Best Things You Need to Know About Travel to Iran

Train Travel in Iran for Tourist Cover Transportation in Iran

Train Travel in Iran for Tourists

How is the Train travel in Iran? Explore the popular routes and trains, the best railway companies, Iran train ticket prices, and rules.

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Best Iran Deserts Best of Iran Tourism

Top 10 Iran Deserts, Which One to Visit?

Explore the top 10 Iran deserts along with their locations, features, nearby lodges, and other useful information to help you decide which desert to visit in Iran

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Travel to Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022 Cover Iran Travel Advice

Visiting Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022

Planning to visit Iran during World Cup 2022? Here are the Iran visa World Cup requirements and the top places to visit in Iran during this event.

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Top 10 Festivals in Iran Cover Best of Iran Tourism

Top 10 Festivals in Iran

Explore the top 10 festivals in Iran, with details including their subjects, ceremonies and traditions, time, and place of participation.

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Best Iranian Desserts and Sweets You Must Try in Iran Best of Iran Tourism

Best Persian Desserts and Sweets to Try in Iran

Join us in this article to know more about the best Persian desserts and sweets you must try in Iran. Also, we reveal their ingredients, the best places to find them, their approximate prices, and if they are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly.

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Iran Tourism News

Flights between Iran and Qatar during World Cup 2022 (NOV 12, 2022)

The Civil Aviation Organization of Iran announced that direct flights will be carried out to Tehran, Shiraz, Lar, and Lamerd destinations during the World Cup 2022. However, Shiraz and Lar flights are among Qatar Airways’ regular flights to Iran.
Accordingly, 42 flights are scheduled from Tehran, 4 from Shiraz, 20 from Lamerd, and 2 from Lar to Doha with the tournament’s start. The number of flights can be increased based on demand.
Notably, a round-trip flight costs 13 million tomans, equal to about 400 dollars.
In addition, it has been announced that limited shuttle flights will be operated from Kish to Qatar during the World Cup, based on request.

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New Rules of Entering Iran during COVID-19 Have Been Announced (May 23, 2022)

According to the decision of the National Corona Headquarters of Iran, all foreign nationals and Iranian citizens must submit one of the following certificates to enter Iran:

  • Vaccination certificate showing two doses of vaccine that the last dose belongs to at least 14 days ago. (Iran accepts all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization.)
  • The negative PCR test result in English taken within 72 hours before the flight.
    Note that PCR will be performed upon arrival for any passenger with suspicious symptoms. The cost of the PCR test and probable quarantine is borne by the passenger.

New Rules of Entering Iran during COVID-19 Have Been Announced (March 16, 2022)

All passengers over 12 years old can travel to Iran by presenting a COVID vaccination certificate (at least two doses) in English, that the last dose belongs to at least 14 days ago, and travel insurance that covers COVID. According to this announcement, passengers entering Iran no longer need to submit a negative PCR test result.

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