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All Things You Need to Know about Tabriz Destination

What do you know about Tabriz? Here we present all things you need to know about Tabriz destination.

In short, Tabriz is a must-see Iran destination, where history, art, the world’s cultural heritage, natural attractions, and modernity come together. So, if you are eager to visit an ancient city on the Silk Road, join us to get all the essential information about Tabriz destination. In the following, you can find useful information about traveling to Tabriz, including Tabriz attractions, accommodations, traditional dishes, and the best time to visit. You can also find information about Tabriz transportation, location, etc., on the Tabriz Travel Guide page

About Tabriz

Fascinating museums, stunning monuments reflecting the Sasannid and Safavid dynasties’ glories, and contemporary urban scenes have formed Tabriz. So, the city is a gem in the northwest of Iran and a must-see Iran destination. Accordingly, this metropolis is one of the ancient cities on the Silk Road trading route and a modern and populated metropolis. Hence, you can visit a city where Iran’s past and present are interlaced. The history of this Azari-speaking city dates back to about 3500 years ago. And the city used to be the capital of Iran for Islamic civilization and culture for many years. Therefore, There are some of the most magnificent historical monuments in this zone.

Moreover, this city has played a significant role in the development of Iranian literature.  Accordingly, famous literary figures such as Saeb Tabrizi, Khaghani, Iraj Mirza, Parvin Etesami Shahriar, and Gholamhossein Saedi. Furthermore, the world-famous handmade Persian carpets, which the bests are from Tabriz, Klim, Leatherwork, and Needlework, are the other magnificent features of this gorgeous city.

Tabriz Attractions

The main Tabriz attractions include the Tabriz Old Bazaar; the UNESCO registered largest covered bazaar in the world, the Blue Mosque, Arg-e Ali Shah, Saat Tower, Jame Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum, El-Goli Park and Mansion, and historic houses with stunning traditional architecture like Amir Nezam House. Notably, you can visit most of these attractions in the old quarter in the form of a Tabriz walking tour. Furthermore, the beautiful villages in this area, with an unbeatable natural and historical situation, are perfect for one-day excursions. Among them, the most popular ones are Kandovan ancient rocky village, Jolfa, and Khoy.

In Kandovan, you can enjoy the scenery of houses carved inside rocks, which date back to about 700 years ago. Also, Jolfa, located 150 km from Tabriz near Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan borders, is the home to Armenians. This town houses the incredible Saint Stepanos Monastery (Maghardavank), which is a part of the Iran Armenian Monastic Ensembles, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Finally, 160 km from Tabriz destination, we arrive in Khoy, the home to the Tomb of Shams, spiritual instructor of Rumi. Note that the Iran borders near Tabriz are Pile-Savar and Bazargan borders. The first one is near Jolfa, between Iran and Azerbaijan, and the second one is the Iran Turkey border crossing near Maku.

Accommodation in Tabriz

Besides enjoying Tabriz attractions and its countryside, you can experience a pleasant stay in one of its residences. Accordingly, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a top 5-star hotel such as Pars El-Goli Hotel. Still, you can choose to stay in a cozy budget lodge to save your money. Additionally, to improve sustainable tourism, you can stay in rural houses and involve in the inhabitants’ daily lives.

Tabriz Traditional Cuisines

Like other Iran cities, this region has its local cuisine and houses several restaurants serving traditional Iranian dishes. Accordingly, the popular Tabrizi dishes are Koofteh Tabrizi, Yogurt Soup (Ashe Mast), Carrot Stew, etc. Moreover, the most famous Tabrizi sweets are Qorabiyeh, Noqa, Rahat-al-Holqum, Basloq, and Baklava.

Best Time to Visit Tabriz

These days, as Iran tourism has grown, Tabriz city tours have become more popular. Notably, located in the mountainous area, the city has freezing winters and mild summers. In this regard, the best time to visit Tabriz is from April till September.