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These days, people become more eager to challenge themselves and travel to new destinations. Also, by traveling overseas they can get new experiences. Accordingly, Iran has become a popular destination for those who like to visit new places and know about different cultures. However, along with being an incredible country to travel, Iran is misunderstood, on the media about how difficult to visit. Therefore, this issue has motivated us to gather Iran travel tips and advice.

As a traveler to Iran, you may have several questions about Iran trip.  Accordingly, we as a local tour operator have prepared the vital tips to help you travel more comfortably inside Iran. So, if you are the first time traveler to Iran or you just eager to know more about Iran travel, here is a list of Iran travel tips you need to know. Notably, we continuously update and enrich the list of our Iran travel advice based on new Iran travel questions and our travelers’ comments and feedbacks.

List of Tips for Travel to Iran
Iran Weather

What is the climate in Iran?

Since, Iran is a four-season country, each of its regions has a unique climate. Accordingly, the winter, from December till February, is cold with snowfall in some places while Spring and fall have mild weather. Also, In most parts of Iran summers from June till August are hot and dry. Therefore, the high season in Iran is during March April, May, September and October. However, there are some exceptions to the islands and the mountainous areas.

Does Iran have clean water? Iran Travel Tips

Does Iran have clean water?

Iran has clean water and even the tap water is safe to drink in most of the cities. Besides, you can buy bottled water in every supermarket at a cheap price during your Iran travel.

What is the Iranian currency?

What is the Iranian currency?

One of the Iran facts is its complicated currency. Although Iran's official currency is Iranian Rial (IRR), in the bargains, Iranian skip one zero and give the prices in Toman. While, in the official documents, the prices are in Rial. Moreover, sometimes, people skip three zeros and say “100”, instead of 100,000 Toman or officially 1000,000 Rials.

Can I use credit cards in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Can I use credit cards in Iran?

The answer is no. Certainly, international cards including credit, debit, master and visa cards don’t work in Iran. Therefore, you need to bring cash in Dollar or Euro for your Iran travel. However, to avoid carrying a lot of cash, you can buy a tourist card before your Iran trip.

How are health and hygiene in Iran?

How are health and hygiene in Iran?

Iranians observe cleanliness in private and public because of their belief. Consequently, in this country, you see clean streets, restaurants, hotels, shops, parks, etc. However, some people have not developed the habit of not throwing garbage in public places. Furthermore, as Iran has a dry climate, the chance of getting seriously sick by a virus or other infectious diseases is low. However, you should get travel insurance for visiting Iran. If you need to go to the hospital in Iran, the travel insurance will cover some of your medical expenses. It is noteworthy that Iran houses some of the best hospitals in the Middle East and is developed in medical tourism.

How are the toilets in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

How are the toilets in Iran?

Most of the toilets in Iran are squat toilets and it is easy to find the public restrooms everywhere. Hence, you can find them in petrol stations, Mosques, bus and train stations, and airport terminals. Although there are no toilets on buses, they stop at rest areas regularly. Notably, all the toilets are equipped with water. However, it is better to have toilet paper with you, in case that there is no toilet paper in the restroom.

How should I dress for a trip to Iran

How should I dress for a trip to Iran?

All tourists in Iran should follow some dress codes while they are in public places. On one hand, ladies should cover their hair with a scarf and wear long-sleeve tonics, pants or jeans in public. On the other hand, Men can wear all kinds of clothes other than tank tops and walking shorts. However, there is no limitation for using sandals, choosing the color and wearing makeup and nail polish.

what to wear in Iran in the summer

what to wear in Iran in the summer?

According to the Iran dress code you are supposed to hide your body. Although the rule is easy to follow during winter, it could be slightly challenging during the hot summer in Iran. In short, as a lady, you can wear light and cotton long-sleeve tonic or summer dress with long pants. Also, a loose and light shawl that covers most of your hair is quite enough. Besides, for men a light T-shirt and cotton long pants are the best options in summer time.

Is Internet Allowed in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Is Internet Allowed in Iran?

Yes, in Iran you have access to free WiFi internet at your hotel and several public places like restaurants and cafes. However, for access to the internet connection wherever you wish and also for domestic and international calls, you need a local SIM card. So, you’d better buy a SIM card, and an internet package at a reasonable price and recharge it if needed.

