Haft Khan Restaurant Complex

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Haft Khan Restaurant Complex

Eating delicious food in an international restaurant that pleases everyone’s taste can be the most memorable experience of your trip. Particularly in a country like Iran, that its fantastic cuisine is world-famous. Accordingly, in this blog, we introduce the best restaurant complex of Shiraz that regarding the travelers’ reviews is one of the bests in Iran. Passing the beautiful Quran Gate, a splendid building with unique architecture catches your eyes. This edifice is Haft Khan Restaurant Complex with 6000 square meters foundation including five restaurants and two coffee shops with beautiful decoration on five floors.

It s interesting to know that Haft Khan international Restaurant Complex has taken its name after “Shahnameh” the masterpiece of the great poet, Ferdowsi.  Haftkhan that means “The Seven Labors of Rostam”, refers to seven successive stages that Rostam, the greatest hero of Shahnameh epic fulfilled to save and liberate his land. On the other hand, the Persian word “Khan” means a table of food.

Based on the travelers reviews, Haftkhan is one of the best restaurants in Iran; its foods are delicious; its staff are friendly and attendant and has a unique ambience. Also, it is a great place to see the fashionable locals.

Seven Sections of Haft Khan Restaurant

Regarding the seven stages of Shahnameh story, Haftkhan International Restaurant has seven sections with the names taken from Shahnameh. And, more than 500 types of Iranian and international cuisine, drinks, desserts are served in this restaurant complex. The different sections of the restaurant are as per below:

First khan: Forood Traditional Restaurant

The first Khan is Forood Traditional Restaurant situated on the basement level that offers a variety of Iranian foods, drinks, and desserts. This restaurant has a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy live traditional music while eating your meal. Notably, the Persian word “Forood” means “going down”.

Meal Time 12:00 AM - 24:00 PM

Second Khan: Sindokht Mediterranean Restaurant

The Second Khan is Sindokht Mediterranean restaurant situated on the ground floor serving the breakfast buffet and a variety of Mediterranean and Persian food, desserts, and drinks. Notably, the name of this part, “Sindokht”, means Phenix’s daughter.

Breakfast Time 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Launch Time 12:00 AM - 16:30 PM
Dinner Time 20:00 AM - 24:00 PM

Third Khan: Belian Fast Food

The third Khan is Belian Fast Food which takes its name after prophet Khidr. This part is located on the first floor offers different kinds of sandwiches, pizza and fried chicken.

Meal Time 12:00 AM - 24:00 PM

Fourth Khan: Zarrir coffee shop

The fourth Khan is Zarrir coffee shop. In this coffee shop that is located on the first floor, a variety of hot and cold drinks, milkshakes, mousses, ice creams, cakes and desserts are served. It is interesting to know that the Persian word “Zarrir” means golden armour.

Meal Time 10:00 AM - 24:00 AM

Fifth Khan: Nofel International Restaurant

The fifth Khan is Nofel International Restaurant which its name means bright and glittery. This restaurant is situated on the second floor and offers international and Persian cuisines. Interestingly, in Nofel Restaurant you can enjoy live piano music while eating your meal.

Lunch Time 12:00 AM - 16:30 PM
Dinner Time 19:00 PM - 24:00 PM

Sixth Khan: Gisia International Coffee Shop

The Sixth Khan is Gisia International Coffee Shop located on the second floor which serves hot & cold drinks, cakes and Italian pizzas. It is interesting to know that the Persian word “Gisia” means “Shine”.

Meal Time 12:00 AM - 24:00 PM

Seventh Khan: Garsivaz Barbecue Restaurant

The Seventh Khan is Garsivaz Barbecue Restaurant situated on the rooftop of the Haft Khan Complex where you can enjoy a panorama view of Shiraz. In this restaurant, diverse types of kebabs, shawarma, and burgers are served. The Persian name “Garsivaz” means “stability”.

Dinner Time 19:00 PM - 24:00 PM

Haftkhan’s Nights

Haftkhan’s Nights is a Fastfood kiosk outside the main building and serves its customers during the night. You can buy takeaway pizza, sandwiches, different appetizers and drinks from this kiosk.

Meal Time 21:00 PM - 06:00 AM

Special Diet and Vegetarian Menu in Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan Restaurant is very attentive about different tastes and diets. So, you can pick gluten-free dishes, kids’ food, and vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods in this restaurant. Particularly, there is a dedicated vegetarian menu offering different kinds of food, regarding the key elements of the vegetarian diet. Accordingly, all groups of vegetarian and vegan guests can order from this menu that is served in all floors of Haftkhan complex. Besides, all foods serving in this restaurant are Halal.

Baking Traditional Bread in Haft Khan Complex

In the Haft Khan complex, traditional bread is cooked in front of your eyes. So, you can enjoy your meal along with the lovely taste and aroma of fresh hot bread taken straight from the oven. Mainly, the fresh bread baked with cheese and herbs at the entrance of the restaurant is amazing.

Other Parts of Haft Khan Complex

If you wish to have a beautiful, memorable picture of your moments on this complex, you can go to Haft Khan Restaurant Atelier to record your memories. Besides, there is a handicraft shop on the basement floor where you can buy different Iranian souvenirs.

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