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Iran Classic Route, The Most Popular Trip Route in Iran

Iran is a vast country with numerous tourist attractions. So, although it is not possible to visit the whole country and its beauties on one trip, you can choose the best Iran trip route to explore both ancient and modern Iran.In this regard, Iran classic route is the most popular trip route in Iran that every tourist chooses on the first trip to Iran. This route goes right into the heart of the country.

In this article, first, we introduce Iran classic route, the most popular route for Iran tours for all kinds of travelers to Iran. Then, we mention the most important cities and tourist attractions you can visit on Iran classic tours. Finally, we conclude how many days are needed for different types of Iran classic route trips. Based on the information in this blog, you can figure out which Iran classic tour package suits you better.

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Iran Classic Route Map

Here, you can find Iran classic route map and the cities that lie on this path. Notably, Iran classic route is about 1300 km long, stretching from north to south.

Cities along Iran Classic Route

The tourist cities located on the classic route of Iran are Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. Also, there are numerous small towns and villages you can visit on this route including Abyaneh, Naein, Meybod, Abarkuh, Pasargadae, etc. Here, we introduce the most important tourist attractions you can visit in each city. We also calculate how many days you need to visit these cities to arrange a suitable Iran classic route schedule.

Tehran, The First Destination on Iran Classic Route

Usually, the Iran classic tours start from Iran’s bustling capital, Tehran, the home to Fifteen million people. This city, beside the modernity of a metropolis, represents ancient Iranian history.

Fascinating museums, stunning palaces, vibrant old and modern bazaars, contemporary urban scenes, etc., define Tehran as a must-visit destination in Iran.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Tehran on Iran Tour?

Since Iran is vast, many tourists spend only one day in Tehran to save time for visiting Iran’s more historical and cultural sites, in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd. However, Tehran has more to offer; in addition to its historical sites, it is the best place to observe contemporary and urban Persian culture in Iran. Therefore, you are better to stay at least two days in Tehran to understand Iran’s modern culture.

Accordingly, you need to spend one day visiting the historical and cultural attractions in the city center, including Golestan Palace, Iran National Museum, National Jewelry Museum, the vibrant Tehran Grand Bazaar, Sar Dar-e Baghe Meli, etc. Besides, you can buy colorful Iran souvenirs on the same day from Tehran Grand Bazaar.

Furthermore, you’d better spend another day seeing some Tehran attractions in the northern zone, including Saad Abad Complex, Darband Recreational Site, Tochal Complex, Darakeh Recreational Site Tabiat Bridge, etc. Notably, in the north of Tehran, you can observe contemporary Persian culture and meet young locals.

Finally, there are other sites to visit in Tehran and around the city, including Abgineh Museum, US Former Embassy, Carpet Museum, Moghadam Museum, Niavaran Palace, Zaman Museum (Museum of Time), Tajrish Bazaar, Azadi Tower, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran modern shopping malls, Shemiranat County, etc.

On the other hand, if you travel to Tehran during winter, you can head to the international ski resorts with up-to-date equipment around the city. Among them, Dizin Ski Resort, Tochal, and Shemshak are the best destinations for ski lovers.

Minimum duration to visit Tehran: 2 days

The duration to visit Tehran in-depth: 4 days

Important Notes:

  • Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport is out of the city, and it takes about 2 hours to reach the city center from there. However, Tehran Mehrabad airport for domestic flights is inside the city.
  • Treasury of National Jewels (National Jewelry Museum) opening hours are Saturday till Tuesday, 14:00 to 16:30

Kashan, the Gem of Central Iran

Kashan is a city in the desert located about 200 km from Imam Khomeini International Airport on Iran classic route. So, some tourists in Iran prefer to travel to Kashan directly from the airport; While others choose Kashan as the last destination in Iran and drive from Kashan to the airport at the end of their Iran trip.

Kashan is a small town on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert that has maintained its traditional appearance. Accordingly, the city houses historic houses, traditional bathhouses, and vibrant old bazaars.

Furthermore, you can buy handmade Persian carpets, pottery, and tiles-works as Iran souvenirs from Kashan.

Furthermore, this region is famous as Iran’s flower capital and the major center for rosewater production. Accordingly, the annual rosewater festival is held during the second half of May.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Kashan on Iran Trip

You need to spend one day visiting the main Kashan tourist attractions, including Tabatabai and Borougerdi historical houses, Old Bazaar, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg School, etc., that are located close to each other. Also, you can visit Fin Garden (one of the Iran UNESCO Sites), which is located a little far from the city center on the same day.