Which social media is used in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Which social media is used in Iran?

These day, Instagram is the most popular social media in Iran. Also, WhatsApp works in this county. However, some websites and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram are blocked in Iran. Therefore, for using this website, you need to have a VPN to bypass the filtering. Fortunately, Google and its applications and also Gmail are available in Iran.

How do I get my Iran Visa?

How do I get my Iran Visa?

These are the steps to get the Iran visa:
1. Fill in the Iran visa application form and send the visa requirements to an official tour, travel, or visa agency of Iran and Pay the visa code assistance service fee.
2. Receive your visa tracking code within 2-7 working days
3. Get your Iran visa stamp at a designated Iran embassy or an Iran international airport
Note: Iran visa code for the UK, US, and Canadian passport holders is issued in 30-45 working days.

Can you go to America if you've been to Iran?

Can you go to America if you've been to Iran?

So far, the people who want to go to the US in the future have faced no serious problem if they have visited Iran before. However, since Feb 2018, for the travelers' peace of mind who might want to travel to the US in the future, Iran visa on arrival stamp would be put on a separate piece of paper. Also, most of the Iranian embassies in different countries stamp Iran visa on a separate paper as well. Note: Iran visa stamp would be put in the passport for Americans, Canadians and the English.

What are the best cities to visit in Iran?

What are the best cities to visit in Iran?

The top 10 cities to visit in Iran are:
• Tehran: the modern capital and the city of museums and palaces
• Shiraz: the city of love, literature and Persian gardens
• Isfahan: Nesf-e Jahan (half of the world), and the city of the turquoise domes
• Yazd: the UNESCO adobe city, the Zoroastrian home, and the city of windcatchers
• Kerman: the city in the Dasht-e Lut, and the center of hand-woven carpet
• Kashan: the city of historic houses, the city of rose-water
• Qheshm Island: the island of seven wonders that houses the UNESCO-sponsored Geopark
• Mashhad: the sacred city of Muslims that houses Imam Reza Holy Shrine
• Tabriz: the city of Azari culture, the center of hand-woven carpet
• Kish Island: the pearl of the Persian Gulf, and the center of modern shopping malls

Is Iran Safe?

Is Iran Safe?

Nowadays, the world admits it is safe to travel to Iran. Notably, this country is one of the safest countries in the middle east. Even many foreign tourists elucidate that visiting Iran is safer than travelling in Europe.

How many UNESCO World Heritage sites does Iran have?

How many UNESCO World Heritage sites are there in Iran?

Iran is one of the most ancient countries around the world and has a diverse climate. Consequently, this country houses 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites include historical, cultural and natural heritage.

Is there Uber in Iran

Is there Uber in Iran?

Snapp, known as the Uber of Iran, is the first Iranian transportation network company. Accordingly, using the Snapp app, you can request an online ride by indicating your location and destination. Besides, other Iran online taxi apps are Tapsi and Maxim Taxi.

Can I change the Iran visa collection place after the visa is issued?

Can I change the Iran visa collection place after the visa is issued?

It is possible, but it takes time. You need to ask the travel or visa agency who send your visa application to the MFA to change visa collection place. Then, if MFA accepts your request, you would get another visa grant notice. However, to avoid inconvenience and wasting time, be careful when you fill in the visa application form.

Can You Travel to Iran as an Unmarried Couple?

Can You Travel to Iran as an Unmarried Couple?

Yes, of course. Generally, tourists can visit Iran and stay in Iran hotels together as an unmarried couple. Also, they can freely walk in the street while they are holding each other hands and nobody asks about their relationship. However, kissing and hugging in public places is not acceptable.would get another visa grant notice. However, to avoid inconvenience and wasting time, be careful when you fill in the visa application form.

What is Taarof?

What is Taarof?

One of the most common Iranian etiquettes is Taarof. Also, Taarof is a sign of politeness between Iranians. Based on this traditional behavior, Iranians insist on doing a favor for you to show their courtesy, while they do not mean to do it in reality. To response to Taarof, it is polite to refuse to accept this favor for at least 2 or 3 times, if they insist more, then it is not Taarof, and you can accept it.

