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Iran Travel Budget

Iran Travel Cost Guide

Iran has many merits as a travel destination: from the long history and the rich culture to its architectural wonders and delicious food. But one of the most remarkable virtues of traveling to Iran is that it offers experiences at prices for any traveler, from backpackers to luxurious vacationists. In other words, Iran travel cost is one of the most affordable ones in the world.

However, as your international credit or debit card does not work in Iran, you need to have cash with you. Hence, you need to have a presupposition on Iran travel cost before your trip. Of course, you can use Iran tourist cards to solve many of your problems regarding money in Iran.

How much does it cost to travel to Iran?

Iran is an inexpensive destination because of the low value of Iranian currency. However, due to the currency fluctuations, estimating Iran travel costs is a bit difficult.

In this article, we help you figure out the cost of traveling to Iran and planning your Iran trip budget. To make it more obvious, we divide Iran travel costs into different categories, including accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, food, and other services, like Iran visa, travel insurance, etc.

Iran Visa Fee

Iran Visa Cost

Iran tourist visa expense is the first Iran travel cost you must pay unless your nationality exempt from getting an Iran visa; For more information in this regard, please check our Iran Visa page.

Generally, the Iran visa cost includes two fees:

1- Visa service fee that you give to the travel agency to apply for an Iran visa and do the paperwork for you. It is around 15 euro, and if you buy the tour package from the agency, it is included in your Iran tour package.

2- The visa stamp fee varies depending on your nationality. If you want to collect your visa from an Iranian embassy, you should check the price with the designated embassy. On the other hand, if you will obtain your visa on arrival, you should pay the on-arrival visa stamp fee at the Visa-On-Arrival counter at Iran airport.

Please check out our blog about Iran visa on arrival to see the Iran visa on arrival fees.

Iran Travel Insurance Fee

Cost of Iran Travel Insurance

Proper travel insurance can protect you in critical situations and cover unexpected costs. On the other hand, you require travel insurance to collect your Iran visa.

Accordingly, you can buy insurance for traveling to Iran from international insurance companies that offer coverage for travel to Iran, Iranian insurance companies, or Iran airports. Notably, the Iran insurance cost you buy from international travel insurance companies such as IATI, and True Traveller is higher than that of Iranian insurance companies (starting from about 40€), and their coverages are higher. However, Iran’s medical expenses are moderate, and you don’t need to use travel insurance that covers millions of dollars. You can find Iranian travel insurance costs on our Iran Travel Insurance page.

Iranian SIM Card Fee

Iranian SIM card cost

You are better to buy an Iranian rechargeable SIM card when you enter Iran. The Iranian SIM card enables you to make international and domestic calls, send SMS, and access the Internet in Iran. Accordingly, you can buy a SIM Card at Iran airports or from reputable mobile internet services stores. MTN Irancell, Rightel, and Hamrah Aval are the brands of prepaid temporary SIM cards in Iran. In the table below, you can fin the Iranncell SIM card tariff. You can buy one of them and recharge it if needed.

Visitor SIM 1 Visitor SIM 2 Visitor SIM 3
Package Price 2€ 3€ 4€
Validity Time 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
Initial Airtime 0.25€ 1€ 1.5€
Data Amount 1.5 GB 3 GB 5 GB

Cost of Accommodation in Iran

Obviously, the accommodation cost is considerable in your Iran travel cost. Note that there are very few international websites that you can book Iran hotels through them. For instance, has taken down all Iranian hotels due to the sanctions imposed on Iran. However, there are many Iranian websites that allow you to book your accommodation in Iran with your credit card.

Accommodation is inexpensive and diverse in Iran, caters to most budgets. Accordingly, you can choose between the following levels and types of accommodation in Iran.

