Mashhad Destionation

All Things You Need to Know about Mashhad Destination

What do you know about Mashhad? Here we present all things you need to know about Mashhad destination.

In short, the holy city of Mashhad, a must-see Iran destination, is the home to Imam Reza Holy Shrine and is located on the ancient Silk Road. If you are eager to visit the holiest city in Iran, join us to get all the essential information about the Mashhad destination. In the following, you can find useful information about traveling to Mashhad, including Mashhad attractions, accommodations, traditional dishes, and the best time to visit. You can also find information about Mashhad transportation, location, etc., on the Mashhad Travel Guide page.

About Mashhad

Fascinating museums, holy mausoleums, the shrines with attractive domes, vibrant old bazaars with a wide variety of colorful traditional handicrafts, and contemporary urban scenes have formed Mashhad. It is a holy city in the northeast of Iran and must-see Iran destination. On the other hand, Mashhad is one of the ancient cities on the Silk Road trading route. Furthermore, the city was the capital of Iran during the Nader Shah era and has numerous monuments of that period. So, you can experience a trip to a modern and populated metropolis where Iran’s past and present interlaced. On the other hand, Mashhad is very popular among  Muslims for housing Imam Reza Shrine, the eighth Imam of Shia.

Moreover, the Kashmar carpet, a type of handmade Persian rug, Saffron, the most valuable agricultural product, and turquoise a precious stone, are all indigenous to this region. In this regard, this city is so rich in souvenirs like precious stones, designed gold and silver jewelry, Persian carpets and rugs, saffron, dry fruits, and religious relics. Along with the richness of the land, Mashhad has played a significant role in the development of Iranian literature. The famous literary figures and artists of this land are Ferdowsi, the poet of “Shahnameh”, Mehdi Akhavan-Sales and Mohammadreza Shajarian.

Mashhad Attractions

The main attractions in Mashhad include Imam Reza Shrine, the Gohardshad Mosque, Bazaar Reza Tomb of Nader Shah, and Tomb of Ferdowsi in Toos. Also, Haft Houz Valley, Vakilabad Garden, Mashhad Botanical Garden, Tomb of Sheikh Bahai, Tomb of Pir Palandouz, Anthropology Museum of Mashhad, Iranian Water Park, Water Wave Land, etc. are the other attractions of Mashhad destination. Moreover, this metropolis is a pioneer and major pole of Iran medical tourism. Accordingly, there are equipped medical centers with international standards and experienced doctors in this destination.
Furthermore, near the mountains, having pleasant springs and mild summers, there are beautiful recreational sites in this zone. Among them, Torghabeh and Shandiz, with gorgeous natural scenery, are more popular. Additionally, about 200 km from Mashhad, Sarakhs Border is the most important Iran Turkmenistan border crossing.

Accommodation in Mashhad

Besides enjoying Mashhad attractions and its countryside, you can experience a pleasant stay in one of its residences. Accordingly, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a top 5-star hotel such as Ghasr-e Talai Hotel. Still, you can choose to stay in a cozy budget lodge to save your money.  Additionally, to improve sustainable tourism, you can stay in rural houses and involve in the inhabitants’ daily lives.

Mashhad Traditional Cuisines

Like other cities in Iran, Mashhad destination has its local cuisine and houses several restaurants serving traditional Iranian dishes. As the region has qualified meat he popular Mahhadi dishes are different kind of Kebab such as Shislik and divers soups like Shole Mashhadi, etc. Moreover, the most famous Mashhadi sweet is Digche Mashhadi.

Best Time to Visit Mashhad

These days, as Iran tourism has grown, Mashhad city tours have become more popular. Located in a mountainous area, the city has pleasant springs and mild summers. In this regard, the best time to visit Mashhad is from April till September.