How much saffron can I bring from Iran

How much saffron can I bring from Iran?

The maximum amount of saffron allowed to bring from Iran is 100 grams per passport. If you carry more, they will not let you take it, or charge you a fee as customs duty and trade profit. However, you can mail 100 grams to 2 kg of saffron by post going through a series of customs steps.

What are the Best Iran International Airports?

What are the Best Iran International Airports?

You can enter Iran through different Iranian international airports which the most popular ones are:
- Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran
- Shahid Dastghaib International Airport in Shiraz
- Shahid Hashemi Nejad International Airport in Mashhad
- Shahid Beheshti International Airport in Isfahan
- Qeshm International Airport
- Kish International Airport
- Tabriz International Airport

Is Iran safe for solo female Travelers?

Is Iran safe for solo female Travelers?

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, Iranians are very friendly, and they respect tourists. So, visiting Iran is safe for solo female Travelers. However, as a lonely woman, you should consider some tips on your Iran travel:
- Don't walk alone in secluded places, especially at night
- You'd better not accept invitations of single men
- It is better to ask help from a woman or the shopkeepers
- get the information about your destination from the hotel reception
- Use public transportation, internet taxi or simply ask you hotel reception to get you a taxi
- You’d better accompanied by a guide in the sights that are out of the cities
- buy an Iranian sim card upon arrival to have access to the internet

Camera in Iran

Can I bring my camera to Iran to take photos and films?

Yes, you can. DSLR cameras are ok, even the professional ones. However, Although you can bring professional cameras with big lenses to Iran, in some monuments or museums, the people in charge may not allow such equipment. Also, do not take photos of governmental and military buildings and ask permission before taking pictures of locals.

Do I need travel insurance to visit Iran

Do I need travel insurance to visit Iran?

Since 2011, you need to have Iran travel insurance for entering Iran especially when you want to collect your Iran visa. Although it is wise to have insurance while traveling, the nationalities who don't need a visa to visit Iran don't have to present their travel insurance at the Iran airports.


what are the best Iran souvenirs?

As Iran is a vast country with different cultures and ethnic groups, the things you can buy in Iran are endless and differ from city to city. Accordingly, the most popular Iran souvenirs are:
- Persian handmade rugs
- Khatamkari
- Minakari (Enameling)
- Persian handmade cloths (Termeh, Pateh, Ghalamkar, etc.)
- Iranian Miniature
- Persian Pottery And Ceramics
- Giveh (Iranian Traditional Shoes)
- Persian nuts, sweets, and spices
- Ghalamzani (Persian metalwork)
- Persian Turquoise

currency in Iran for exchange

What is the best currency to take to Iran?

You can take both euro and dollar to Iran. You should change some money at the airport or money exchanges in Iran because the shops and taxis do not accept the euro and dollar.

Iran Tour Guide

Can I travel to Iran independently without a tour guide?

Yes, unless to are an American, Canadian, or English passport holder, because in that case, you need to have a prearranged Iran tour accompanied by a tour guide for getting an Iran visa. Other nationalities can travel to Iran independently without a tour guide, though a professional tour guide can help you get the most out of your Iran trip.

How much does Iran travel cost?

How much does Iran travel cost?

Although Iran is an inexpensive destination, your Iran travel cost can vary from budget-friendly to a luxury trip. However, for a 10-day round trip (starts and ends in Tehran) through Iran classic route Iran travel cost without visa stamp fee and international airfare is as per below:
For Backpackers and budget travelers: about 426€
For mid-range travelers: about 812€
For luxury travelers: about 1538€

How is Christmas in Iran

How is Christmas in Iran?

Christian Iranians who mostly live in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz and Urmia celebrate Christmas in their neighborhoods. On Christmas Day, They hold Christmas parties, decorate the Christmas tree, dress up in new clothes, receive gifts, and go to church for Christmas ceremonies. Since the Christian community celebrates Christmas in Iran every year, the atmosphere has been transferred to other Iranians. So, many stores in Iran welcome their customers with the theme of Christmas, especially in Tehran and Isfahan.

