Top 10 Travel Experiences in Iran

Top 10 Travel Experiences in Iran

Top 10 Travel Experiences in Iran

Are you looking to explore the best travel experiences in Iran?

Travelling around Legendary Iran is beyond a trip. It can indeed be challenging at first, but if you come with an open mind and an open heart, there is a whole world of exceptional experiences in Iran; Experiences that are unique to the culture, nature and history of Iran and the traditions of everyday life in Iran. So, go beyond the obvious and discover some of the most wonderful and best Iran travel experiences.

Check out our round-up of top 10 travel experiences in Iran and treat them as inspiration for your trip.


Spend a Day with Nomads

Spending a day or more with Iranian nomads is one of the most exceptional Iran travel experiences. Nomads have tied their simple life with the purity of nature, singing of birds, the sound of sheep bells, the symphony of female carpet weavers, and the smell of fresh bread, soil, and grass. The aspects of modern life have not affected their lives yet, and their daily life is truly different from what we experience in the cities.

Hence, by spending some days with nomads in their black tents, you will experience their authentic lifestyle. You can enjoy drinking tea with nomadic tribes, trekking with them, learning about their culture, and tasting local organic food.


Be Part of an Iranian Festival, an Unforgettable Experience

The varied festivals that are held throughout the year in Iran offer a vision and understanding of Iranian culture and traditions. Some of these festivals like Nowruz, Yalda and Sadeh ( exclusively held by Zoroastrians) have been originated from ancient Persian culture and beliefs. On the other hand, some Iran events are religious such as Ashura and Tasua that is Mourning Ceremony for Imam Hussein or The Carpet Washing (Ghali Shuyan) Ceremony in Kashan. Besides, there are other seasonal festivals such as Kashan Rosewater Festival during spring or Pomegranate Festival during fall in different parts of Iran. In any case, by participating in these national and local events, you can be involved with your destination’s customs and culture and connect with the people. So, don’t miss these popular festivals for an unforgettable travel experience in Iran.


Explore the Island of Seven Wonders

One of Iran‘s greatest natural wonders is Qeshm Island and its smaller Islands in the Persian Gulf, where you can see the harmony of nature‘s most beautiful colours and appearances.

What makes visiting Qeshm, one of the top Iran travel experiences, is not beaches for relaxing and enjoying swimming. But this island, with diverse natural attractions, including forests, pristine islands, valleys, caves and varied wildlife such as dolphins, turtles, and birds, is rich in terms of Ecotourism and Geo-tourism. Besides, one of the most amazing sites that draws tourists to this region is Hurmoz, the rainbow island with its red beaches.

Interestingly, As Qehsm and its Islands are located in the free trade zone, foreign travellers can visit there without obtaining an Iran visa.


Experience Rural Tourism in Iran

Leaving Iran’s major cities to visit villages is an excellent opportunity for cultural immersion. Consider booking a day trip to the red village of Abyaneh, located about two hours from Isfahan. Go deep in the Persian culture, drink tea with locals, and take photos with their local clothes.  Or head to Urramnat Villages, the home to the Kurd ethnics, located in the lush mountainous region in the west of Iran. Uramannat region has unique features in terms of architecture, people’s lifestyle and agriculture. Also, you can visit an oasis such as Shahdad village in Lut desert or Bafgh in the desert near Yazd, etc.  You can hike inside these villages, buy the local handicrafts as souvenirs and stay the night with a local family and eat their homemade food.

In short, visiting Iran villages and involving in their inhabitants’ daily life can be one of the best travel experiences in Iran.


Explore the Historic city of Yazd

Wandering in the maze-like alleys of the Yazd Historic City (UNESCO site) can be one of the memorable experiences of Iran trip. Yazd is a beautiful oasis where human has adapted himself to the arid and hot climate of the desert. Therefore, you can enjoy visiting the adobe houses with tall windcatchers where you can imagine yourself in one of the old narrations of about a city in far, far away.  Also, in Yazd, you can visit the ancient water reservoirs and Qanats that were used for storing the water in the desert.


