Visiting Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022

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Travel to Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022

From November 21 to December 18, 2022, this will be the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East. If you are traveling to Qatar from a distance, it would be a loss not to visit a historically, culturally, and environmentally rich nearby region.

Iran is one of the diverse and beautiful countries near Qatar and is a potential destination for World Cup spectators. Hence in preparation for the 2022 World Cup, many travelers to Qatar are thinking about visiting Iran during this event. Accordingly, as part of the agreements with the Qatar government, Iran will offer visas upon arrival to spectators of the Qatar World Cup and provide hotels, flights, etc., in Iran.

Hence, if you are considering a trip to Qatar to attend this universal event, we highly recommend reading this article to find out how to get an Iran World Cup visa and the best places to visit in Iran during the World Cup 2022.

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Why You Should Visit Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022

1- Iran is a vast country (140 times the size of Qatar), which means it houses numerous attractions, including 26 UNESCO sites, historical sites, gorgeous natural attractions such as dense forests, mountains, pristine beaches, and stunning deserts. Exquisite food, rural tourism, and friendly locals with different cultures and ethnicities are other attractions of this vast land.

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2- Iran offers an entirely different travel experience from Qatar (in terms of history, culture, and nature).

3- Qatar is beautiful and modern, yet because it is a small country, you will be able to see all of its sites in a short period so that you can make a quick trip to Iran between football matches.

4- Considering that Iran is the land of four seasons and has pleasant weather, compared to Qatar, traveling to Iran can give you an opportunity to experience a completely different climate.

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5- Iran is a more affordable travel destination than Qatar, UAE, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern countries. As a result, you can enjoy excellent travel facilities in Iran for a fraction of what you would have to pay in Qatar. 

Moreover, you can stay in Iran between matches at a reasonable price.

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6- Iran is one of Qatar’s closest neighbors. Therefore, you can arrange a short trip to Kish and Qeshm islands in Iran and enjoy a memorable vacation.

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7- Qatar Airways (one of the best airlines worldwide) has direct flights from Doha to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad in Iran.

Iran World Cup Visa Requirements

Here are the Iran visa requirements during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022:

  • The Iran World Cup visa will be available from November 01, 2022, through December 03, 2022.
  • A free Iran World Cup visa with a two-month validity and a 20-day stay is available to citizens whose national football teams are qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup (except for countries mentioned in the following sections). 
  • A referral letter from the Ministry of Sport of the applicant’s country or the Iranian consular mission indicating the applicant’s participation in World Cup 2022 Qatar is required. An image of the mentioned official referral letter written in Farsi and the applicant’s country’s language must be provided.
  • Afghan, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Somalian, Colombian, Jordanian, and Sri Lankan citizens are exempt from this facility and must apply for a tourist visa to enter Iran.
  • Besides, this facility is not available to citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, who should follow the usual Iranian visa process.
  • Finally, if you are not eligible to apply for the World Cup Iran visa, you can apply for a regular Iran tourist visa.
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The Best Iran Destinations to visit during the World Cup

Since Iran is a vast country, choosing the best places to visit in Iran during the Qatar World Cup 2022 depends on your interests and the travel duration. Therefore, you should select your Iran travel destination wisely and with prior research to make the most out of your Iran trip. As a result, in this section, we introduce you to the best destinations in Iran to visit during the Qatar World Cup.

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Travel to Kish and Qeshm during the World Cup

Kish and Qeshm islands are the closest destinations of Iran to Qatar. So, due to the short distance between these two islands and Qatar, you can arrange one or two-day tours to these islands. 

However, currently, there is no direct flight or sea route between Qatar and these two islands. But it is reported that a sea route will be opened during the World Cup to connect Qatar with these two islands. 

Interestingly, Kish and Qeshm islands are visa-free zones, meaning that all nationalities, including Americans, English, and Canadians, can visit these islands without getting an Iran visa. 

