Best Things to Do in Shiraz in Spring

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Visit Shiraz in Spring

Have you ever been to a destination that you haven’t known its seasonal tourist activities?

Shiraz is one of the most popular Iran destinations, and almost every traveler who enters Iran visits this historical and beautiful city. The tourist attractions of Shiraz and its surroundings are numerous that can satisfy nearly any traveler’s taste. But some tourist attractions are specific to a particular season, such as skiing or visiting nomads.

In this blog, we will introduce things to do in Shiraz in spring. Of course, many activities are not specific to a particular season and can be done in all seasons.

How is Visiting Shiraz in Spring?

Spring in Iran starts from March 20th or 21st till the 20th or 21st of June. And one of the best Iran destinations in spring is Shira. In other words, all points of interest and monuments in Shiraz are more attractive during spring.

Along with the unique historical monuments of Shiraz, the nature of this city is spectacular. The mild weather and the refreshed nature in spring double the beauties of Shiraz. All the streets, historical and ancient places, and the whole city take on the scent of spring. You can see a rainbow of colorful and beautiful flowers in the streets, parks, boulevards, and all over the city.

However, please note that since Nowruz (March 20th or 21st to April 1st or 2nd) is one of the most important Iran public holidays, during this time all Iran attractions are crowded, and the hotels are fully booked.

The Places to Visit in Shiraz during Spring

As mentioned above, all Shiraz points of interest are beautiful during the spring. But here, we introduce the best places in Shiraz that you can enjoy visiting in the spring more than in other seasons.

Shiraz Gardens in Spring

One of the best places to visit in Shiraz in spring is the Persian gardens. Shiraz hosts its travelers in spring with its spectacular and historical gardens and the fragrance of bitter orange blossoms; You can find bitter orange trees in all the city’s gardens. These trees bloom from early-April to early-May, and the white blossoms emit a delightful aroma in the air.

 One of these spectacular gardens is the Eram Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Delgosha Garden next to the Saadi Tomb and Narajestan Qavam Garden with numerous bitter orange trees are spectacular in spring. Afifabad Garden (Golshan Garden) and Jahan Nama Garden are also among the best gardens you can visit during spring in Shiraz.

Moreover, in some gardens, you can rent and wear local clothes and take photos in the garden. On the other hand, Shiraz houses a vast complex of old gardens called Ghasrodasht Gardens. Accordingly, you can pop into the Ghasrodasht neighborhood and enjoy walking in its beautiful streets and public parks, meeting locals, and buying flowers. Notably, the Ghasrodasht alleys have preserved their traditional texture and reflect the Shirazi people’s old culture. Also, you can find many traditional restaurants in this district and taste delicious Persian food while enjoying a unique view and great weather.

Visiting Shiraz Historical Monuments in Spring

Due to the pleasant spring weather and beautiful flowers, visiting the historical places is one of the best things to do in Shiraz during spring.

Meanwhile, historic houses such as the house of Zinat ol-Moluk are much more beautiful in the spring.

Remarkably, the open-air points of interest are the best places to visit in Shiraz in the spring; Persepolis, Pasargadae, Tomb of Saadi, Sassanid Archeological Landscape, Tomb of Hafez, etc.

The Nature around Shiraz to Visit in Spring

Although there are countless sights around Shiraz to visit in the spring, tourists are less familiar with them. Green plains full of colorful flowers, waterfalls, springs, forests, and the blue sky are all scenic landscapes around Shiraz in the spring that most tourists miss. Of course, since Shiraz city houses so many tourist attractions and points of interest, there may be less opportunity to pop into the villages and scenic sights around the city. But if you plan to visit Shiraz for a few days during spring, we suggest spending at least one day visiting the nature around Shiraz. In the following, we mention some of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions around Shiraz to visit in spring.

Arjan Plain (Dasht Arjan)

Dasht-e Arjan, or Dasht Arzhan, 60 km from Shiraz, is located on the Shiraz – Bushehr main road. Arjan Plain is a protected area full of various plants and animal species, and it is filled with wild anemones in spring. In Arjan Plain, you will see waterfalls, lakes, numerous springs, and the traditional local markets.

Notably, due to the migration of birds to the lake located in Arjan plain in the second half of the year, this area is worth visiting in fall and winter, despite the cold weather. Moreover, Cheroniz waterfall in Arjan plain finds a crystalline texture and becomes an ice queen during winter.

Beheshte Gomshode (The Lost Paradise)

Beheshte Gomshode or Tang-e Bostanak, located in Kamfiruz with a distance of about 2 hours from Shiraz, is a vast lush green region that hoses many natural attractions. Rural garden alleys, lush rice fields, mixed forests, Doroodzan dam and lake, Tang-e Bostanak waterfall, numerous springs, and rivers have made this region one of the best places to visit around Shiraz in spring.

Finally, the Lost Paradise is located in a mountainous area, and the best time to visit this region is from mid-April till mid-summer.

Tange Dom-e Asb

Tange Dom-e Asb, located in the Kohmareh Sorkhi area, 50 km south of Shiraz, is one of the most beautiful and pristine sites to visit in spring and summer. Since the region is reachable by passing through waterways, it is considered one of the adventure travel destinations near Shiraz.

A waterfall with a height of about thirty meters, forests, soaring mountains, and a roaring river in a deep valley are the attractions of this region.

To reach the waterfall, you have to cross a 200-meter-long lake by boat or swimming. The rest of the route includes climbing, passing through crevices in the rocks, and hiking between pomegranate and oak trees.

Haygher Canyon (Grand Canyon of Iran)

Haygher Canyon is one of the beautiful and spectacular natural attractions near Shiraz. Since Haygher is very similar to the Grand Canyon in the US state of Arizona, it is famous as the Grand Canyon of Iran. Haygher Canyon is located 35 km south of Firoozabad in Fars province. This natural sight is a vast valley on both sides of which are towering mountains. The Qara Aghaj River flows through the 450-meter deep Haygher Valley. Besides, the length of Haygher Canyon is about 13 km.

Finally, since the Grand Canyon of Iran is located in a tropical region, the best season to visit this natural attraction is spring.

Margoon Waterfall

Margoon Waterfall, located 150 km north of Shiraz, with a height of 70 meters and a width of 100 meters, is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Iran. Interestingly, there is no river at the top of the waterfall, and its water source is thousands of springs that flow from the heart of the mountain. In this regard, Margoon is one of the tallest waterfalls of its kind worldwide. Finally, in this tourist attraction, the municipality provides flat areas for setting up tents to accommodate visitors. 

Visiting the Nomads around Shiraz in Spring

One of the best things to do in Shiraz in the spring is to visit the nomad of Fars province. These people adhere to their simple and intimate nomadic life in nature. The large Qashqai tribes live in Fars province and migrate to cold regions at the beginning of spring. In other words, they migrate to the northern and northwestern Shiraz mountainous areas at the beginning of spring and stay there till the last of summer. Hence, to visit the nomads in the spring, you can pop into Sepidan county near Shiraz. There, you can get involved with the daily nomadic life, get acquainted with their customs and cultures, stay in the black tents of the tribe, and try their delicious food.

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