Iran, the Country of White Cars

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Iran, the Country of White Cars

Aerial Photo of White Cars in Iran

During your trip to Iran as a tourist, you will encounter many wonders. One of these is the color of cars in Iran; White, white, and white. Yes, white is the favorite color of cars in Iran. In other words, we can say that more than 90% of the colors of cars in Iran are white, which is very interesting for tourists. Of course, this color is not specific to a particular car brand and can be seen in most brands. Interestingly, sometimes the white cars’ price is higher than in other colors. Now, perhaps these questions arise; Why are there so many white cars in Iran? Or What is the reason for Iranians’ obsession with white vehicles?

Ease of Selling Used white Cars in Iran

Tehran streets filled with cars

When trading a car, many Iranians pay attention to the fact that it will be much easier to sell a used white car; Because in Iran, most buyers demand this color. Sometimes, they even buy a white car at a slightly higher price.

Cars with Bright Colors Absorb Less Heat

Tourist Cars with Bright Colors Absorb Less Heat

The summer heat in most parts of Iran is unbearable. And, a black or dark-colored car absorbs heat and brings it into the cabin. In contrast, the white color reflects the sun’s heat and does not allow the cabin temperature to rise as much as dark colors. Hence, as a tourist, regarding the time and the destination you visit in Iran, you can consider this issue in choosing the vehicle for transportation in Iran.

Easy Painting and Polishing of the White Car

white cars in Iran

It is much easier to painting and polishing a white-colored car than other colors. The light color significantly hides the lines and scratches, while the smallest line on the darker shades is visible.

Reduce Traffic Accidents at Night

white cars in Iran

According to statistics, the driver’s vision is very poor at night, and dark-colored vehicles cause more accidents on dangerous low-light roads. On the other hand, due to its light color, the white car reduces the number of road accidents drastically. However, although most of Iran’s roads are in good condition, some of them that lead to remote attractions are not good enough. Hence, you, as a tourist, can consider this issue about your transportation in Iran.

White Color Suits the Tastes of Most Buyers

what cars do Iranians drive

The white car has a simple yet very stylish look. And few people become discouraged by the white color after a while. Besides, the beauty of a white vehicle in both luxury and casual cars is undeniable. That’s why many people are interested in buying white cars in Iran.

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