Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Iran

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Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

Best Boutique Hotels in Iran

On your trip to Iran, staying in places with the color of history and traditional culture can be more pleasant than staying in modern hotels. In cities such as Yazd, Shiraz, Kashan, Isfahan, etc., old houses have been renovated and turned into stunning boutique hotels that offer modern facilities in a traditional atmosphere. These boutique hotels are often small and have a different style than hotels that can bring you e a completely different experience.

Interestingly, CNN has published exciting information about the best boutique hotels in Iran in 2021. The report is based on a book named “Persian Nights” by swiss tourist Thomas Wegmann. In this report, it is mentioned that Iran’s exceptional hotels are wonderful and eye-catching, but what is more attractive is the modern boutique hotels that are run by a group of families.

It is also expressed: The combination of contemporary architecture with the historical heritage of Iran has given a unique color to the Iran boutique hotels.

In the following, we introduce the top 10 boutique hotels in Iran. So stay with us if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

“What is korsi?
It is a 50 centimeter high our-legged table with a heater underneath it, and blankets and comforters thrown around it. They decorate it with a piece of jajim or kilim. Some cushions and poshti (a kind of cushion lean against the wall) are put around korsi.”


Kandovan Laleh Boutique Hotel in Kandovan

One of the first and best boutique hotels in Iran is Kandovan Laleh Hotel. A unique rocky hotel located in the heart of the foothills of the Kandovan tourist village.

Kandovan is one of the three villages in the world with rocky architecture, with Cappadocia in Turkey and Dakota in the United States. But Kandovan is unique because it is still inhabited. Kandovan village is located in Osko, near the city of Tabriz, and Laleh Hotel boutique is one of the rock houses of this village.

In this beautiful boutique hotel, you can experience a completely different environment and stay in a rocky house like locals.

Interestingly, Kandovan 5-star hotel offers luxury hotel facilities in its cave rooms. Finally, the traditional canteen, restaurant, coffee shop, and conference hall are among the Kandovan Laleh Boutique Hotel facilities.

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Iranian House Boutique Hotel in Kashan

Iranian House is a 4-star Boutique Hotel in Kashan located in one of the oldest quarters of Kashan. With more than 250-year antiquity, Iranian House is one of the oldest hotels and among the best Iran boutique hotels.

Furthermore, this traditional house’s extensive collection of colorful artistic details presents the ancient Iranian culture and architecture. The hotel has nine rooms with traditional Persian decoration, a canteen, and a cafe.

Moreover, it is a place where you can feel true Iranian hospitality.

Interestingly, you can experience staying under “Korsi” (The traditional Iranian heater, i.e., a low table with a big blanket over and a heater under it) in the “Pardesaraa” room during winter. It is a truly exceptional experience.

Finally, the Iranian House is about 20 minutes away from the airport and close to the Kashan historical attractions.

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Forough Boutique Hotel in Shiraz

One of the best boutiques in Iran is the 3-star Forough Traditional Hotel in Shiraz. Forough traditional residence is a 2-story historic house with 18 rooms that belongs to the Qajar period. You will be impressed by its beautiful traditional architecture with colorful tiles and stained glass windows.

Moreover, Forough Boutique Hotel is located in the city’s historical context. So, it provides convenient access to the tourist attractions of Shiraz, such as Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Nasir Ol-Molk Mosque, etc. In addition, there are a metro station and several bus stops nearby.

Finally, the hotel restaurant serves delicious Persian Food.

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Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel in Yazd

One of the best boutique hotels in Iran is the 4-star Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel. This hotel, which is located on the outskirts of the old part of the historic city of Yazd, was built in the late Qajar period. The 13,000-square-meter Moshir al-Malak Hotel was commissioned in 2003 and was the first Iranian garden hotel with traditional equipment and modern amenities. This complex is located at one of the entrances of Yazd and is easily accessible to all parts of the city.

Besides, with the beautiful garden area, fountains, and original Iranian architecture, this hotel is one of the tourist attractions of Yazd. It is also registered on the list of national monuments of Iran.

Furthermore, the hotel rooms have preserved their original architecture, including the high dome-shaped ceilings and traditional layout.

Finally, room facilities include air conditioning, TV, internet, safe box, dressing table, iron, tea maker, refrigerator, minibar, and private bathroom.


Hanna Boutique Hotel in Tehran

In the downtown of Tehran, the capital of Iran, there is an alley called Lolagar, which has housed six symmetrical buildings for nearly a century. Th famous alley is known as one of the first examples of Tehran’s extroverted architecture and the city’s first residential complex.

House No. 3 in this alley, which today has become Hanna Boutique Hotel, is a 90-year-old 2-story house with 540 meters of infrastructure. Hanna Boutique Hotel houses 7 rooms with modern decoration and facilities such as Wifi, air conditioner, tea maker, TV, mini bar, safe box, wardrobe, desk and chair, toiletries such as shampoo, hairdryer, towels, and slippers, etc.

There is also a restaurant and a café at the hotel. Besides, in the basement of the Hana Boutique Hotel, there is a hall with a capacity of 35 people, which is suitable for small events; This place used to be the building’s water storage.