Feel Peacefulness in the desert

One of the top travel experiences in Iran is visiting the deserts. Iran has many deserts that the most famous ones are Dasht-e Lut (UNESCO Site) in Kerman, Varzaneh and Mesr deserts in Isfahan and Maranjab near Kashan. There are also some desert camps near Yazd. In the desert, you can enjoy the activities like trekking, safari, visiting the extraordinary geological appearances such as Kaluts in Lut Desert, camel riding, etc. Besides, you can stay overnight in a camp in the heart of the desert. There, you will fall in love with the desert while trying to count the millions of stars in the night sky. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to try night time photography. In any case, this will be one of those incredible experiences you’ll be talking about for quite some time to come.


Enjoy Tasty Persian Cuisine

Thanks to local herbs and traditional Persian cooking methods, eating Persian food is one of the life-changing Iran travel experiences for many tourists.  Accordingly, one of the highlights of visiting Iran is trying the local cuisine and learning to cook the traditional Persian foods like Tahchin or Ghormeh Sabzi. You can find different Persian cooking classes in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and other cities.

Even if the culinary art is not your favorite, diving into Iranian cuisine is one of the best ways to learn about Iran culture. Along with the culture, the influences of the climate created different local cuisines. In other words, during your Iran trip, you’ll experience diverse traditional cuisine in the desert, The North, on the islands, etc. Generally, the popular must-try Iranian dishes include different kinds of kebab, plain and mixed rice, a variety of stews, soups, etc. Hence, do not miss to try Persian food in different cities of  Iran.


Get Lost in Persian Old Bazaars

One of the top travel experiences in Iran is visiting its vibrant bazaars, where a maze of colorful markets are connected through different alleyways. The scent of spices in the air and the handicrafts like Khatam, Monabat, Ghalamkar and much more overflowing out of stalls will impress you. Besides, visiting the Persian Old Bazaars can feel like you are stepping back in time and also gives you a chance to meet the locals.

You can find an entire alley of bazaar displaying fantastic Persian rugs while the other is dedicated to pretty copper works or wood art. You’ll see artisans, in their shops surrounded by their craft, doing everything from carving wood to making copper dishes by hand.

You’ll find Persian Old Bazaars in many cities of Iran such as Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, Zanjan, etc. Finally, you can buy precious and beautiful souvenirs from these markets.


Broaden Your Horizon in an Islamic Country

You go to Europe to visit the churches, to Asia to visit the temples, when it comes to mosques and shrines and the fantastic Islamic architecture, you should travel to Iran. You can’t claim that you have understood the majesty of Persia without visiting its marvellous mosques and shrines. Accordingly, one of the top travel experiences in Iran is visiting the mosques with diverse architectures in different cities of Iran; from the legendary Shah Mosque of Naghsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO Site) in Isfahan to the gorgeous Pink mosque (Nasir al Molk) in Shiraz. On the other hand, the outstanding decoration of the shrines in Iran, from Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Mashhad to Ali ibn-e Hamzeh Holy Shrine in Shiraz with delicate tile and mirror works will impress you. So take some time to visit the beautiful mosques and shrines in Iran.


Discover Iran Glorious History in its UNESCO Sites

One of the travel top experiences you should have in a historical country like Iran is to visit its UNESCO Heritage sites. Accordingly, a trip to an Iran UNESCO Heritage Site is a perfect opportunity to dive into the rich history. There are 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in different regions of Iran. However, as Iran is so vast, it is not possible to visit all this monument in one or two weeks. But don’t worry, there are plenty of them on the classic route of Iran including, Persepolis, Pasargadae and Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region near Shiraz, Jame mosque of Isfahan and Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, 9 Persian Gardens in Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, etc., 11 Persian Qantas in Yazd, Kerman, etc., Historic city of Yazd and more.

One the other hand Iran has two registered UNESCO Natural sites reflect the wonderful nature of Iran; Lut Desert and Hyrcanian Forests.

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