  • Luxurious Hotels in Iran: You can find luxurious 5-star hotels in Iran large cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, etc. This kind of accommodation meets world standards, but it is very few.
  • 4- and 5-Star Hotels in Iran: On the other hand, for 4- and 5-star hotels in Iran, you should lower your expectations because some do not meet world standards for 4-5 star hotels. However, you can choose the ones that address your expectations and fit into your budget as well.
  • 2- and 3-Star Hotels in Iran: There are decent 2-3 star hotels in Iran that address the average budget travelers’ standards. Besides, they are generally clean and offer reasonable prices.

  • Traditional Houses in Iran: To have a great experience of traveling in Iran you can stay in traditional houses. Accordingly, this kind of accommodation includes the old houses that are renovated artfully and change to gorgeous traditional residences.
  • Hostels in Iran: On the other hand, for budget travelers and backpackers, hostels are the appropriate options for accommodation in Iran. However, hostels are new in Iran, and there are not many of them everywhere. Besides, there are clean and cozy guesthouses in most touristic regions in Iran.
  • Ecolodges and Local Houses in Iran: Furthermore, ecolodges and local houses are the favorite accommodation types, especially in remote areas, small towns, and villages in Iran. They offer a rewarding traditional experience and are accompanied by tasty home-made food. Moreover, by staying in ecolodges and local houses, you will enjoy the chance of getting involved in the locals’ daily life.
  • Couchsurfing in Iran: Finally, if you want to enjoy staying with Iranian families, Couchsurfing is one of your options for accommodation in Iran. Iranians are friendly and famous for their hospitality, so you can enjoy your Iran trip feeling the Iranian hospitality free of charge. Please note that you’d better bring something from home as a gift for your host.

For booking accommodation in Iran, please check our Iran Hotel Booking page.

Accommodation in Iran Approximate Price
5-Star Hotel (Single Standard Room/Night, BB) Starts at about 30€
4-Star Hotel (Single Standard Room/Night, BB) Starts at about 25€
3-Star Hotel (Single Standard Room/Night, BB) Starts at about 17€
2-Star Hotel (Single Standard Room/Night, BB) Starts at about 13€
Traditional Houses Starts at about 15€
Ecolodges Starts at about 8€
Budget Guest Houses Starts at about 10€
Hostels Starts at about 5€

 Important notes:

  • The price of accommodation in Tehran, the capital, is about 40 percent higher.
  • The hotel quality is lower in small towns.
  • The prices are higher during Nowruz (March 21st till April 1st)
  • The hotels offer discounts during the low season. For more information about the best time to visit Iran and the low season in Iran, please check Iran Weather Page.

Cost of Transportation in Iran

If you want to travel to Iran, the transportation cost is usually included in your Iran tour package. But if you are interested in traveling to Iran by yourself, you need to know about the cost of Transportation in Iran. To clarify it, we divide Iran transportation into three categories: intercity transportation, inner-city transportation, and private transportation.

Cost of Intercity Transportation in Iran

Iran is a vast country, and to move between its cities, you can choose air, bus, or railway system depending on your Iran travel budget.

Here is the table price of Iran intercity transportation.

Intercity Transportation in Iran Approximate Price
Domestic Flights About 25€ Depending on Origin and Destination
5* Trains Starts at 8€ Depending on Origin and Destination
3 and 4* Trains Starts at 6€ Depending on Origin and Destination
VIP Buses Starts at 5€ Depending on Origin and Destination

Cost of Inner-City Transportation in Iran

Public transportation in Iran big cities is available at a low price. Accordingly, you can use the metro, bus, and different kinds of taxis to get around the cities.

Inner-City Transportation in Iran Approximate Price
Metro Starts at 0.1€
Online Taxi (Snapp or Tap30) Starts at 0.6€
Shared or Shuttle Taxi Starts at 0.3€
BRT System Buses Starts at 0.2€
Car Rental Fee in Iran

Cost of Car Rental in Iran

To enjoy fast and convenient transportation in Iran, you can use car rental services with or without drivers. Accordingly, it’s one of the best options to explore wherever you want and to get the most out of your Iran trip. However, the price of renting a private car is much higher than other kinds of transportation costs.