Furthermore, the Maranjab Desert, near this city, is an excellent place for camping, trekking, camel riding, and stargazing. On the other hand, the beautiful villages around Kashan are preferable destinations in the form of one-day excursions. َAmong them, Abyaneh, Niasar, Ghamsar, and Aran va Bidgol, with the unbeatable natural and historical sites, are more popular. So, you can plan at least a one-day excursion to visit some of these sites.

Moreover, if you can stay more than one day in Kashan and you are interested in archaeology, you can visit Ancient Sialk Hill and Noush Abad Underground City around Kashan.

Finally, we suggest visiting Abyaneh red village for at least a half-day on the way between Kashan and Isfahan.

Minimum duration to visit Kashan: 1 day

The duration to visit Kashan in-depth: 3 days

Isfahan, Half of the World (Nesf-e Jahan)

Situated about 340 kilometers south of Tehran, Isfahan lies on the Classic Route of Iran and offers a fascinating mix of tradition and modernity.

Definitely, a trip to Iran will not be completed without visiting Isfahan. Even some tourists believe that Isfahan is the most beautiful destination in Iran. Hence you need to spend some days in Isfahan during your Iran tour. You can enjoy visiting beautiful mosques and palaces, picturesque bridges, Persian gardens, and vibrant old and modern bazaars in Isfahan.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Isfahan?

On the first day of your Isfahan trip, you can visit its main tourist attractions, including Naghsh-e Jahan Square (Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Qeysarie Bazaar), and Chehel Sotun Palace, which are all Iran UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Fortunately, these sites are located close to each other. Then, during the afternoon, you can visit Sio Se Pol Bridge and Khaju Bridge to see the happy locals.

On the other day of your Iran classic tour in Isfahan, you can pop into the Jolfa Armenian Quarter, where you can meet the younger locals and drink a hot coffee in one of the cozy cafes in the district. Moreover, the Vank Cathedral and the Music Museum are two of the most important Isfahan tourist attractions in this quarter. You can also stroll in the gorgeous Chaharbagh Streets.

On the third day of your Isfahan tour, you can visit the Jame Mosque of Isfahan (an Iran UNESCO site), Hasht Behesht Garden, Menar Jonban, etc. 

Furthermore, the desert near Isfahan, Varzaneh Desert (Khara Desert), is an excellent place for camping, trekking, and stargazing. Besides, you can enjoy the scenery of colossal golden dunes, beautiful Salt Lake, and sandy pyramids. So, you can plan to visit this desert on your Iran classic tour.

Minimum duration to visit Isfahan: 2 days

The duration to visit Isfahan in-depth: 4 days

The Historical Adobe City of Yazd

At the center of the Iran Classic Route lies the historic city of Yazd. This UNESCO registered city is the important center for Zoroastrianism and famous for its adobe architecture; where you can see all aspects of an ancient town in the desert. Winding alleys passing through mud-brick houses with wooden doors and tall windcatchers (Badgir) are the unique attractions you can find in Yazd.

How many Days Are Needed to Visit Yazd?

The main Yazd attractions located in the Old Town include Amir Chakhmagh Square, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Lariha House Museum, Eskandar Prison (Ziaiyeh School), Zoorkhaneh Abolfazl, and Khan Bazaar. As the mentioned tourist sights are located close to each other, you can visit them in the form of a Yazd walking tour. Notably, you can buy colorful Persian handicrafts such as Termeh from Khan Bazaar.

On the other day, you can visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Towers of silence, the Museum of Zoroastrian History and Culture, Dowlat Abad Garden, Qanat Of Zarch, etc.

 Also, situated between the two significant deserts, Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut, you can enjoy numerous activities such as trekking, camping, safari, camel riding, and stargazing in the deserts near Yazd. Notably, the most famous deserts near Yazd are Bafgh, Aghda, Haft Sang, and Kalmand. So, you can plan at least a one-day excursion to visit some of these sites.

On the other hand, there are unbeatable oases and villages around Yazd, including Kharanagh, Chakchak, Naein, Meybod, Abarkuh, and Taft. You can visit these places in the form of a one- or a half-day tour. Notably, you’d better see Meybod and Naein on the way between Yazd and Isfahan.

Minimum duration to visit Yazd: 1.5 day

The duration to visit Yazd in-depth: 3 days

Shiraz, the City of Love

Shiraz is a must-see destination on Iran classic route and famous as the city of love, literature, and Persian gardens. Besides, since Shiraz was the ancient Persian capital, it houses numerous stunning monuments reflecting the ancient Persian civilization’s glory. Moreover, along with the monuments representing ancient Iranian history, the city of roses enjoys metropolis modernity.

