Iranian Currency

Iranian Money

You pack your bags for traveling to Iran, collect all your documents such as passports, tickets, etc., and also your credit card for travel expenses, unaware that you cannot use your credit card (Master, visa, etc.) in Iran. Actually, you need cash in Iran. Now, these questions arise: How much money should I take to Iran? What is the Iranian currency? Can I use my debit card, and how to exchange money in Iran? What is the Iran currency exchange rate? Which currency can be exchanged in Iran? Etc.

Notably, although Iran is an affordable destination, it has special economic conditions. Therefore, before traveling to Iran, you should have enough information about the Iranian currency. 

Hence, we provide you with the information you need about money in Iran as a tourist on this page.

What is Iran Currency? Rial or Toman?

Iran Currency

Iranian currency is confusing for a tourist visiting Iran. Firstly, Iran’s official currency is the Iranian Rial (with the ISO code IRR). And you see this official unit on the Iranian banknotes and coins. Secondly, the Iranians say prices in Toman. But it becomes more confusing when some of the price labels are in Rial, and some in Toman!

So, the most important thing that you should consider is that Toman, which is common in oral quotes, is equivalent to 10 Rials. Moreover, Iranian people usually omit the words “thousand” and “million” when talking about prices in thousands and millions.

Now, let us make it more clear with an example; When buying something in Iran, if the seller quotes 10,000 Toman (or 10 Toman), you must pay 100,000 Rials.

Moreover, as mentioned, prices written on the labels are either in Rial or Toman, and to avoid mistakes, you should always double-check the price with the seller. Notably, on manufactured supermarket products, such as packaged foods and beverages, the prices are in Rial. On the other hand, the prices written manually on the products such as Iran souvenirs are usually in Toman. Therefore, you need to ask and make sure that if the price is in Rial or Toman. Moreover, the Iran online taxi price in Snapp and TAPSI applications are in Toman. Finally, to avoid mistakes, keep in mind these two Persian words in the Persian alphabet:

Rial: ریال

Toman: تومان

Iranian Banknotes and Coins

Iranian banknotes and coins are in Rial. And the most common Iranian bank notes are 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 500000 and 1000000. On the other hand, as the Iranian currency has lost its value, the Iranian coins are not common in daily transactions. After all, as Iranian people pay the expenses with the local credit cards, the vendors may not have enough cash to return your change. 

You can find the images of Iranian banknotes and coins used in daily transactions in Iran below.

Iranian Coins
Persian Coins
1000 Tomans Iran Banknote Old Face
10000 Rials Banknote
2000 Tomans Iran Banknote
20000 Rials Banknote
5000 Tomans Iran Banknote
50000 Rials Banknote
10000 Tomans Iran Banknote
100000 Rials Banknote
50000 Tomans Iran Cash Cheque Old Face
500000 Cash Cheque Old Face
50000 Tomans Iran Cash Cheque New Face
500000 Cash Cheque New Face
50000 Tomans Iran Cash Cheque New Face 2
500000 Cash Cheque New Face 2
1000000 Cash Cheque Old Face
100000 Tomans Iran Cash Cheque New Face
1000000 Cash Cheque New Face

Can I use my debit card in Iran?

Can I use my debit card in Iran

Due to the sanctions imposed on Iranian banks, international credit cards, and Debit cards such as Visa card and Mastercard do not work in Iran. In other words, you cannot withdraw any cash from ATMs in Iran or pay your expenses by your international card; Unless in a few places such as some handmade carpet stores or some travel agencies. Hence, you need to bring enough cash, preferably US dollars or euro, with you when traveling to Iran.

How to Exchange Money in Iran?

You arrived at Iran Airport, and you know that your credit cards do not work in Iran. But you need money to pay for a taxi to the hotel. Fortunately, there are exchange kiosks at the airport where you can change your cash into Iranian currency. Therefore, you have to convert some of your money at the airport into Iranian Rials. However, we recommend exchanging a small amount of your money at the airport, as the Iranian exchange rate is usually lower there. By the way, at Imam Khomeini airport, you’d better exchange your money at the exchange shop located on the second floor’s departure hall that offers better rates.

