Iran Visa for Americans, English, and Canadians

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Iran Visa Guide for Americans, English, and Canadians

Can Americans visit Iran?

This is the most frequent question that every US citizen who is eager to travel to Iran might ask. The answer is yes. Visiting Iran is safe and possible for Americans, as well as for Canadian and British citizens.


Furthermore, the process of obtaining an Iran visa for US citizens, Canadians, and English passport holders is not complicated. Of course, the Iranian visa process for these three nationalities is slightly different and takes longer than for other nationalities.

In this article, we explain the process of getting an Iran visa for Americans, English citizens, and Canadians.

Please, stay with us, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Note: British citizens who have passports of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are exempt from this rule and are treated like other nationalities.

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Iran Visa Process for Americans, Canadians and the English, Step by Step

Iran Visa Process for Americans, Canadians and the English, Step by Step

For visiting Iran as an American, English, or Canadian passport holder, you need to follow these steps to get your Iran visa.

1- Plan your Iran travel at least 2 or 3 months before you arrive in Iran.

2- Determine the itinerary for your Iran tour through an Iranian travel agency (tour guide, hotels, tickets, and all other services should be booked before applying for a visa).

Note: A licensed tour guide must accompany you during the entire Iran tour.

3- Fill in the Iran visa application form through the travel agency that arranges your Iran tour. In this form, you should designate the Iranian embassy from where you want to collect your visa stamp. (You can choose any country that has an Iranian embassy.)

Note: Requests that are not from travel agencies would be rejected.

4- Send the following documents to the travel agency that organizes your trip.

  •  The scan of your passport that has at least six months of validity and two blank pages
  •  A scan of a newly taken personal photo with the all-white background that shows full-frontal your face without a smile, glasses, and hat (ladies do not need to have a Hijab)
  •  Your resume containing your contact, education (since high school), jobs, and work experiences

5- The travel agency will send your visa application and document to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). If the MFA accepts your request, a visa code called the visa tracking code or authorization number would be issued in 30-45 working days.

Note: If you Apply before or during the Nowruz holiday (end of March), this duration will be longer.

6- Once you get the Iran visa code, you should refer to the Iranian embassy that you have designated in your visa application form. There, by paying the visa stamp fee and handing over your passport and other documents, you will get an Iran visa stamp on your passport.

Note 1: Visa tracking code is valid for 30 days. So, if you do not refer to the Iranian embassy during these 30 days, you must restart the visa application process.

Note 2: The duration of the visa stamping process at the Iranian embassies in different countries varies from one day to 14 days or more. So, be careful to have plenty of time for stamping your visa before your travel.

Stamping Iran Visa in the US

iran visa requirements

Although there is no Iranian embassy in the USA or Canada or America, stamping Iran visa for US citizens and Canadians is possible at the Iranian Interest Section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC. Fortunately, you can mail your passport, a print of your visa code (visa grant notice), money order, and the other requirements mentioned in this form to this embassy.


Notably, the FedEx delivery services company is the best company for mailing your documents based on travelers’ reviews. However, we recommend asking the Iran Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy about the Iran visa requirements and process before sending your passport and documents (in case something has changed). Then, they will put the Iran visa stamp on your passport and post it back to you in about two weeks.

Mailing address:

Embassy of Pakistan

Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran

1250 23rd St NW.

Washington, DC 20037

Important Points:

1) Americans, Canadians, and the English passport holders can not stamp their Iran visa on arrival.

2) All travelers, including US, UK, or Canadian citizens, can enter Iran’s free trade zones (Qeshm Island, Kish Island) without an Iran visa.

3) Once the US, UK, and Canadian citizens enter Iran, they are warmly welcomed like other nationals. And, they are just accompanied by an experienced full-time guide who also helps them throughout the Iran trip.

Visa Fee

The visa fee includes the visa application fee, which is known as the visa service fee, and the visa stamp fee. You have to pay the visa service fee to the agency that handles the visa application process for you. On the other hand, the visa stamp fee has to be paid to the embassy that put the stamp on your passport.

The costs of the visa stamp at the Iranian Interest Section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC and the Iranian embassy in London are as follows:

Nationality Tourist Visa Fee in Consulate in Washington* Tourist Visa Fee in the Iran Embassy in London**
Canadian 56 $ 50 £
English 200 $ 165 £
American 66 $ 55 £
Nationality Tourist Visa Fee in Consulate in Washington* Tourist Visa Fee in the Iran Embassy in London**
Canadian 56 $ 50 £
English 200 $ 165 £
American 66 $ 55 £

* Please add 40 $ postage fee to the visa fee

** An additional 50% will be added to the visa fee for urgent visas (if the embassy approves).

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In the end, please share your comments about Iran visa for Americans, English, and Canadians and if you want to travel to Iran as one of these three nationalities, feel free to contact us.

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Finally, please leave your comments if you have any other information or questions about Iran Visa for Americans, English, and Canadians.

Iran Travel FAQ

Most Frequent Questions and Answers about
Iran Visa for Americans, English, and Canadians

Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 16:30 - 7:30

Public holidays include:

  • Friday – Feb 10, 2023: 44th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
  • Friday – Feb 17, 2023: Beginning of the Prophetic Mission of Prophet Mohammad
  • Wednesday – Mar 8, 2023: Birthday of Imam Mahdi
  • Friday – Mar 20, 2023: Nationalization of the Iranian Oil Industry

This embassy offers Iran visa services on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (except holidays) from 9 am to 12 pm.

With a tourist visa, Americans, as well as Canadians, and English citizens are allowed to stay in Iran for up to 90 days.

Canadian residents, like American residents, can mail the print of the Iran Visa Application Submission Notice, the passport, and the money order to the Interests Section of Iran in Washington, DC. This office will put the Iran visa stamp on the passport of these applicants and returns it to their address by mail.

No, these three nationals should apply for an Iran visa code through travel agencies only.

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