Private Car Rental in Iran Approximate Price
Approximate Price
Imam Khomeini Airport Transfer
Sedan Car (Up to 3 Passengers) Starts at 20€ Starts at 12€
Van Iveco A36 ( Up to 6 Passengers) Starts at 35€ Starts at 18€
Van A50 (Up to 8 Passengers) Starts at 40€ Starts at 21€
Middle Bus (Up to 15 Passengers) Starts at 60€ Starts at 33€
Regular Bus (Up to 30 Passengers) Starts at 75€ Starts at 42€
VIP Bus (Up to 20 Passengers) Starts at 100€ Starts at 55€

 Important notes:

* If you rent a car with a driver for more than one day, you must pay the driver accommodation expense, as well. Besides, the cost of drivers’ food is included in the fees.

Cost of Tour Guide in Iran

Generally, professional tour guides enhance your travel experience. Besides, Iran is a vast country with numerous tourist attractions that are scattered all over the country. So hiring a licensed tour guide helps you take the most out of your trip; They provide you with local knowledge, help you deal with problems, etc.

Read more about: Top 10 Reasons to Travel in Iran with a Tour Guide

The cost of a tour guide in Iran starts at 30€ per day. Please note that the cost of hiring an English-speaking tour guide in Iran is lower than the guides who speak in other languages like French, Spanish, Chinses, etc. If you hire a guide for more than one day, you must pay the guide’s accommodation expense, as well.

Moreover, you can hire a driver-guide to be more convenient. Notably, The cost of a driver-guide with a sedan car is about 50€ daily.

Tours and Activities Fee in Iran

Cost of Tours and Activities in Iran

Like other destinations in the world, the cost of tours and activities in Iran depends on the tours’ and activities’ types and their included services. For instance, you can choose a city walking tour for less than 10 euro, while a luxurious tour with comfortable transportation, quality food, and special activities may cost 100 euro. On the other hand, you may book your Iran tour with a travel agency and pay all your travel expenses beforehand, that it is another story.

Food Cost in Iran

Cost of Food in Iran

Iran is a vast and diverse country offering a wide range of Persian food and drinks. Interestingly, you can find Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian food footprints in Iranian cuisine. Besides, you can find international dishes and fast foods everywhere in Iran. You can go to luxurious gourmet restaurants, middle-range restaurants, cafes, and fast-food restaurants on every corner. Or even you can taste Iran street food and make a fun memory of your Iran trip. In the following table, you can see Iran food prices.

Food in Iran Approximate Price
Food in luxurious restaurants (starter, the main course, dessert, and drink) 15€
Food in middle-range restaurants (starter, the main course, dessert, and drink) 11€
Fast-food 3€
Street Food 1€
A Drink in a Cafe At least 1€
Ice Cream 0.5€
A Small Bottle of Water 0.2€
Traditional Persian Bread 0.2€
Typical Fruits (like apple, orange, etc) 1€ per kilo
Potato and Onion 0.5€
Mixed Nuts 2€
A Bottle of Milk 0.5€

For more information about traditional Iranian food and drink in different cities of Iran and to know their ingredients and prices, please check out the below page.

Cost of Entrance Fees in Iran

For a country like Iran, full of historical and cultural tourist attractions, you pay most of your travel time visiting these attractions. Although the entrance fee to Iran points of interest is not high, if you visit many of them during your trip to Iran, this cost would be considerable. So, you need to set aside a budget for visiting various tourist attractions in Iran. The cost of the entrance fee to Iran attractions varies from 2€ to 5€. Please note that the entrance fee of a few attractions may be slightly higher.

Iranian Souvenirs Price

Cost of Iranian Souvenirs

As Iran is a vast country with different cultures and ethnic groups, there are various souvenirs that you can buy in Iran, including Persian artisanal handicrafts, sweets, nuts, etc. 