As soon as you get into the city, you can exchange money at the money exchange private shops called “Sarafi” at better rates. However, you’d better check the currency exchange rates displayed on the LED boards of Sarafi shops for better rates. In this table, we introduce the best center of Sarāfi offices in some of Iran major cities where you can change your cash to Iranian currency at the best rates:

City Center of Money Exchangers
Tehran Ferdowsi Square
Shiraz Zand Street Near Karimkhan Citadel
Isfahan Tohid Street, Hakim Nezami Street
Mashhad Emam Khomeini Street
Tabriz Darayi Street near Tabriz Grand Bazaar
Yazd Imam Street

As you can see in the table, the best center of Sarāfi offices in Tehran is located at Ferdowsi Square. Notably, there is a Metro station on the corner of Ferdowsi square. 

Moreover, we do not recommend changing your money in the Iranian banks because you need to wait a lot and change your money at a lower rate. Also, you can change your money to Iranian currency in your hotel but at a lower rate. 

Finally, at the end of your Iran tour, you can exchange your Iranian Rial to USD or Euro at the Iran airport.

Iranian Currency Exchange Rate

Iranian Rial Exchange Rate

Please note that the open market or free-market exchange rate in Iran is different from the official Iranian currency rate. And the highest exchange rate is the free market rate. In other words, the foreign currency has more value against the Iranian currency in the open market. And as a tourist, you will change your money with free-market exchange rates.

Notably, most websites that provide the currency rates, such as, offer the official Iranian currency rates, not the open market rates you need. But don’t worry, there are some websites like, which provide open-market exchange rates in Iran.

The below rates has been updated during the recent 30 days.

Currency Dollar Sign Dollar Euro Sign Euro
Average 27735 Toman 30000 Toman
Max 28130 Toman 30425 Toman
Min 26930 Toman 29400 Toman

Iran Tourist Card

Iran Debit Card

Iranian people widely use the local debit cards and are less willing to carry cash around. But, tourists visiting Iran can’t use their credit cards or withdraw money from ATMs in Iran, and carrying a large amount of cash is their concern. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: “Iran tourist Card.” Accordingly, you can easily apply for an Iran tourist card online and have an Iranian prepaid debit card designed for temporary visitors and tourists.

Furthermore, you can optionally charge your card online from your country or load it with cash upon arrival in Iran. Besides, you can add money to your card and withdraw your money when you want, like a local; ATMs are everywhere. Finally, at the end of your Iran trip, they exchange all your leftover Rials in your tourist card into the same currency you loaded up the card with.

Iran Travel FAQ

Most Frequent Questions and Answers about Iranian Currency

Both the euro and dollar are good to take to Iran, and they can be easily converted to the Iranian rial. Even, sometimes you can pay hotels in euro or dollar.


You can check the open-market exchange rates in Iran on Please note that most websites that provide the currency rates, such as, offer the official Iranian currency rates that are not used in daily transactions.


Neither VISA, Mastercard,  nor PayPal does not work in Iran. However, some companies in Iran, such as some travel agencies, provide you the possibility of using the international payment methods in Iran.


1- The best place to buy Iranian money is the Iranian exchange offices called Sarafi. You can find them in tourist zones of Iran's major cities; they offer the best exchange rates.

2- The second option is to change your money to the Iranian rial in Iran international airports upon your arrival, but their exchange rate is lower than in exchange offices.

3- The third option is to exchange your money in your hotel; although it is fast, their exchange rates are not good.

4- The last place to buy Iran currency is Iranian banks. We do not recommend that, because you need to wait a lot and change your money at a lower rate.



Based on the latest Iran customs regulations, you can bring foreign currency to Iran without any limits.