You will find a combination of modernity, beautiful nature, rich culture, and Iran’s history on these islands. Moreover, during the World Cup 2022 (November and December), the weather on these two islands is moderate and favorable. 

Please note that the tourist attractions of the Kish and Qeshm Islands are somehow different, so please check these islands’ attractions before choosing one

Traveling to Kish Island from Doha

Kish Island, known as the Persian Gulf Gem, is a gorgeous island with white beaches surrounded by infinite crystal clear blue water.

You can find lovely beaches, waterfront recreation sites, modern shopping malls, luxury hotels with modern amenities, and even historical sites on this island.

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Traveling to Qeshm Island from Doha

The largest island in the Persian Gulf, known as the island of seven wonders, Qeshm is home to a vast UNESCO Geopark full of extraordinary natural features. 

There are a variety of natural and historical attractions, traditional resorts, water sports, and small islands that attract tourists to this pristine island. 

Finally, despite the recent tourism boom on the island, Qeshm has preserved its own culture, costumes, cousins, and handicrafts. 

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Travel to Iran's Classic Route during the World Cup 2022

Iran is the land of a thousand colors, and every part of it has something to offer, from historical, cultural, and natural beauty to various delicious foods and special ceremonies.

Since you are traveling to Iran in December, we suggest visiting the cities of the classic route of Iran, including Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. The mentioned cities have favorable weather during this period. Moreover, a trip to Iran’s classic route is recommended for all travelers traveling to Iran for the first time.

We also recommend visiting Iran’s classic route before or after the matches since you will need at least one week. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to plan the best Iran classic tour based on your interests and timeframe.

Travel from Doha to Iran Cities by Direct Flight

Suppose you have a break for a couple of days between two football matches and would like to visit a new destination. Why not fly directly to the famous Iranian cities?

Qatar Airways currently has flights from Doha to four Iranian cities; however, this number will likely increase during the World Cup in 2022. These cities include Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad.

Traveling to Tehran from Doha

Tehran is the modern capital of Iran, with cool weather in November and December. Take a direct flight from Doha to Tehran and spend a few days exploring this city that offers modernity and history. Tehran’s attractions include magnificent palaces, rich museums, and beautiful mountainous recreational sites.

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Traveling to Shiraz from Doha

Compared to the other three cities, Shiraz is the closest to Doha. You can reach Shiraz from Doha in about one hour. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran that offers a mixture of culture and history. Shiraz also has cool and pleasant weather in November and December. Finally, the Shiraz tourist attractions include valuable historical sites such as Persepolis, Persian gardens, and scenic natural sights.

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Traveling to Isfahan from Doha

 Isfahan, known as Nesfe-e Jahan (meaning half of the world), is one of the most beautiful cities and an unrivaled manifestation of Iranian architecture and art. This city, one of the must-see destinations in Iran, has cool weather in November and December. The attractions of Isfahan include mosques and mansions with magnificent architecture and beautiful streets and bridges.

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Traveling to Mashhad from Doha

Mashhad is the religious capital of Iran because it houses the shrine of one of the most important Shiite imams (Emam Reza). Hence, if you are a Shiite or interested in religions, don’t miss a short trip to Mashhad. Compared to the previous three cities, Mashhad enjoys a colder climate during the World Cup 2022. Mashhad tourist attractions include Imam Reza Holy Shrine Complex and gorgeous city parks.

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Travel to the Deserts of Iran during the World Cup 2022

Iran houses great and beautiful deserts, and it is interesting to know that the Lut desert in Iran has been registered as a UNESCO site due to its unique attractions.

The good news is that the best time to travel to Iran’s desert is autumn. Therefore, with a good travel plan to Iran during the World Cup, you can include the beautiful deserts of Iran in your travel plan.

Note that the Iran deserts are near the cities of Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, and Isfahan. In particular, Qatar Airways offers direct flights between Doha and Isfahan.

Finally, please leave your comments if you have any other information or questions about traveling to Iran during Qatar World Cup 2022.

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