Iran Tour Guide, Top 10 Reasons to Travel in Iran with a Tour Guide

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Why is It Better to Travel to Iran with a Tour Guide?

When traveling, we would like to experience the destination as best as possible. One way to help you with that, especially in a diverse and less-known destination like Iran, is hiring a tour guide.

If you don’t know why you should hire an Iran tour guide and how to hire one on your Iran trip, don’t worry. Here, we will tell you why it is better to travel to Iran with a tour guide, and how to find Iran tour guides. So, keep reading!

Benefits of Traveling in Iran with a Tour Guide

Although traveling independently can be exciting and more flexible, you cannot ignore the benefits of traveling with a tour guide. There are different kinds of Iran tour guide which you can hire during your Iran trip:

  • The full-time private tour guide who accompanies you during all your Iran tour.
  • Iran local guide who is usually from the local community and accompany you in his indigenous region.
  • Iran guide-driver, who plays your private driver’s role, while he has a tour guide’s skills. 
  • Iran adventure guide, who is an expert in guiding the adventure tours.


In the following, we will review 10 benefits of visiting Iran, accompanied by a tour guide.


Higher Security with an Iran Tour Guide

Travel safety is one of the most critical issues for every traveler. of course, Iran is safe to visit even for solo female travelers. However, traveling with an Iran tour guide is more secure than traveling alone. Whenever there is a problem, the tour guide leader is with you and eliminate the danger. Moreover, you will be more confident during the trip because you know that someone is there to support you. So, you can enjoy your trip with a peaceful mind.

Furthermore, a professional Iran tour guide will help you be safe in Adventure activities, even if you are an expert.


More Flexible Iran Tour Plan

While traveling, has ever something out of plan happened on your way to the next attraction and force you to change your program? At that moment, you need to go for Plan B, but there is no plan B. These unpredictable things may happen on your trip and make you feel that these things may ruin your tour plan that you have planned for weeks.

So, a local tour guide can help you taking control and modifying your plan. Because Iran tour guides have destination knowledge and know all alternative places that can entertain you for a couple of hours and they can change your next stop.

Even if you do not like a tourist site, they can substitute your visit with another in a blink of an eye.

In other words, the improvisational skills of your Iran tour guide, which are based on his destination knowledge, can help you have a flexible and convenient program.


Better Timing

Iran is a vast country where there is something to see or do in every corner. So, to travel to such a diverse destination, you need to have a specific plan to avoid wasting time. However, sometimes during your trip, you may become inevitably confused, and this wastes your time. Therefore, one of the advantages of traveling with the tour guides in Iran is accurate and specific tour plans based on their local knowledge. In other words, you can move faster and get the most out of your time with the aid of an Iran tour guide.

Besides, an Iran tourism guide can manage your travel arrangements and give you more time to enjoy your vacation. He will also help you avoid rush hours, crowds, and areas under construction or closed roads.


Visiting Remote and Special Attractions

Many of Iran’s pristine tourist attractions are located in remote areas that are not accessible without an Iranian tour guide. Even in big cities, some places are not open to the public at all times. But an Iran tour guide with a series of pre-arrangements can open any door for you.


Better Communication and Eliminating Language Barriers

The official language of Iran is Persian and not all Iranians can speak English. Therefore, if you travel to Iran independently, you should constantly struggle with the language barriers during your trip. Even in some villages, you may not be able to communicate with people and be deprived of many exciting travel experiences in Iran. Because what makes Iran so unique is its people. But Iranian tour guides can speak their mother tongue and eliminate the gap between you and the locals like a bridge. They can also help you deal with the issues you encountered with local people and create a friendly atmosphere.


Traveling Like a Local with Iran Tour Guides

Do you think that traveling without knowing the destination community’s cultural complexities, the heritage of that country, its people, its food, etc., can be a perfect trip? By no means.

Local guides in Iran are an excellent source of information. They have more information than a travel guide book about culture, Iranian heritage, customs, food, and more. They are your key to knowing your new destination.

Iran local tour guides are the native people of Iran. Therefore, they always have interesting stories and useful advice about traveling in Iran. Whenever something surprises you inside Iran, you can ask your guide, and he will eagerly express the reason. Also, with the help of local tour guides, you can avoid cultural misunderstandings.

Moreover, in addition to having local knowledge, Iran tour guides pass courses in Iranian history, architecture, art, and cuisine. And, they are the ones who are always aware of the latest updates in the city; Including new regulations, art galleries, shows, the best Iranian restaurants, cafes, and more.

In short, if you are interested in getting involved in the local community, visiting the highlights and pristine areas in Iran, and having exceptional Iran travel experiences, we suggest hiring an Iranian tour guide.


Saving Money with Hiring an Iran Tour Guide

Obviously, hiring a tour guide will cost money. But, hiring a tour guide in Iran is cheaper than in many other countries due to the Iranian currency low value. On the other hand, hiring a tour guide may seem to increase your Iran travel cost at first, but during your trip, you will see that it will save a lot of time and money for you. For example, with the help of an Iran tourism guide with comprehensive information about the destination, you will not lose your flight because of getting stuck in traffic. Or you are not abused by fraudsters.

A professional guide will also suggest methods to lower your costs in different situations. You can even use your Iran tour guide’s bargaining skills to pay a fair price for the goods, not the tourist price.


Better Dealing with Problems during Iran Trip

During the trip, many travelers manage simple tasks such as booking the hotel and flight, taking a taxi, finding a restaurant, etc. But with the help of Iran tour guides, these things are done faster, and you can focus only on enjoying your trip. On the other hand, if you face a problem, the Iran tour guide will solve it by being aware of the country’s current affairs, the culture, administrative mechanisms, and the ability to communicate effectively.

On the other hand, since Iran tourism has begun to grow in recent years, it is somewhat difficult for foreign travelers to obtain some licenses for tourism activities. For example, mountaineering, visiting protected areas and some forest parks, camping, etc., in some cases, require permits that can only be obtained through local tour operators or Iran tour guides.

And finally, in the case of an emergency when you need somebody to support you, your tour guide handles the situation.


Helping Sustainable Tourism in Iran

When the money you spend on your trip goes into the local economy, you support sustainable tourism. So, if you use locally-owned businesses, like local tour operators, local tour guides, staying in the ecolodges, etc., the money you spend will reach local people. When you hire Iran tour guides or buy your tour from Iranian tour operators, they offer local experiences that are usually provided by local businesses. It means that by choosing Iranian tour operators and local tour guides in Iran, you will support the local community. Meanwhile, you might even support natural resources, endangered animals, cultural traditions, etc.


Iran Guided Tours for Americans, Canadians, and the English

Most of the nationalities can travel to Iran either independently or accompanied by Iran tour guides. But, American, Canadian, and English passport holders need to have a prearranged Iran tour accompanied by a licensed tour guide for getting an Iran visa. 

In other words, all mentioned nationalities must be accompanied by a licensed full-time guide, from arrival until departure, during their Iran trip. This tour guide is always with these visitors and even he stays in the same hotels as they stay.

How to Find Iran Tour Guides

You can find the Iran tour guides on social media because most of them have accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. However, if you prefer to rely on an official organization instead of a private page on social media, you can contact Iran travel agencies or Iran tour operators. In addition to being more reliable, Iran tour operators and travel agencies have access to different types of Iran tour guides. These organizations can connect travelers to licensed Iran tour guides, local tour guides, Iran guide-drivers, Iran female tour guides, adventure guides, etc. They can also hire Iran tour guides who speak in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Iran Travel FAQ

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