Yazd Destination

All Things You Need to Know about Yazd Destination

What do you know about Yazd? Here we present all things you need to know about Yazd destination.

In short, the UNESCO city of Yazd is a must-see Iran destination, where you can see all aspects of an ancient town in the desert. So, if you are eager to visit the adobe city of windcatchers, join us to get all the essential information about Yazd destination. In the following, you can find useful information about travelling to Yazd, including Yazd attractions, accommodations, traditional dishes and the best time to visit. You can also find information about Yazd transportation, location, etc. on the Yazd Travel Guide page

About Yazd

Winding alleys passing through a forest of wind catchers and mud-brick houses form the adobe city of Yazd the one of the Iran UNESCO Heritage Sites. Situated between the two significant deserts, Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut, mud-brick architecture used to be applied by desert dwellers. Consequently, this method helped the inhabitants to avoid the hot and dry climate of Yazd. Accordingly, this Iran must-see destination represents the sustainable adobe architecture of the desert, which, along with beauty, it is a solution to the environmental crises.

Finally, maze-like adobe alleys, the locals who have kept their indigenous lifestyle, the adobe houses with wooden doors are all the aspects that attract numerous tourists to this city.

Yazd Attractions

The main attractions in Yazd include Yazd Old Town, Amir Chakhmagh Square, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Lariha House, Eskandar Prison, Khan Bazaar, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Towers of silence, Museum of Zoroastrians History and Culture, Water Museum. Besides, Dowlat Abad Garden and Qanat Of Zarch are both UNESCO Heritage Sites in the city. Notably, you can visit most of these attractions in the city center in the form of a Yazd walking tour.

Furthermore, you can enjoy numerous activities such as trekking, camping, safari, camel riding, and stargazing in the deserts near Yazd, including Bafgh, Aghda, Haft Sang, and Kalmand. On the other hand, there are lovely villages around Yazd, including Chakchak, Kharanagh, Taft, and Meybod, with unbeatable natural and historical situations.

Accommodation in Yazd

Besides enjoying the Yazd attractions, you can experience a pleasant stay in one of the residences in this city. Accordingly, numerous historic houses have been refurbished and converted into lovely traditional residences. Also, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a top 5-star hotel such as Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel. Still, you can choose to stay in a cozy budget lodge to save your money. 

Yazd Traditional Cuisines

Like other Iran cities, this region has its local cuisine and houses several restaurants serving traditional Iranian dishes. Moreover, Yazd sweets are so delicious and famous in Iran and even the world. Accordingly, the most popular pastries are Qottab, Baklava, Loz, and Yazdi Cake. Furthermore, the best place to buy these sweets is Haj Khalife′ Ali Rahbar and Partners’ confectionery in Amir Chakhmagh Square.

Best Time to Visit Yazd

These days, as Iran tourism has grown, Yazd city tours have become popular. In this regard, the best time to visit Yazd is almost from February till mid-May and from mid-September till November.