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How to Get around Tehran by Metro

Tehran is the capital of Iran, and most tourists visiting Iran visit this city on their trip.

Like most capital in the world, Tehran is a big and lively city that is very appealing to tourists looking to explore a vibrant metropolis with exciting nightlife. However, with approximately 14 million residents and the existence of administrative centers and large companies, Tehran experiences heavy traffics.

Therefore, considering the size and traffic of this metropolis, the question is how to get around Tehran faster and easier.

Actually, many vehicles are available in Tehran, such as different kinds of taxis and buses. But many locals believe that using the metro is the best way to get around Tehran.

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Hence, in this article, we explain how to get around Tehran by metro, its pros and cons, Tehran metro lines and stations, the Tehran metro map, and also the Tehran metro timetable and ticket price. Moreover, you can find the nearest Tehran metro stations to the major tourist attractions.

So stay with us and contact us if you have any questions.

Pros and Cons of Getting around Tehran by Metro

As mentioned before, Tehran’s transportation system includes all types of vehicles, such as shuttle and online taxis, regular and express buses, and subways. However, the subway is a more suitable means of transportation for many tourists in Tehran.

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Pros of Travel in Tehran By Metro

  • Tehran subway system, with seven lines and three branches, is accessible in most parts of the city.
  • Traffic in Tehran is sometimes really annoying. Besides, as a tourist who has limited time to see the sights, it can waste your time. Thus, the metro is the best form of transportation in Tehran without getting stuck in traffic. Note that there are rapid buses called BRT in Tehran, which, despite having an exclusive path, enter traffic at intersections and some parts of the city.
  • It is faster than other types of urban transportation in Tehran.
  • All signs in the metro and metro stations are in Persian and English. On the other hand buses and taxis do not have such a feature. Notably, although online taxis have English-language apps, most drivers are not fluent in English, which can sometimes cause issues.
  • Metro in Tehran is an affordable form of public transportation, particularly for long distances. For your record, the one-way trip Tehran metro ticket price costs about 0.1 USD.
  • Nearly all the major tourist attractions of Tehran are within walking distance of a metro station.
  • Getting around Tehran by metro lets you meet more locals and get more acquainted with Iranians’ comportment in everyday life. The interesting point is that the Iranians are very warm to strangers. So it is not surprising that many will greet you and try to start a friendly conversation with you.
  • Tehran Metro is one of the safest urban vehicles you can use.
  • You can easily find Tehran metro stains on Google Map.
  • In Tehran Metro and all Iranian metros, there are women-only carriages at the two ends of the metro. Obviously, getting in these wagons gives a sense of security to female tourists who travel solo in Iran. Of course, men and women can travel together in other wagons.

Cons of Travel in Terhan by Metro

  1. The metro stations do not cover all spots of the city. However, there are plenty of them in the city centers and near the tourist attractions.
  2. The Tehran subway lines are very crowded during the rush hours, i.e., 7 till 9 a.m. and 5 till 8 p.m.
  3. It is normal not to find empty seats on the trains passing through the city center. In that case, you need to stand in the middle of the wagon, waiting for a seat to become empty; However, you might not find any till the end of your trip!

Tehran Metro Map 2022

During your trip to Tehran, having a metro map can be very helpful; Of course, you can find the Tehran metro map inside every train and station. However, some maps aren’t adequate because:

  • The new Tehran subway map has not been added yet in some trains and stations.
  • You may want to access the metro map outside the subway to plan your day trip in Tehran. 

For these reasons, we have provided you with the updated 2022 Tehran metro map in this section. To easily get around Tehran by metro, you can download this map and save it on your phone.

Tehran Metro Lines and Stations

In this part of the guide to getting around Tehran by Metro, we want to review all the Tehran subway lines. The information you read in this section is as follows:

  • Tehran metro working hours (separately for each line)
  • The timetable of Tehran metro stations (separately for each line)

So let’s get started.

Metro Line 1

Tehran Metro Line 1, Tajrish-Kahrizak Line, the longest metro line in the city, is shown in red on the Tehran metro map in the previous section. Line one connects the north of Tehran with 29 stations to the south. 

If you get on the first station of line 1 and get off at the last station, it will take about 71 minutes to travel this 37.5 km by subway.

The working hours of Tehran Metro Line 1 are every day from 5:30 to 22:30.

You can find the timetable of Line 1 metro stations in the following tables.

Metro Line 2

Tehran Metro Line 2, the Sadeghieh-Farhangsara line, perhaps the busiest line, can be seen in dark blue on the map. Line 2, with 22 stations, runs from east to west.

You need 45 minutes to go from the beginning to the end of Metro Line 2, approximately 25 km. Line 2 working time starts at 5:30 and ends at 22:30.

See the schedule of Tehran Metro Line 2 in the following tables.

Metro Line 3

Tehran Metro Line 3 is the Ghaem-Azadegan Line, shown in light blue on the Tehran Mero Map. This line connects northeast and southwest of Tehran, passing 24 stations.

