind of long tunic “manteau” with a scarf. Moreover, although the Iranian men do not wear the tie in governmental organizations and companies, you can follow your dress code and wear a tie.

Formal Iran Clothing
Iran Travel FAQ

Most Frequent Questions and Answers about Iran Dress Code

Iran is an Islamic country that has a particular dress code for the residents and the tourists as well. Although as a tourist, you must follow Iran dress code, the Iranian attitude to dress rule is not rigid, particularly in the big cities. In Short,  Ladies should cover their hair with a scarf and wear a long-sleeve tunic, pants, or jeans in public and men can wear all kinds of clothes other than tank tops and walking shorts.

Female tourists, as well as Iranian women, should follow the Iran dress code. The essential item is wearing a headscarf in public places. Also, you should cover your body with an overcoat that covers your clothing or simply wear a long sleeve manteau (a tonic) that reaches down to mid-thigh. Additionally, your pants or skirt should cover up to the top of your ankles.

Everybody is allowed to wear jeans in Iran. Also, it can be tight, and even a little ripped.

Wearing all kinds of shorts, even walking shorts, is forbidden for women and men in Iran.

In Iran, On the one hand, the men can swim in the sea wearing swim short or swim trunk like other countries. On the other side, due to Iran rules, the ladies cannot swim with bikini or different kinds of swimsuit that do not cover their bodies thoroughly. However, the ladies can swim in women-only beaches. Notably, all swimming pools and water parks in Iran have separate exclusive times or days for women and men.

Although Iran has dress code for ladies and a few limitations for men, does not have any dress code for kids. Consequently, in Iran, the boys under 12-year old and the girls under 9-year old can wear anything, T-Shirt, Short, Skirt, etc.