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When you travel to a new destination, you face many new things in the destination that you may not realize and unconsciously pass by them. Consequently, you will miss the subtle and interesting things about your destination that you may regret not knowing beforehand. In the blogs about Inside Iran, we look at the wonders of this country and life in Iran from foreign tourists’ perspective.

Hence, if you have not traveled to Iran yet, these articles will help you get an overview of the Iran trip and what is going on in this country; Everybody is curious about new things. Who knows, you may become interested in traveling to Iran!

On the other hand, if Iran is on the list of the destinations you want to visit, by reading these articles, you will understand what awaits you in Iran, and you will enter this country with a more open mind. Besides, by reading blogs of Inside Iran, you will get acquainted with different aspects of social life in Iran, do’s and don’ts, customs, and wonders of this land, and this will help you see exciting details during your trip to Iran. The details that knowing them will double the pleasure of your trip to Iran.

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Iran, the Country of White Cars

During your trip to Iran as a tourist, you will encounter many wonders. One of these is the color of the cars. White, white, and white. Yes, white is the favorite color of cars in Iran. Why are there so many white cars in Iran? Or What is the reason for Iranians’ obsession with white vehicles?