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Best Iran Travel Tips to Know

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These days, people become more eager to challenge themselves and travel to new destinations. Also, by traveling overseas they can get new experiences. Accordingly, Iran has become a popular destination for those who like to visit new places and know about different cultures. However, along with being an incredible country to travel, Iran is misunderstood, on the media about how difficult to visit. Therefore, this issue has motivated us to gather Iran travel tips and advice.

As a traveler to Iran, you may have several questions about Iran trip.  Accordingly, we as a local tour operator have prepared the vital tips to help you travel more comfortably inside Iran based on Iran travel questions. So, if you are the first time traveler to Iran or you just eager to know more about Iran travel, here is a list of Iran travel tips you need to know. Notably, we continuously update and enrich the list of our Iran travel advice based on our travelers’ comments and feedbacks.

List of Tips for Travel to Iran
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    You can get more information about the weather of 10 major cities in Iran through the Iran Weather page.

    Iran Hair Dress Code

    what to wear in Iran in the summer?

    According to the Iran dress code., you are supposed to hide your body. Although the rule is easy to follow during winter, it could be slightly challenging during the hot summer in Iran. In short, as a lady, you can wear light and cotton long-sleeve tonic or summer dress with long pants. Also, a loose and light shawl that covers most of your hair is quite enough. Besides, for men a light T-shirt and cotton long pants are the best options in summer time.


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