What are the prohibited goods to import to Iran?

What are the prohibited goods to import to Iran?

The entrance of the following goods to Iran is prohibited:
1- Weapons, ammunition, and explosive goods
2- Narcotic and illegal drugs
3- Magazines, film, photos, writings, etc. which are against the religious and national dignity of Iran
4- Alcoholic drinks
5- Seeds and plants
6- Gambling tools
7- Counterfeit money
8- Pornographic materials
9- Wireless senders, shortwave radios, etc.

Best villages to visit in Iran

What are the best villages to visit in Iran?

When you visit the spectacular Iran villages, you can enjoy their natural beauty while getting acquainted with the culture, history, and rural life in Iran. These villages are scattered all over the country that most of them are within the day-tripping distance of a major city. Here you can see the best villages to visit in Iran: Abyaneh, Kandovan, Masouleh, Meymand, Palangan, Garmeh, Mazichal, Makhunik, Mazichal, Kharanagh, etc.

Which Iranian SIM card is better for tourists?

Which Iranian SIM card is better for tourists?

The Visitor SIM card or the Tourism SIM card, a kind of temporary prepaid SIM card, is the best option for tourists in Iran. Among different mobile operators, Irancell and Hamrahe Aval offer the best visitor SIM card in Iran.

Tourist in Iran

How is the Iranians' behavior towards foreign tourists?

Iranians are friendly towards foreign tourists and are famous for their hospitality. They will smile at you, and sometimes they approach you to say hello, welcome you, and ask you where you are from. Even they may kindly invite you to their houses.

Why is Iran a good destination to visit

Why is Iran a good place to visit?

Here are the top reasons why you should travel to Iran:
1- Iran is safe to visit
2- You can feel the real hospitality in Iran
3- travel to Iran is a travel in the history
4- Iran offers diverse touristic resources
5- Iran is the land of four seasons
6- Plan a trip to Iran because of its rich culture
7- Iran houses 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
8- Taste the delicious Persian Food on your visit to Iran
9- Iran Is an affordable destination
10- Visit Iran because of its stunning architecture

Nowruz Festival

What is the most important Iranian festival?

The most important festival in Iran is the Persian New Year Celebration, called Nowruz or Norooz. Eid-e Norooz starts on March 20th or 21st, the first spring day, and lasts 13 days until the Sizdah Bedar festival. Nowruz is widely celebrated all over Iran and even in other countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Kurdistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq, etc.

What is the best trip route in Iran?

What is the best trip route in Iran?

Iran classic route is the best trip route in Iran. This route stretches from north to south, passing through the center of Iran. The tourist along the classic route of Iran are Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. Most of Iran's famous tourist attractions are located on this route. Besides, many must-see small towns and villages are located on this route, including Abyaneh, Naein, Meybod, Abarkuh, Pasargadae, etc.

luxurious hotels in Iran

What are the most luxurious hotels in Iran?

You can find Iran luxury hotels in the major cities. Here are the top 10 Iran luxury hotels:
1. Toranj Hotel in Kish
2. Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran
3. Wisteria Hotel in Tehran
4. Almas Hotel 2 in Mashhad
5. Dariush Grand Hotel in Kish
6. Shiraz Grand Hotel
7. Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel
8. Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz
9. Tehran Parsian Azadi Hotel
10. Darvishi Hotel in Mashhad

Essential Persian Words and Phrases

what are the Essential Persian Words and Phrases for Iran travel?

As the Iranians are warm-blooded people, communicating with them is so fun. Also, you may need to speak Persian (Farsi) to the locals to address your basic needs as a traveler. Hence, it would be helpful and exciting to learn the essential Persian words and phrases for your Iran trip. Find the essential Persian phrases in different categories in the following link. Notably, the categories include: Greetings, daily Persian phrases, WH questions, helpful Persian phrases at the airport, hotel, and restaurants, transportation and finding directions, shopping in Iran, and Persian numbers

Dubai to Kish

How do you get from Dubai to Kish Island?

There are direct flights from Dubai to Kish Island twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays. However, at the moment, there is no direct ferry operating on the Dubai-Kish route. Notably, all nationals can travel to Kish Island without getting an Iran visa.


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