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Best Time To Visit Kerman

All travelers believe that the destination’s weather forecast is one of the most important before trip tips and helps to pack for the journey efficiently.  Also, to arrange the day by day tour plan, you should know the days’ duration in your destination. Consequently, as Kerman is one of the must-visit cities in the land of Persia, the information about Kerman weather is very useful for all travelers to Iran. Also if you want to get more information about Iran weather and climate and find the answers to frequently asked questions about this issue, you can take a look at Iran Weather Page.

Best Time to Travel Kerman

When to Go Kerman

Spring in Iran

Spring in Kerman


The best time to visit Kerman is from mid-March till the end of May, which during this time, spring reaches its peak of beauty.  On the other hand, the Maghami Music Festival, one of the most important events in the city and province of Kerman is held in spring. In this festival, Iranian music artists and professors, and local musicians from all over the country participate. So, if you are interested in local music, you can attend this event from May 1st to May 4th in Kerman.

Please note that, in spring and during Nowruz (March 20th till April 1st or further), Kerman is full of tourists, so you need to book your tour services in advance.

Autumn in Iran

Autumn in Kerman


Notably, Kerman weather is moderate from the end of September till November, and some believe that autumn is the best time to visit Kerman. So, you can choose autumn for your Kman trip, which in addition to being beautiful,  is not so crowded.

Furthermore, the best time to visit Lut Desert is autumn, which enjoys excellent weather. In this season, you can enjoy the scenery of Kaluts the monsters of the desert, colossal golden dunes, beautiful Salt Lake, Nebkas (the natural flower pots), Gandom Beryan (the hottest spot on the planet) and ancient water reservoirs.  Also in autumn, insects and deadly desert animals such as snakes, and scorpions,  go to hibernation and are not dangerous for desert visitors.

Winter in Iran

Winter in Kerman


Situated in the desert, Kerman is cold and dry in winter. So, winter (from late November until February) is not a preferable season to visit Kerman. However, Kerman is a Zoroastrian city, and the Zoroastrians celebrate several ceremonies during the year. Among these ceremonies, Sadeh that is very important is held during the winters.

Summer in Iran

Summer in Kerman


As summer is hot and dry in Kerman, June, July, and August are the least preferred months to visit this ancient city. Notably, the travel expenses in this season are at the lowest.

Kerman Climate in Detail

Here you can find precise details on Kerman Climate. In short, the annual average temperature in Kerman is about 18.3°C. In this regard, the warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 29.4°C while the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 5°C.  Besides, Kerman Annual Average Length of Day is 12:36 hours.

Finally, for more information about annual temperature, rainfall rate, and average sunset and sunrise times in different months, you can take a look at the charts in the below tabs

Partly Cloudy
Lightning With Rain

Kerman Climate Info

JAN (Sunrise:6:38 to 6:33)—(Sunset:16:52 to 17:17)
FEB (Sunrise:6:32 to 6:09)—(Sunset:17:18 to 17:39)
MAR (Sunrise:6:08 to 6:32)—(Sunset:17:40 to 18:59)
APR (Sunrise:6:31 to 5:59)—(Sunset:19:00 to 19:18)
MAY (Sunrise:5:40 to 5:42)—(Sunset:19:38 to 19:478)
JUN (Sunrise:5:40 to 5:42)—(Sunset:19:38 to 19:47)
JUL (Sunrise:5:43 to 5:59)—(Sunset:19:47 to 19:36)
AUG (Sunrise:5:59 to 6:17)—(Sunset:19:35 to 19:06)
SEP (Sunrise:6:18 to 5:34)—(Sunset:19:05 to 17:28)
OCT (Sunrise:5:34 to 5:54)—(Sunset:17:27 to 16:55)
NOV (Sunrise:5:55 to 6:19)—(Sunset:16:54 to 16:40)
DEC (Sunrise:6:20 to 6:37)—(Sunset:16:40 to 16:51)

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