Tabriz Travel Guide

Tabriz Travel Guide

Welcome to Tabriz, one of the industrialized cities of Iran and the home to Azari culture. Here is an ultimate Tabriz travel guide where you can find all essential information about how to travel to Tabriz and what to do in this must-see Iran destination.

Tabriz at a Glance

City of Love (Shiraz)

City of

Known as "the Capital of Islamic World Tourism" since 2018


Capital of East Azerbaijan

The capital of East Azerbaijan Province, situated in the northwest of Iran


Tabriz Population

The third-largest city of Iran and the home to over 1.5 million inhabitants

Silk Road

Silk Road

Located on the ancient Silk Road


Tabriz Altitude

With the altitude of about 1340 m above sea level


Tabriz Antiquity

The modern industrialized city with 2,500-year antiquity

Where is Tabriz?

Tabriz is the East Azerbaijan Province Capital located in the northwest of Iran and the vicinity of Iran-Azerbaijan, Iran-Armenia, and Iran-Turkey borders. This city lies in the Quru River valley between the two mountain ranges of Eynal and Sahand. Furthermore, the flying distance between Tabriz and Tehran is equal to 528 km, while its land distance is about 627 km

Tabriz History

Although the Tabriz city’s early history is vague, the ancient inscriptions indicate that it was a place named Tauri about 2500 years ago. Used to be one of the oldest cities in Iran and located on the ancient silk road, Tabriz was the link between east and west and a prominent Eurasia trading center. Accordingly, the Old Bazaar of Tabriz is a live testimonial to this glorious history. On the other hand, since Tabriz used to be the Iran capital during different eras, it houses numerous monuments. Accordingly, Most of Tabriz historical attractions belong to Ilkhanid, Safavid, and Qajar dynasties.

Moreover, Tabriz is famous as the “City of Firsts.” So “firsts of Tabriz” in Iran History are the first school, guesthouse, post office, Chamber of Commerce, Firefighting, Library, etc.

Interestingly, Tabriz sister cities are Baku in Azerbaijan, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and Kazan in Russia.

Where to Stay in Tabriz?

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Tabriz Hotels

How to Get to Tabriz

As Tabriz is one of the most important Iran destinations, there are several ways to get to Tabriz.

You can enter Tabriz through Shahid Madani Airport. This airport covers several international flights from different countries and foreign cities such as Najaf, Baghdad, Izmir, Baku, Yerevan, Istanbul, Dubai, and more. And the foreign airlines which have flights to Tabriz International Airport are Saudia Airline, Atlas Global, Fly Dubai, etc. Please mention that with these airlines you can have connection flights from Tabriz to all over the world and vice versa.

On the other hand, Tabriz connects to most of the cities in Iran. Accordingly, there are many domestic flights between Tabriz and other Iran destinations every day. Among these flight paths, the routes from Tabriz to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Qeshm Island, Kish Island, Bandar Abbas, and Ahvaz are highly demanded by tourists. The flight duration between Tabriz and Tehran, the Iran capital, is about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Finally, note that Tabriz International Airport, located 10 kilometers southwest of the city center, has convenient access to the city main parts and the Tabriz Bazaar. Accordingly, you can use a taxi, metro or bus to reach the airport. And it takes about 25 minutes to get to the airport from downtown. For your record, internet taxi costs about 500000 rials from the city center to Tabriz airport.

Travel to Tabriz
by Plane

The most economical way to travel to Tabriz is by using a bus. You can get to Tabriz from almost anywhere in Iran on a bus. Although riding a train is the safest option, many passengers choose the bus because it is faster, and there are plenty of VIP buses from different parts of Iran to Tabriz. Notably, you can choose the night bus between Tabriz and other cities to decrease your travel expenses.

Tabriz Central Bus Terminal, located in Tabriz, is the largest and the most important bus terminal in the west of Iran. Mainly, there are plenty of buses that arrive in/depart Central Bus Terminal from/to many Iran cities from early in the morning until midnight. As Tehran-Tabriz is the most common route, several VIP buses are in different classes on this route daily. On the other hand, you can travel to Yerevan in Armenia, Baku in Azerbaijan, and Van in Turkey from this terminal. Notably, you can reach Tabriz Central Terminal by taxi, metro, or bus.

Travel to Tabriz
by Bus

You can get to Tabriz from some Iran cities by train in different classes from the standard class to a 5-star one. The Tabriz train covers the routes to Tehran, Mashhad, Jolfa, etc. Please note that the train journey between Tabriz and Tehran takes about 13 hours. Notably, you can choose the night train between Tabriz and Tehran to decrease your travel expenses.

