Tabriz Food

Tabriz Food

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Food can represent the rich customs and traditions of a nation, and eating a delicious local meal can create a sweet memory for the tourist. Thus, most of the people are interested in trying traditional dishes when they travel to a new destination. Among the cities in Iran, Tabriz. Located in the northwest of the county is a must-see destination. So tasting Tabriz local food can double the fun of visiting this historic city. Moreover, since the locals of Tabriz are mostly Azari-speaking, delicious Turkish foods are among the traditional Tabriz food.

Here we, as locals, introduce you to the different kinds of famous dishes of Tabriz, their ingredients, and approximate prices. 

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Koofteh Tabrizi
Ash-e Miveh - Fruit Potage
Kookoo Lubia Sabz - Green Bean Frittata
Ash-e Mast - Yogurt Soup
Ash-e Omaj - Omaj Potage - Tabriz Food
Nogha - Tabriz Nougat
Ghorabieh -Qurabiya
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