It takes 60 minutes to cross this Tehran subway line, which is approximately 33.70 km. And its working hours are from 5:30 to 22:30.

We have prepared the schedule of Tehran Metro line 3 in the following table.

Metro Line 4

Tehran Metro Line 4, the Shahid Kolahdooz-Eram Sabz line, is shown in yellow on the previous Tehran subway map and is one of the busiest lines. Metro Line 4 of Tehran connects east to west and has a branch to Mehrabad airport.

It takes 42 minutes to travel through Line 4 from beginning to end, which is 21 km long and includes 19 stations. This line is active from 5:30 to 22:30.

See the schedule of Tehran Metro Line 4 trains in the table below.

Metro Line 5

Tehran Metro Line 5, Golshahr-Sadeghieh, which is in green, with 11 stations, connects Golshahr to Sadeghieh in western Tehran.

It takes 57 minutes to travel Metro Line 5, which is approximately 41.5 km long. Metro Line 5 working hours are from 5 to 22:30.

You can find the timetable of Line 5 metro stations in the following tables.

Metro Line 6

Tehran Metro Line 6, which is in pink on the previous metro map, is one of the newly established Tehran metro lines. This metro line has two lines: western and eastern. The eastern line of Metro Line 6 has six stations, while the western half has four stations.

The eastern line of Tehran Metro Line 6, i.e., the Dowlatabad-Imam Hossein line, is 10 km long and takes about 18 minutes to travel. 

On the other hand, the length of the western half of Line 6, Shahid Sattari Line – Tarbiat Modarres University, is 6.5 km, and it takes about 15 minutes to travel. The working hours of both sections are from 5:30 to 22:00 as well.

The schedule of Tehran Metro Line 6 is as follows.

Metro Line 7

Tehran Metro Line 7, Basij – Sanat Square, which can be seen in purple on the metro map, passes through 15 stations. This line connects the north of Tehran to the east of this city.

Notably, Line 7 is about 20.5 km long and takes 33 minutes to travel. Also, the working hours of this line are from 5:30 to 22:00.

Check the timetable of Tehran subway Line 7 below.

How to Get to Tehran Airport by Subway

As a traveler in Iran, knowing that you can get to the Tehran airports by Metro is beneficial. 

In general, Tehran has two airports: Imam Khomeini International Airport for international flights and Mehrabad Airport, dedicated to domestic flights. 

In the following, we introduce the Tehran metro lines that connect to the city’s airports.

Mehrabad Airport Metro Line

Mehrabad Airport Line, marked in yellow on the map, is a branch of Line 4. This line has three stations in total:

  • Bimeh Station
  • Terminals 1 and 2 of Mehrabad Airport
  • Terminals 4 and 6 of Mehrabad Airport

This short line travels 2 km in four minutes and its working hours are from 5:37 to 22:30.

You can see the schedule of the Tehran Airport Metro in the following table.

Tehran International Airport Metro Line

The Tehran International Airport Metro Line is a branch of line 1 (Tajrish-Kahrizak) to Imam Khomeini International Airport. It consists of three stations starting from Shahed and ending in Imam Khomeini International Airport.

This subway travels about 30 km in 40 minutes and its working hours are from 7:20 to 19:20.

You can see the schedule of the Tehran International Airport Metro in the table below.

Tehran Metro Stations near the Major Tourist Attractions

In this section, we introduce the nearest Tehran metro stations to the most important attractions of this city.

Accordingly, you can get off at the metro station closest to your desired point of interest in Tehran with the help of the below table.

Tehran Attractions Nearest Tehran Metro Station
Golestan Palace Panzdah-e Khordad Metro Station
Tehran Grand Bazaar Panzdah-e Khordad Metro Station
National Museum of Iran Imam Khomeini Metro Station
The Gate of National Garden Imam Khomeini Metro Station
Post and Communication Museum Imam Khomeini Metro Station
Iran Ebrat Museum Imam Khomeini Metro Station
Treasury of National Jewels Saadi Metro Station
Moghaddam Museum Daneshgah-e Emam Ali Subway Station
Niavaran Palace Nobonyad Subway Station
Carpet Museum of Iran Laleh Park Metro Station
Tabiat Bridge Shahid Haqqani Metro Station
Saad Abaad Palace Tajrish Metro Station
Darband Recreational Site Tajrish Metro Station
Milad Tower Meydan-e San'at Metro Station
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Tehran Metro Ticket Price

As mentioned earlier, the subway is one of the cheapest transportation systems in Tehran. Also, Tehran metro ticket prices are much cheaper than the price of metro tickets in other metropolises worldwide.

In the table below, you can see the price of Tehran subway tickets.

Metro Stations One-way Ticket Price
Subway stations inside the city 0.08 USD
Suburb metro stations (Line 5) 0.1 USD
Imam Khomeini International Airport 0.4 USD

Finally, please ask your questions or share your comments regarding Tehran subway system. We appreciate your valuable comments, and they will also be useful to others.

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