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Best Places to Go Scuba Diving in Iran

If you enjoy diving and snorkeling, you should know that Iran is an attractive destination for diving due to its vast waters in the north and south.

Of course, regarding the natural texture, pristine and beautiful coral reefs, and various underwater creatures, the South Waters of Iran, are the best areas for recreational diving in Iran. Also, controlled diving sites are available in these waters.

Hence, if you are curious about diving in Iran, stay with Legendaryiran in this blog, and feel free to contact us if you need further information.

In this blog, you will discover why diving in Iran is a good idea, the best places for diving in Iran, and the price of diving in Iran. So, stay with us.

Why Is Diving in Iran a Good Idea?

As we mentioned, diving tours are popular entertainment in Iran. But why diving in Iran is a good idea? Below are the most important reasons for the popularity of diving in Iran for tourists.

  • The southern coast of Iran offers diving opportunities all year round; even in winter, you can have a unique diving experience. Interestingly, it is possible to ski and dive in Iran during a one-week trip, which is unique worldwide.
  • Due to the low value of Iranian currency compared to other countries and neighboring countries such as the UAE, Oman, Qatar, etc., diving in Iran is much more affordable.
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  • There are various diving sites in Iran. They are diverse in aquatic life, seabed, depth of water, and the suitability of diving sites for beginner to professional divers.
  • In some of Iran’s diving sites, you can see wrecked ships. Diverse aquatic animals create an amazing ecosystem at these locations.
  • Iranian diving clubs and schools offer different levels of diving training courses, from beginner to advanced. The courses are held under the guidance of professional instructors and offer international certificates.
  • As Kish and Qeshm islands are located in Iran’s free trade zone, you do not need an Iran visa to visit these islands. This makes these two islands great diving destinations in the Persian Gulf for all nationals.

Where Is the Best Place to Dive in Iran?

As a result of their special ecosystems, the Persian Gulf, and the Oman Sea in the south of Iran display a wide variety of life, and color. The parts of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in Iran are home to coral reefs and various species of aquatic creatures that are unique among the world’s seas and oceans. Also, due to the presence of these corals, seawater is crystal clear in these areas.

In the following, you can find more about the best places for diving in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea in southern Iran.

Diving in Kish Island

Kish Island is one of the best places for diving in Iran. This region has the richest and most beautiful marine animals and a unique coral cover on its eastern coast. Accordingly, Kish Island houses the best diving sites in Iran, including Big Coral Diving Site, Jurassic Park, Dasht–e Jolbak, Star Valley, Royal Rock, Simorgh, Sambaron, Dama Ship, Southern Crack, Greek Ship, Kolbe Hoor, etc.

We will introduce some of these sites below.

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Best Diving Sites in Kish Island

The Big Coral Diving Site

Big Coral, located in the east of Kish Island, is one of the best diving sites in Iran for amateurs. The popularity of this site is due to the variety of coral reefs that stretch along the coast of this area. The depth of this site is about 6 to 7 meters, which reaches 4 meters during low tide. Hence, it is very suitable for amateur divers.

Among the aquatic animals of this site, we can mention surgeonfish, angelfish, barracuda, dragonfish, eagle ray, stonefish, sailfish, parrotfish, grouper, sardine, tuna, and different kinds of crabs, shrimps, sea spiders, and turtles.

Kolbe Hoor Diving Site

At the westernmost point of Kish, there is a beach called Kolbe Hoor, which is considered one of the best diving areas in Iran. A variety of marine creatures live in this area, among which we can mention grouper, javelin grunter, redfish, all kinds of salt-water bivalve mollusks, and turtles.

Besides, at the entrance of this site, there is a small 5-meter-long cave, which is very interesting for divers to pass through. Finally, the depth of the Kolbeh Hoor Site is also suitable for beginners and non-professional divers.

Greek Ship Diving Site

One of the famous attractions of Kish Island is the wrecked Greek Ship, which creates a beautiful scene, particularly at sunset.