If you are looking for the best souvenirs from Iran and don’t want to pay tourist prices, don’t look further; Please check out our blog about Iran Souvenirs. By reading this blog, you will benefit from local knowledge about the best Iran souvenirs and their prices.

Tipping in Iran

Cost of Tipping in Iran

Although there is no obligation to pay tips in Iran, it’s better to do it if you receive a good service. The cost of Tipping in Iran depends on the class of services that you receive and how you are satisfied with that service. Generally, the tip you can pay to porters, waiters, maids, etc., is 1 euro. Notably, as changing a small amount of money is not easy, you’d better tip in Tomans.

On the other hand, the cost of Tipping to the driver and tour guide is higher because they spend more time with you. Hence, For the tour guide about 5 to 7 euro per day and a full-day driver, about 2 to 3 euro per day is fair. 

Iran Tourist Card Fee

Iran Tourist Card Cost

As credit cards do not work in Iran, the tourists need to bring cash to Iran. So, not being able to withdraw money from ATMs in Iran and carrying a large amount of money is one of the tourists’ concerns. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: “Iran tourist Card.” Accordingly, you can easily apply for an Iran tourist card online and have an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for temporary visitors and tourists. Notably, to have an Iran tourist card, you should pay a one-time Service Fee that is about 20 euros depending on the company and the services that it offers.

The Overall Cost of Iran Travel

As you can see, Iran travel costs can vary from budget-friendly to a luxury trip. To clarify, we have divided Iran travelers into three groups; luxury travelers, mid-range travelers, and backpackers. Of course, based on your travel type, your Iran travel budget might be lower or much higher than the below prices. Besides, we have omitted some travel costs such as souvenirs, tipping or tours and activities costs because they depend totally on your interests. Moreover, the Iran visa stamp fee varies from nationality to nationality, so we have not brought it to this table. Besides, as international flight fare varies based on your origin, we haven’t included it in the Iran travel budget.

Please note that the prices can be different if you book your Iran tour with a travel agency. Finally, Due to the Iranian currency fluctuations, the costs may change on the day of your trip.

The table is arranged based on a 10-day round trip Iran tour (starts and ends in Tehran) through Iran classic route.

"Iran classic route goes right into the heart of the country. The four major cities along this route include Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. "

Iran Travel Budget Chart

Type of cost in Iran trip (1) Backpackers Budget Mid-range Budget Luxury Travel Budget
Iran Visa Service Fee (2) 15€ 15€ 15€
Cost of Iran Travel Insurance (3) 9€ 9€ 9€
Cost of Accommodation in Iran (4) 130€ 250€ 400€
Cost of Intercity* Transportation in Iran (flight, train, bus) (5) 20€ 20€ 30€
Cost of Inner City Transportation in Iran (6) 30€ 40€ -
Cost of Car rental in Iran (sedan car) (7) 60€ 200€ 750€
Cost of Tour Guide in Iran (8) - 55€ -
Cost of Food in Iran 80€ 140€ 250€
Cost of Entrance Fees in Iran (9) 60 € 60 € 60 €
Iran Tourist Card Cost (10) 20€ 20€ 20€
Iranian SIM card Cost (11) 2€ 3€ 4€
Total 426€ 812€ 1538€

 Important notes:

  • (1) These are approximate prices for your 10-day Iran tour.
  • (2) It is just the visa code service fee. The Visa stamp fee depends on your nationality.
  • (3) For ages between 13-65
  • (4) Please note that the prices are based on one person in a single room. However, some hotels do not offer single rooms.
  • (5) Flight for luxury travelers, night train and bus for mid-range travelers and backpackers
  • (6) Full-time diver-guide for luxury travelers, taxi and public transportation for mid-range travelers and backpackers
  • (7) Full-time diver-guide for luxury travelers, a couple of days driver for mid-range travelers and backpackers
  • (8) Full-time diver-guide for luxury travelers, a 4-day guide for mid-range travelers, and no guide for backpackers
  • (9) For 24 tourist sites
  • (10) One-time service fee
  • (11) With 4G internet

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