Shiraz Weather

All travelers believe that the destination’s weather forecast is one of the most important before trip tips and helps to pack for the journey efficiently.  Also, to arrange the day by day tour plan, you should know the days’ duration in your destination. Consequently, as Shiraz is one of the must-visit cities in the land of Persia, the information about Shiraz weather is very useful for all travelers to Iran. Also if you want to get more information about Iran weather and climate and find the answers to frequently asked questions about this issue, you can take a look at Iran Weather Page.

Best Time to Travel Shiraz
Spring in Iran

Spring in Shiraz


The best time to visit Shiraz is from early-April to mid-May, which during this time, spring reaches its peak of beauty. Accordingly, in this time, the blossoms of the sour orange trees bloom and bring a pleasant aroma. Additionally, as Persian gardens in Shiraz become full of colorful flowers, magnificent festivals of flowers and colors are held during this time. Moreover, in this period, neither the bustle of Nowruz (March 20th till April 1st or further) nor the unbearable summer heat will bother you.

Besides, May 4th or 5th is the “Day of Shiraz“, when ceremonies and festivals are held in the most prominent Shiraz tourist attractions and last up to two weeks. Among them are the “Old Shiraz Photos Exhibition” and “Hand-Woven Persian Carpets Exhibition” in Karim Khan Zand Citadel and the “Calligraphy of Hafez’s Poems Exhibition”, “Miniature Exhibition” and the calligraphy program (for foreign tourists) in Hafezieh.

Autumn in Iran

Autumn in Shiraz


Notably, Shiraz weather is pleasant in autumn (October and November). So, you can choose autumn for shiraz visit, which in addition to being beautiful, is not so crowded.

Winter in Iran

Winter in Shiraz


On the other hand, Shiraz is heaven for ski lovers during winter. Therefore, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains around Shiraz in January and February.

Summer in Iran

Summer in Shiraz


Due to the dry and hot weather of summer in Shiraz, June, July, and August are the least preferred months by tourists. However, the travel expenses in the summer are at the lowest.

Shiraz Climate in Detail

Here you can find precise details on Shiraz Climate. In short, the annual average temperature in Shiraz is about 18.9°C. In this regard, the warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 30.6°C. While the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 5.6°C.  Besides, Shiraz Annual Average Length of Day is 12:36 hours.

Finally, for more information about annual temperature, rainfall rate, and average sunset and sunrise times in different months, you can take a look at the charts in the below tabs.

Partly Cloudy
Lightning With Rain

Shiraz Climate Info

  • Average Low Temperature (C◦)
  • Average Temperature (C◦)
  • Average High Temperature (C◦)
  • Rain (mm)
JAN (Sunrise:6:54 to 6:52)—(Sunset:17:11 to 17:36)
FEB (Sunrise:6:49 to 6:27)—(Sunset:17:37 to 17:58)
MAR (Sunrise:6:26 to 6:51)—(Sunset:17:58 to 19:17)
APR (Sunrise:6:50 to 6:19)—(Sunset:19:18 to 19:35)
MAY (Sunrise:6:18 to 6:00)—(Sunset:19:36 to 19:54)
JUN (Sunrise:6:00 to 6:02)—(Sunset:19:55 to 20:04)
JUL (Sunrise:6:03 to 6:18)—(Sunset:20:04 to 19:53)
AUG (Sunrise:6:19 to 6:36)—(Sunset:19:52 to 19:23)
SEP (Sunrise:6:36 to 6:52)—(Sunset:19:22 to 17:47)
OCT (Sunrise:5:52 to 6:12)—(Sunset:17:46 to 17:14)
NOV (Sunrise:6:12 to 6:35)—(Sunset:17:13 to 17:00)
DEC (Sunrise:6:36 to 6:54)—(Sunset:17:00 to 17:10)

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