Although The Greek Ship Diving Site may not be as famous as the ship itself, it is one of the best diving sites in kish, suitable for beginners. The average depth in this area is about 5 meters, which does not require professional equipment for diving.

Besides, at a depth of 8 meters, you can see the propeller and some other equipment of the Greek ship. Also, due to the presence of iron oxide in this area, you’ll see reddish sand around the ship.

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Southern Crack Diving Site

Southern Crack is one of the most pristine diving sites in Iran, which is about 5 kilometers from the coast. Located in a gap with a depth of 14 meters, the site goes up to 22 meters in depth. Blacktip, shark, batfish, and barracuda are among the aquatic species of this area. Finally Southern Crack is a professional diving site that requires high experience and professional diving equipment.

Sambaron Diving Site

Sambaron is a wonderful diving site in the west of Kish Island. This area is home to some of the most stunning coral reefs. In addition, various species of aquatic animals can be seen in this area.

Finally, the depth of this site starts from 16 meters and continues up to 60 meters.

Dama Ship Diving Site

This wrecked Senegalese cargo ship is located at a depth of 33 meters southeast of Kish Island. This ship sank near Kish Island in 2005 and has become a habitat for sea creatures and as a result a fantastic site for diving in Kish.

Diving around the Dama ship, located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Kish Island, does not require any special skills for diving. Still, to go inside the ship, it is necessary to take a specialized course for diving in wrecked ships. Entering the ship is possible through the window of the captain’s cabin and by passing through a corridor you will reach the kitchen and the dormitory.

Finally, among the aquatic species of this area, we can mention batfish, barracuda, all kinds of stonefish, sea bream, and torpedo fish.

Dasht-e Jolbakha (Algae plain) Diving Site

The site of Dasht-e Jolbakha is located in the south of Kish Island. Since it is far away from Kish, it is untouched, and its environment and scenery are spectacular. There are different types of algae in an area of about 900 square meters at a depth of 3 to 10 meters in this site, which is why it is called Algae Plain. Algae means “Jolbak” in Farsi

Moreover, among the aquatic species of this region, we can mention eagle rays, sea stars, clownfish, etc.

Finally, due to the intensity of the water flow in this area, diving requires professional experience.

Dasht-e-Setareha (Star Plain) Diving Site

Like Dashte-Jolbakha, Dasht-e-Setareha lies on the south of the island and due to its distance from Kish, it is almost untouched. Interestingly, at a depth of 16 meters in the region, there is a large and beautiful starfish that you will not find at any other diving sites in Iran.

Furthermore, due to the sandy bed and strong water flow in this site, you can see a variety of migratory aquatic animals such as eagle rays, lionfish, turtles, and sometimes sharks. However, because of the large number of aquatic animals and the intensity of the water flow, this site is only suitable for professional divers.

Diving Courses in Kish

Different diving courses are held in Kish, including amateur, and professional scuba diving, night diving, and snorkeling. Professional diving instructors provide the required training to divers during these sessions which can last from 15 minutes to one hour. At the end of the course, the divers obtain a diving license that allows them to dive and snorkel on the coasts and diving sites of Kish.

Besides, if you desire to become a professional diver, you must choose the Master Dive course. And, to become a professional instructor, you should choose the Instructor Assistant course. You can also become a professional diving instructor in Kish by passing a course called Instructor Development.

The Price of Diving in Kish

Diving in Kish’s cost is determined based on the recreational clubs’ facilities and equipment. For a better experience, you can also take advantage of VIP diving centers on Kish Island. Generally, the diving ticket (not a VIP one) for 20 minutes in Kish in 2023 costs about 30 USD and is almost the same on all sites.

However, some recreational centers offer the possibility of swimming and diving with dolphins. Their services will cost around 50 USD.

The Price of Diving Training Courses in Kish

The price of diving training in Kish is determined based on the course type. A beginner diver begins diving with an hour of training before entering the sea waters, then moves on to other courses. Each of these courses has its own fee. Generally, the price of diving courses in Kish starts from 70 USD and goes up to 600 USD.

