Tabriz Weather

Best Time To Visit Tabriz

All travelers believe that the destination’s weather forecast is one of the most important before trip tips and helps to pack for the journey efficiently.  Also, to arrange the day by day tour plan, you should know the days’ duration in your destination. Consequently, as Tabriz is one of the must-visit cities in the land of Persia, the information about Tabriz weather is very useful for all travelers to Iran. Also if you want to get more information about Iran weather and climate and find the answers to frequently asked questions about this issue, you can take a look at Iran Weather Page.

Best Time to Travel Tabriz

When to Go Tabriz

Summer in Iran

Summer in Tabriz


Oppose to the central cities of Iran, Tabriz weather is pleasant during summer. Besides, in this period, Tabriz enjoys a much cooler climate than the towns in the north of the country. So the best time to visit Tabriz is from early June to early October.

Also, in terms of social vitality, the best time to travel to Tabriz is summer because during this time the city is full of tourists. Furthermore, a tourism festival called the Tabriz Summer Festival is held in this city during the summer. This festival makes the city more attractive, and in every neighborhood, a gathering or a fun event is held to welcome tourists.

Autumn in Iran

Autumn in Tabriz


Autumn in Tabriz is gorgeous. Approximately until the middle of October, the weather in Tabriz is still pleasant. The best places to enjoy the beauty of autumn in this city are Tabriz Forest Parks which are like beautiful paintings with orange, yellow and red colours. Accordingly, Tabriz Constitutional Park, Tabriz Miniature Park and Saeb Tabrizi Forest Park are some of the vast forest parks in Tabriz that presents the beauty of autumn. Consequently, some believe that autumn is the best time to visit Tabriz, which in addition to being beautiful,  is not crowded. Finally, it is essential to note that in late autumn, Tabriz gets very cold.

Spring in Iran

Spring in Tabriz


Tabriz is lovely during spring and from the beginning of May, the best time to visit Tabriz begins. The El Goli Garden and the nature around Tabriz are some of the sights that you must visit during spring. Besides, Arasbaran forest located near Tabriz is stunning and spectacular in the spring.

Winter in Iran

Winter in Tabriz


Winter is the least preferred season to visit Tabriz. Because the air temperature in Tabriz decreases sharply in winter, and on icy days, you will face many problems. However, the face of Tabriz is also spectacular in winter, and the Snowman Festival that is held in this season presents an exciting and happy atmosphere. Also, Tabriz is heaven for ski lovers in winter. Therefore, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains around Tabriz from December till March.

Tabriz Climate in Detail

Here you can find precise details on Tabriz Climate. In short, the annual average temperature in Tabriz is about 18.9°C. In this regard, the warmest month of the year is July with an average temperature of 27°C. While the coldest month is January, with an average temperature of -1°C.  Besides, Tabriz Annual Average Length of Day is 12:36 hours.

Finally, for more information about annual temperature, rainfall rate, and average sunset and sunrise times in different months, you can take a look at the charts in the below tabs.

Partly Cloudy
Lightning With Rain

Tabriz Climate Info

JAN (Sunrise:7:41 to 7:30)—(Sunset:17:15 to 17:46)
FEB (Sunrise:7:29 to 6:58)—(Sunset:17:47 to 18:16)
MAR (Sunrise:6:57 to 7:12)—(Sunset:18:17 to 19:46)
APR (Sunrise:7:10 to 6:30)—(Sunset:19:47 to 20:14)
MAY (Sunrise:6:29 to 6:04)—(Sunset:20:15 to 20:40)
JUN (Sunrise:6:04 to 6:05)—(Sunset:20:41 to 20:51)
JUL (Sunrise:6:05 to 6:26)—(Sunset:20:51 to 20:35)
AUG (Sunrise:6:27 to 6:53)—(Sunset:20:34 to 19:56)
SEP (Sunrise:6:54 to 6:19)—(Sunset:19:55 to 18:10)
OCT (Sunrise:6:19 to 6:49)—(Sunset:18:08 to 17:27)
NOV (Sunrise:6:50 to 7:20)—(Sunset:17:26 to 17:05)
DEC (Sunrise:7:21 to 7:40)—(Sunset:17:05 to 17:14)

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