How many Days Are Needed to Visit Shiraz on Iran Tour?

On your trip to Iran, you need to spend one day in Shiraz to visit the tourist attractions in the city center. The most important Shiraz points of interest in the city center include Nasir al Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Vakil Complex (Bazaar, Bath, Mosque, Citadel), and Narenjestan Garden that are all located close to each other.

During another day in Shiraz, you can visit the other tourist attractions such as Saadi Tomb, Hafez Tomb, Qoran Gate, Ghasrodasht Gardens, Ali Ibn-e Hamzeh Shrine, Eram Garden, Afif Abad Garden, etc.  

Furthermore, one of Iran’s must-see tourist sites, i.e., Persepolis, is located 57 kilometers northeast of Shiraz. Also, Pasargadae (The Cyrus the Great’s Tomb) stands at 134 km of Shiraz, not far from Persepolis. So, you can visit both of these magnificent UNESCO sites in the form of a one-day excursion. However, some tourists prefer to visit Persepolis and Pasargadae on the way between Yazd and Shiraz.

Moreover, Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of the Fars Region, another registered Iran UNESCO world heritage site, is located not far from Shiraz. Notably, you need to plan at least one day excursion to visit some of these sites.

 Also, if you visit Shiraz during spring or autumn, you can visit the nomadic tribes around Shiraz, spend one day in their black tents, and be involved with their daily lives.

Finally, if you visit Shiraz during winter, you can plan to go to Pooladkaf Ski Resort, an excellent piste for ski lovers, located near Shiraz.

Minimum duration to visit Shiraz: 2 days

The duration to visit Shiraz in-depth: 4 days

Different Kinds of Iran Classic Route Trips

If you want to travel along the Iran classic route, there are several options for you. Here we have explained two of the most popular itineraries along Iran classic route.

1- The most common Iran classic tour starts and ends in Tehran. In this type of Iran tour, after entering Tehran, you will travel to the south along the classic route, by land.  On the way to the south, you will visit Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and finally Shiraz. Then you will depart Shiraz to Tehran by train, plane or bus and your Iran trip will end in Tehran.

It is noteworthy that it is better to go straight from Tehran to Shiraz at the beginning of your trip and then have a land journey from Shiraz to Tehran through Iran classic route. This way, you do not need to worry about arriving in Tehran late and losing your departure international flight at the end of your Iran tour.

2- Another type of Iran classic route trip starts in Tehran and ends in Shiraz or vice versa. In this type of Iran tour, after entering Tehran, you will travel to the south along the classic route, by land. On your way to the south, you will visit Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and finally Shiraz. Then you will leave Iran from Shiraz International airport. 

Also, you can take the opposite route, i.e., entering Iran via Shiraz and leave the country from Tehran.

The advantage of this tour compared to the first Iran classic tour is that it will eliminate a journey between Tehran and Shiraz, and you can save your travel time. However, there are not many international flights to/from Shiraz, like Tehran. Besides, the international flight fair from/to Shiraz is sometimes higher.

How Many Days to Visit Iran Classic Route

How many days your trip on the Iran classic route would take depends on the following conditions.

For example, traveling to Iran for the first time, you should definitely visit the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz on the Iran classic route. Hence, regarding the minimum number of days required to see these cities and the distance between them, the Iran classic tour for first-time travelers to Iran takes at least 8 days. Notably, some tourists omit Yazd visit to shorten their Iran trip, but we suggest not to miss Yazd.

Now, if you add the visit of Kashan, Abyaneh, Naein, Meybod, Pasargadae, desert, etc., the Iran classic tour will take at least 12 days.

On the other hand, if you want to experience a deeper visit, your Iran trip along the classic route will last two weeks to 20 days.

In the below table, you can find different types of Iran classic tour duration based on different travel conditions. Based on this information you can figure out which Iran classic tour package suits you better.

Different Iran classic Tour Types Minimum Travel Duration Descriptions
Visiting Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz in minimum duration One week Good for first-time travelers to Iran, who do not have much time.
Visiting Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz in minimum duration 8 days Very compact and in rush (not suggested) Just for first-time travelers to Iran
Visiting Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz and some villages on the roads 10 days Very compact and in rush (not suggested)
Visiting Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz and optional attractions on the roads in adequate time 12 - 14 days The most popular Iran classic tour
Visiting Iran classic route in-depth 18 - 20 days Good for the professional travelers who are interested in getting involved with the destination

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