Diving in Kish for Kids

Children over 10 years old are allowed to dive in the Kish Island diving sites with proper equipment. In contrast, children under 10 must be certified by an instructor to dive.

So, if your kid likes diving on the beaches and different sites of Kish Island, go to the diving clubs that have the appropriate equipment for children. The trainers at these clubs will provide them with the necessary trainings and will be with them so that they won’t face any problems.

Diving in Kish for Ladies

Regarding the rules in Iran, men’s and women’s diving areas are separated. Of course, ladies can dive in all diving sites, but their exclusive areas are 50 meters away from men’s sites. Also, all the diving clubs of Kish Island offer diving courses to women as well. Notably, ladies can enjoy diving and snorkeling by observing the appropriate clothing provided by the diving clubs. Also, they are accompanied by professional female instructors.

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The Best Time for Diving in Kish

Although diving is possible in all seasons in Kish, and the best time to travel to kish is during cold seasons, seawater is somewhat cold in winter. 

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On the other hand, when the weather is stormy and the sea is wavy, which mostly happens in autumn and late winter, you cannot dive in Kish. In addition, the waves make the water cloudy, and you won’t enjoy diving.

Hence, the best time for diving in Kish is when the weather is clear and sunny, i.e., spring and summer. However, note that the weather in Kish is unbearably hot in the summer.

As a final note, diving is best when there is not much fish around because too many fish makes diving difficult.

The Best Diving Clubs on Kish Island

As Kish diving clubs are located in different parts of the island, it is convenient to access these entertainment centers. Kish Free Zone Organization rated Kish marine clubs according to their facilities and quality of services.

In this section, we introduce some of the best Kish diving clubs that offer the best marine recreational services.

Marina Diving Center

Kish Marina Club is the only 5-star marine entertainment club in the Marina Park hotel complex. All kinds of water sports and entertainment of Kish Island are available in this club.

Among the most important services of Kish Marina Club, we can mention scuba diving, parasailing, banana riding, fishing in deep water, paddleboard, kayaking, marine patrol, etc.

Address: Building No.7, end of Marjan 7 (Borj Doghlo St.), Marjan Boulevard.

Kish Diving Center

As Kish diving clubs are located in different parts of the island, it is convenient to access these entertainment centers.

Kish Free Zone Organization rated Kish marine clubs according to their facilities and quality of services.

In this section, we introduce some of the best Kish diving clubs that offer the best marine recreational services.

Address: Behind  Shayan Hotel, Coastal walkway

Kish Seashell Diving Academy

Aside from diving courses, this marine club offers many facilities using the latest technology. Notably, the most important services of Kish Seashell Diving Club are Scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, banana riding, etc.

Address: Marjan 11 st., Simorgh Beach Park

Kish Donyaye Zir Ab Club

Kish Donyaye Zir Ab Club is one of the best entertainment complexes on the island. This club is located near the Seashell Diving Academy on the west of the island.

Some of the services of Kish Donyay-e Zir Ab Club include scuba diving, jet skiing, fast boat, banana riding, etc.

Address: behind Kausar Hotel, Simorgh Beach Park

Aquarius Sea Club

This club is located in the north of Kish Island and its entrance is free for tourists. Besides, the Kish cycling track passes by this club.

Compared to the other diving clubs on Kish Island, this complex is quieter. Aquarius Marine Club services include jet skiing, banana, diving, boat, etc.

Address: Opposite the Persian Towers, at the end of Hormoz Boulevard, Damoon Beach

Diving in Qeshm Island

Qeshm is the largest island in Iran and the Persian Gulf. It is known as “The Island of Seven Wonders,” due to its amazing nature.

So, if you travel to this extraordinary island, do not miss diving. In different parts of the island, there are various diving sites and clubs for training this exciting adventure. In this section, we introduce the most important diving sites and schools on Qeshm Island.

