Shiraz Vakil Mosque

All Things You Need to Know about Shiraz Destination

What do you know about Shiraz? Here we present all things you need to know about Shiraz destination.

In short, Shiraz is a must-see Iran destination, where you can see the glory of the ancient Persia beside the friendliness of a lovely city.  So, if you are eager to visit the city of roses, join us to get all the essential information about Shiraz destination. In the following, you can find useful information about travelling to Shiraz, including Shiraz attractions, accommodations, traditional dishes and the best time to visit. Besides, you can find the information about Shiraz transportation, location, etc. on the Shiraz Travel Guide page.

About Shiraz

The majesty of Persian architecture eulogized by poets and painted by artists have formed Shiraz, the city of love. Besides, as the city was the Persian capital, houses numerous stunning monuments reflecting the glories of the ancient Persian civilizations. Additionally, the country’s most famous poets’ tombs, Saadi and Hafez, gorgeous Persian gardens and mosques, vibrant old and modern bazaars, make this region a must-see Iran destination. Finally, along with the monuments representing the ancient Iranian history, the city of roses enjoys the modernity of a metropolis.

Shiraz Attractions

The main attractions in Shiraz include Nasir al Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Vakil Complex (Bazaar, Bath, Mosque, Citadel), Narenjestan Garden, Saadi Tomb, Hafez Tomb, Eram Garden, Afif Abad Garden, etc. Interestingly, you can visit most of these attractions that are in the old quarter in the form of a Shiraz walking tour. On the other hand, there are several monuments around the city, representing the glory of a historical period. Among them, Persepolis, Pasargadae, and Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region are all registered as Iran UNESCO world heritage sites.

Besides, Pooladkaf Ski Resort, an excellent piste for ski lovers with up-to-date equipment, is near the city. Hence, this region is a desirable destination for the winter holidays as well. Finally, like other Iran destinations, Shiraz destination enjoys its local cuisine and houses many restaurants that are serving the traditional Iranian dishes.

Accommodation in Shiraz

Besides enjoying the Shiraz attractions, you can experience a pleasant stay in one of the residences of the city. Accordingly, many historic houses in this city have been refurbished and converted into lovely traditional residences.

Accordingly, you can enjoy luxury accommodation in a top 5-star hotel such as Shiraz Grand Hotel. Still, you can choose to stay in a cosy budget lodge to save your money.

Shiraz Traditional Cuisines

Like other cities in Iran, this region has its local cuisine and houses several restaurants serving Persian food. Specifically, the popular Shirazi dishes are Kalam polo Shirazi, Qambar polo, Koofteh Sabzi Shirazi, Ash Sabzi, and Shirazi Salad. And, you can try the best of these dishes in Haft Khan international restaurant. Moreover, a delicious Shirazi dessert called Faloodeh is famous in Iran and even the world. Accordingly, the best place to buy Fallodeh in the shops behind the Karimkhan citadel. 

Best Time to Visit Shiraz

These days, as Iran tourism has grown, Shiraz city tours have become more popular. In this regard, the best time to visit Shiraz is from mid-February till mid-May and from September till November.