Travel to Iran as an Unmarried Couple

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Travel to Iran as an Unmarried Couple

Along with historical and cultural attractions, Iran is a romantic destination for couples. On the other hand, Iran is a Muslim country where the unmarried couples are forbidden to stay and hang out together. So now the critical question is, “Can you travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?” We are here to answer this vital question.

Although based on Iran law, unmarried couples can not hang out together, in practice, the non-Muslim unmarried couple tourists can travel to Iran. Here we express how an unmarried couple can come to Iran, stay in one room and move around this country.

Get Iran Visa as an Unmarried Couple

In the first step, when you are filling the Iran visa application form, there is a box where you should determine your marital. You can be honest and write your right martial state. If you select the “single” or “married” option, it will not affect your visa acceptance process or entering the country.

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Check in to Iran Hotels as an Unmarried Couple

Usually, Iran hotels do not ask your relationship status and do not ask you to present any marriage certificate as a foreign tourist. Accordingly, you can check into an Iran hotel as an unmarried couple and stay in one room during your Iran trip unless your partner is an Iranian. So, in the case that you’re married to an Iranian, you´d better take your marriage certificate with you.

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Get around Iran as an Unmarried Couple

You can travel around Iran as an unmarried couple using public transportation such as plane, bus, train, taxi. Or you can use a private car with driver. Please note that the city buses in Iran have separate sections for ladies and men while on the buses that travel between the cities men and women are mixed. Also, in the metro, there are “women only” sections that are dedicated to ladies. However, ladies can get on the common part and sit next to their partner. Besides, you can walk in the streets while you are holding your partner’s hand. However, hugging and kissing in public places is not acceptable in Iran.

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