Best Things You Need to Know About Travel to Iran

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Iran Cover Best of Iran Tourism

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Iran

One way to reduce travel costs is to have free entertainment at a destination. Here are the Top 10 free things to do in Iran; fun activities.

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Visiting Iran During Dubai Expo 2020 Cover Iran Travel Advice

Visiting Iran during Dubai Expo 2020

Why is Iran an ideal destination for the Dubai Expo 2020 visitors? How to travel from Dubai to Iran and visit Iran visa-free During Expo?

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Best Places to Visit in Tehran Best of Iran Tourism

Top 10 Places to Visit in Tehran

Discover the top 10 places to visit in Tehran, their photos, highlights, and essential information you need to know as a tourist.

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Cover Best of Iran Tourism

Top 10 Traditional Bazaars in Iran for Tourists

Top 10 traditional bazaars in Iran, including time to visit, nearby hotels, restaurants, attractions, metro stations, souvenirs to buy, etc.

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International Airports in Iran Transportation in Iran

International Airports in Iran, Useful Guide for Tourists

Explore international airports in Iran, active airlines, and the covered destinations to pick the best based on your itinerary and origin.

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Iran Tourism News

Iran Will Resume Issuing Tourist Visa on October 23, 2021

The issuance of the Iran tourist visa and the entry of international tourists from air and land borders will be resumed on October 23, 2021, after a 19-month suspension, by order of the President of Iran.
It is noteworthy that the entry of foreign nationals through land and air borders from the mentioned date is unobstructed by presenting a vaccine card, negative PCR test, and observing the protocols and instructions approved by the Iran Ministry of Health.
In the last 19 months, the Security, Social and Disciplinary Committee of Iran’s National Headquarters of Coronavirus Disease Management has repeatedly suggested resuming the issuance of Iran tourist visas, but the Ministry of Health did not agree to the conditions of the Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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What Is the Theme of World Tourism Day 2021?

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27 to raise awareness of the social, cultural, political, and economic values ​​of the tourism industry and its contribution to achieving sustainable development goals.
In the last two years, the coronavirus pandemic has had a widespread social and economic impact and has damaged countries’ economies. Meanwhile, the marginalized and vulnerable groups have suffered the most.

The resumption of tourism after COVID will help improve and grow, and everyone must enjoy its benefits broadly and fairly.

Therefore, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has chosen the slogan “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” as the theme of World Tourism Day in 2021.
This approach is an opportunity to look beyond tourism statistics and acknowledge that there is a person behind every statistic. Also, The World Tourism Organization has invited its member countries, sister UN agencies, businesses, and individuals to help ensure that no one is left behind after the resumption of tourism.

The Cultural Landscape of Uramanat Has Been Registered as the 26th UNESCO Site of Iran

The cultural landscape of Uramanat (Huraman, Hawraman, or Uraman) in Iran has been registered as the 26th UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iran.

Historical attractions, antiquity, beautiful nature, unique architectural style, rural lifestyle, and other attractions of the Uraman region have led to the agreement with the global registration of its cultural landscape.

This region includes the provinces of Kurdistan, Kermanshah in Iran, and a small part of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

According to studies, Uraman includes more than 700 villages in Iran, and currently, about 60 of its villages remain untouched.

In addition, archaeological evidence indicates that Hawraman dates back to the Middle Paleolithic, around 40,000 BC.

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Trans-Iranian Railway Has Been Registered as the 25th UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iran

The Trans-Iranian Railway, the 1,394-kilometer-long railway, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 25, 2021. Now it is the 25th UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iran.

Representatives of UNESCO member states described the Iranian railway as an engineering marvel. They also stressed the historical importance of this railway in economic and international trade and the connection between the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran and the Persian Gulf in the south; Its route is from Bandar Torkaman in northern Iran to Imam Khomeini Port in the southernmost point of the country. According to available documents, the antiquity of Iran’s railway reaches 85 years.

With exceptional natural landscapes, buildings, tunnels, stations, bridges, and even historical locomotives, Iran’s national railway route is also important in tourism.

Notably, another proposal by Iran to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is the Uramanat (Horaman) Cultural Landscape case, which the UNESCO World Heritage Committee will soon decide about this case.

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Iran's Borders Will be Reopened for International Tourists

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Tourism announced: The issuance of Iranian tourist visas for foreign tourists will be resumed from mid-summer 2021, following initial agreements.

Since last year, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Iran’s borders have been closed to foreign tourists, and tourist visas have not been issued. Therefore, during this period, only medical and business visas of Iran were issued to applicants.
But now, following the initial agreements between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, and Health, Iran’s borders will be reopened to international tourists this summer. Consequently, the issuance of Iranian tourist visas will resume after the final preparation and approval of travel regulations and protocols.
Of course, due to the new conditions, and for the tourists’ health sake and to prevent the spread of Corona, the protocol and rules of travel to Iran will be amended and updated.

Europeans Vaccinated against COVID-19 Do Not Need a PCR Certificate to Enter Iran

The Iranian embassy in London stated: Incoming passengers to Iran from European countries must submit a negative PCR test that had been taken in at most 96 hours before entering the country. However, Europeans who have been vaccinated twice and 15 days have passed since their second dose can enter Iran by only presenting the vaccination card.

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