In addition to the beautiful facilities, the location of this hotel also encourages you to choose it; It is located in the heart of Tehran Cultural Center, close to the Shahr Theater, Vahdat Hall, and Shahrzad Campus.

Furthermore, bus and metro stations are located a few hundred meters from Hanna Boutique Hotel.

Finally, this hotel provides the opportunity to take home memories of the hotel. In this regard, at Hanna Hotel Pop-Up, you can buy the objects used in the hotel and take them home as the memory of your stay in one of the best Iran boutique hotels.

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Keryas Boutique Hotel in Isfahan

Keryas Boutique Hotel or Keryas Traditional Hotel is a jewel that remains from the Qajar era with nearly 150 years of antiquity.

The Keryas Boutique Hotel in Isfahan, which has only 15 rooms, is a private space that offers tranquility in a traditional atmosphere with modern amenities a few steps from the bustling Naghsh-e Jahan Square. In fact, Keryas Boutique Hotel is located right at the foot of the turquoise dome of the Imam Mosque. Also, other historical and ancient monuments of Isfahan like Chehel Soutun Palace, Grand Bazaar of Isfahan, Jameh Mosque, etc., are located near this hotel.

The mansion of the Keryas Traditional Hotel is originally the old house of Nezam ol-Islam, with stunning Isfahani architecture. Like other buildings of that period, the house starts with Hashti with three paths; one path leads to the upper floor, the other leads to the courtyard, and the last one goes to the warehouse.

Upon entering the courtyard, you will see a two-story building with many doors and windows that open toward this space. Also, there is a rectangular pond in the center of the courtyard.

Also, you can see gorgeous plastered columns and mirror work on the second floor.

Moreover, each room is unique and is decorated with wooden furniture and an excellent color combination.


Dad Boutique Hotel in Yazd

The 4-star Dad Hotel, located in the heart of the historic city of Yazd, is one of the best boutique hotels in Iran with an Iranian-Yazdi style. This hotel is adjacent to the most famous historical monuments of Yazd, i.e., Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, the Water Museum, the Amirchakhmaq Complex, the historic Fahadan neighborhood, etc. 

Dad Hotel has 88 rooms with traditional design and modern amenities. Amenities of this complex include two restaurants, a coffee shop, gallery cafe, water complex, laundry service, taxi service, handicraft shop, conference hall, and so on.

This hotel’s outstanding and charming architecture persuades you to sit in the central courtyard and enjoy a cup of tea to record the moments. The roof of this hotel is undoubtedly the most beautiful part, from where you can watch a unique view of the historical city of Yazd.

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Qasr-e Monshi Boutique Hotel in Isfahan

The traditional residence of Qasr-e Monshi is one of the nicest traditional hotels in Isfahan and among the best boutique hotels in Iran.

 This hotel is a beautiful historical house belonging to 200 years ago, i.e., the late Safavid period used to be the residence of the minister of one of the Qajar kings.

The Qasr-e Monshi Boutique Hotel has 23 rooms with traditional decoration, a courtyard with a small pool in the middle, and stained glass windows around the yard.

Also, in the restaurant of this hotel, the delicious local Isfahan food is served in a traditional atmosphere.

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In addition, this traditional boutique is located in a neighborhood that provides convenient access to the main Isfahan tourist attractions such as Naghsh-e Jahan Square.

Notably, there is no TV in the rooms to coordinate with the traditional structure. Also, there are some steps at the main entrance and the restaurant entrance, and no kids are allowed.


Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotel in Shiraz

Shiraz is a city of poetry, literature, and culture, and Darb-E Shazdeh Boutique Hotelshines like a shining jewel in this beautiful city. This is one of the best boutique hotels in Iran that belongs to the 19th century and stands near valuable monuments such as Vakil Bazaar and Vakil Bath.

Moreover, the astonishing architecture of the Zandieh and Qajar eras can be seen in every corner of this spectacular building. The hotel rooms are double, triple, and quadruple, and each has a traditional layout and unique charm.

Finally, staying in this boutique hotel is like staying in a museum of admirable culture and art but as comfortable as your home.


Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Kashan

Undoubtedly, Saraye Ameriha n Kashan is one of the best Iran boutique hotels 

in Iran. This unique complex dates back to the Zandieh era, and like other remnants of this period, its architecture is stunning. The Saraye Amerih Traditional House, with an area of nearly 9000 square meters, includes 3 buildings and inner and open courtyards with thirty-eight rooms, two restaurants, a coffee shop, and a gallery. 

The stunning traditional architecture of the Zandieh and Qajar eras can be clearly seen in every complex corner. All the rooms are decorated with muqarnas, plaster paintings, and wood carvings. 

The beautiful interior decoration and its lovely furniture and furnishings create a great space.

In addition to being on the list of the top boutique hotels in Iran, Saraye Ameriha is also one of the top 25 hotels in the Middle East.

This boutique hotel’s beauty reaches its peak in the hall of mirrors restaurants; the high carved ceiling, the mirrored walls, and the light that shines through the colored windows create a dreamy and unforgettable image. In the outer space of the Ameriha complex, there are lovely ponds that cool the courtyard in the summer.

Finally, if you have any other information about the best boutique hotels in Iran or have any questions, please leave your valuable comments.

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