Also, you can go from Tabriz to the out of the borders of Iran by international train. Accordingly, you can travel from Tabriz to Van and Ankara in Turkey. You can also go from Tabriz to Astara in Iran and from there travel to Baku in Azerbaijan.

Finally, Tabriz railway station is located about 20 kilometers west of the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz. Accordingly, in the best possible conditions, you can reach the bazaar less than 20 minutes by taxi.

Travel to Tabriz
By Train

Main motorways and highways connect Tabriz to all parts of Iran. So, many passengers choose to travel in a private car as its schedule is flexible and is faster and more convenient than bus and train.

Travel to Tabriz
By Car

What Do You Know about Tabriz Attractions?

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Tabriz Attractions

How to Move around Tabriz

Although most of the Tabriz attractions are located downtown, the information about transportation in Tabriz is essential for every tourist. In any case, you can rent a private car with a driver, use taxis or public transports such as buses or the metro.

Get around Tabriz in Taxi

You can use an internet Taxi called Snapp and TAPSI. These kinds of Taxis work like Uber. You can download the application on your phone and easily take an internet taxi within a few minutes wherever you are. Also, you can pay the taxi fee in cash (Rials).

Another option is to get a taxi through a “telephone taxi agency.” These taxis will get you to the destination and also wait for you whenever you want. To get this kind of taxi, you can ask your hotel reception or your Iranian friend to do it for you.

Get around Tabriz in Metro

There are also metro lines in Tabriz, which takes you to the Tabriz Bazaar, main tourist attractions, Tabriz Central Bus Terminal, Tabriz International Airport, etc. Notably, the metro system of Tabriz is fast and convenient.

Get around Tabriz in Bus

Although the bus system covers all Tabriz parts, the bus stations are sometimes confusing for a foreign traveler. However, you can get complete information about your destination station and the bus that you should get from the locals and use this kind of transportation. Also, you can use the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) in most parts of Tabriz. Notably, there are separate men’s and ladies’ sections on each bus.

Get around Tabriz in Private Car with Driver

Although renting a private car with a driver is the most expensive option to get around Tabriz, it is the fastest and most convenient choice. Besides, you can rent a car with a driver for one day to go to the tourist attractions that are located around Tabriz, such as Kandovan Village, Khoy, Arasbaran Forest, and more. The expense of renting a private sedan car with a driver per day starts from about 3000000 rials.

What to Eat in Tabriz?

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Where to Eat in Tabriz
Best Restaurants in Tabriz

In recent years, visiting restaurants and tasting different foods have become one of the most attractive activities during a trip. It is interesting to know that this issue has been taken very seriously in Iran and you can find excellent and even international restaurants in the cities of this country. However, you are in Iran for a short time, and it is better to go for the best options in this limited time.

 Accordingly, selecting a good restaurant in Tabriz, where there are restaurants on every corner, is very difficult. So, if you want to taste delicious and quality food in the best restaurants in Tabriz during your trip, join us in this Tabriz travel guide.

Haj Ali Restaurant

Haj Ali Restaurant

The luxurious Haft Khan Restaurant is built on seven floors near Quran Gate. In each of its stories, a particular type of food is served, including Iranian, international, barbeque, and fast food. Besides, there is a coffee shop and a souvenir shop in this International restaurant. Interestingly, the decoration of each floor changes according to the type of food served. Moreover, in Haft Khan Restaurant, traditional Iranian bread is cooked in front of your eyes. Also, you can enjoy live music while eating. Hence, don’t miss the experience of eating a delicious dish at this unique restaurant on your trip to Shiraz.

Berkeh Restaurant

Berkeh Restaurant

Soofi is the name of a restaurant with several branches in Shiraz; On Sattar Khan Street, Afif Abad Street, and the last one is near Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz that offers delicious Iranian and international food in a pleasant atmosphere, with excellent service. Some believe that the best “Kalam Polo Shirazi” is served in Soofi Restaurant.

Gazmakh Restaurant

Ghavam Restaurant

Ghavam is an intimate and affordable Shirazi restaurant that has two branches in Vakil Bazaar and Rudaki Street. The restaurant serves various traditional dishes,  appetizers, chicken wings, a variety of teas, desserts, cakes, and snacks. Finally, the food of Ghavam Restaurant has a unique and unforgettable taste, but you have to be patient to find an empty table.