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Best Iran Travel Tips to Know

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These days, people become more eager to challenge themselves and travel to new destinations. Also, by traveling overseas they can get new experiences. Accordingly, Iran has become a popular destination for those who like to visit new places and know about different cultures. However, along with being an incredible country to travel, Iran is misunderstood, on the media about how difficult to visit. Therefore, this issue has motivated us to gather Iran travel tips and advice.

As a traveler to Iran, you may have several questions about Iran trip.  Accordingly, we as a local tour operator have prepared the vital tips to help you travel more comfortably inside Iran. So, if you are the first time traveler to Iran or you just eager to know more about Iran travel, here is a list of Iran travel tips you need to know. Notably, we continuously update and enrich the list of our Iran travel advice based on new Iran travel questions and our travelers’ comments and feedbacks.

List of Tips for Travel to Iran

Does Iran have clean water? Iran Travel Tips

Does Iran have clean water?

Iran has clean water and even the tap water is safe to drink in most of the cities. Besides, you can buy bottled water in every supermarket at a cheap price during your Iran travel.

What is the Iranian currency?

What is the Iranian currency?

One of the Iran facts is its complicated currency. Although Iran's official currency is Iranian Rial (IRR), in the bargains, Iranian skip one zero and give the prices in Toman. While, in the official documents, the prices are in Rial. Moreover, sometimes, people skip three zeros and say “100”, instead of 100,000 Toman or officially 1000,000 Rials.

Can I use credit cards in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Can I use credit cards in Iran?

The answer is no. Certainly, international cards including credit, debit, master and visa cards don’t work in Iran. Therefore, you need to bring cash in Dollar or Euro for your Iran travel. However, to avoid carrying a lot of cash, you can buy a tourist card before your Iran trip.

How are the toilets in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

How are the toilets in Iran?

Most of the toilets in Iran are squat toilets and it is easy to find the public restrooms everywhere. Hence, you can find them in petrol stations, Mosques, bus and train stations, and airport terminals. Although there are no toilets on buses, they stop at rest areas regularly. Notably, all the toilets are equipped with water. However, it is better to have toilet paper with you, in case that there is no toilet paper in the restroom.

Is Internet Allowed in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Is Internet Allowed in Iran?

Yes, in Iran you have access to free WiFi internet at your hotel and several public places like restaurants and cafes. However, for access to the internet connection wherever you wish and also for domestic and international calls, you need a local SIM card. So, you’d better buy a SIM card, and an internet package at a reasonable price and recharge it if needed.

Which social media is used in Iran? Iran Travel Tips

Which social media is used in Iran?

These day, Instagram is the most popular social media in Iran. Also, WhatsApp works in this county. However, some websites and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram are blocked in Iran. Therefore, for using this website, you need to have a VPN to bypass the filtering. Fortunately, Google and its applications and also Gmail are available in Iran.

Can you go to America if you've been to Iran?

Can you go to America if you've been to Iran?

So far, the people who want to go to the US in the future have faced no serious problem if they have visited Iran before. However, since Feb 2018, for the travelers' peace of mind who might want to travel to the US in the future, Iran visa on arrival stamp would be put on a separate piece of paper. Also, most of the Iranian embassies in different countries stamp Iran visa on a separate paper as well. Note: Iran visa stamp would be put in the passport for Americans, Canadians and the English.

Is Iran Safe?

Is Iran Safe?

Nowadays, the world admits it is safe to travel to Iran. Notably, this country is one of the safest countries in the middle east. Even many foreign tourists elucidate that visiting Iran is safer than travelling in Europe.

How many UNESCO World Heritage sites does Iran have?

How many UNESCO World Heritage sites does Iran have?

Iran is one of the most ancient countries around the world and has a diverse climate. Consequently, this country houses 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites include historical, cultural and natural heritage.

What is Taarof?

What is Taarof?

One of the most common Iranian etiquettes is Taarof. Also, Taarof is a sign of politeness between Iranians. Based on this traditional behavior, Iranians insist on doing a favor for you to show their courtesy, while they do not mean to do it in reality. To response to Taarof, it is polite to refuse to accept this favor for at least 2 or 3 times, if they insist more, then it is not Taarof, and you can accept it.

What are the Best Iran International Airports?

What are the Best Iran International Airports?

You can enter Iran through different Iranian international airports which the most popular ones are:
- Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran
- Shahid Dastghaib International Airport in Shiraz
- Shahid Hashemi Nejad International Airport in Mashhad
- Shahid Beheshti International Airport in Isfahan
- Qeshm International Airport
- Kish International Airport
- Tabriz International Airport

Camera in Iran

Can I bring my camera to Iran to take photos and films?

Yes, you can. DSLR cameras are ok, even the professional ones. However, Although you can bring professional cameras with big lenses to Iran, in some monuments or museums, the people in charge may not allow such equipment. Also, do not take photos of governmental and military buildings and ask permission before taking pictures of locals.


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