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Best Diving Sites in Qeshm Island

Qeshm Zeitoon Beach Diving Site

One of the largest and most popular diving sites on Qeshm Island is Zeitoon Beach. When diving in this area, you can go to a depth of 55 meters. The duration of diving will be about 15 to 20 minutes, during which you can see butterfly fish, parrot fish, angel fish, grouper, etc.

Notably, to access this diving site, you must ride the boat for about 10 minutes into the sea. This diving center is suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

Persepolis Diving Site

This site is located near the Zeitoon Beach Diving Site and the aquatic life of these two sites is almost the same. However, you will see a different landscape at Persepolis because of the many rocks on the seabed.

Moreover, when diving at this site, you can go to a depth of 6 to 8 meters. Notably, as the water flow is gentle at this diving site, it is a better choice for beginners.

Drowned Crane Diving Site

Drowned Crane Diving Site is one of the most special places for diving in Iran. In this area, a crane fell off an oil rig, creating a pool of aquatic life and, as a result, a fun diving spot.

The depth of this diving site is between 5 and 9 meters and its water current is a little stronger than other diving sites.

During your dive, you will see fish such as scat, grouper, parrot fish, nudibranch, angel, batfish, and all kinds of beautiful shells.

Qeshm Coral Garden Diving Site

This diving site is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island and is about 16 kilometers away from the coast, so you have to reach this site by boat. Also, due to the intensity of the water flow, diving in the Coral Garden Site is not recommended for beginners.

The presence of a large coral plain at this site, however, makes it one of the most diverse diving sites in Iran. Also, you can go to a depth of 50 meters and observe different kinds of fish such as lionfish, eagle rays, seahorses, etc.

Doobeh Diving Site in Suzā Village

Another distinctive site for diving in Iran is Doobeh, located near the village of Suzā on Qeshm Island.

The depth of this site is 22 meters and large barracudas can be found in this area. Additionally, there is a sunken barge at this site, which makes diving even more enjoyable.

Qeshm Burnt Ship Diving Site

If you are adventurous and looking for the most exciting places for diving in Iran, this site is undoubtedly one of the best on Qeshm Island. This place is not as crowded as other sites and provides a calm environment for diving.

The burnt ship is located deep in the sea near Lark Island. The depth of this diving site reaches up to 40 meters.

Diving Site of the Sunken Oil Platform

Due to the storm, an Emirati oil platform was dragged near the coast of Iran. Despite many efforts, this oil platform could not be pulled out of the water.

Hence, this diving site was created. As a result of this oil platform, a variety of aquatic species including butterfly fish, scat, sardines, groupers, batfish, etc. are attracted to this area. The depth of this site is 10 meters.

Star Valley (Dareh Setareha) Diving Site

Surprisingly, you will not see any kind of fish at the Star Valley Diving Site. But instead, you will find all kinds of beautiful, unique, and rare starfish. While diving, you can watch these beautiful and unique creatures in groups on the sand.

The depth of the Star Valley site is 12 to 20 meters, and the water flow intensity is a bit high. Hence, we suggest diving at this site, for professional divers.

Diving in Qeshm for Ladies

Diving in Qeshm is also allowed for ladies. Women will be given special clothes and female instructors will accompany them to train and take care of them while diving. It is possible to dive solo or in a group; the choice is yours!

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The Cost of Diving in Qeshm

Diving is one of the best activities in Qeshm, and there are diverse diving sites around the island. The cost of diving in Qeshm depends on many factors, so it is impossible to set a fixed price; It depends on the services provided at each, and the diving training courses. Also, as a result of the distance traveled by boat, diving in sites farther away from the coast is more expensive.

Generally, the cost of diving in Qeshm starts from 20 USD. Please note that diving at Qeshm Island is not permitted for children under 10 years old or for those over 50 years old.

The Best Time for Diving in Qeshm

The best time to visit Qeshm is from November through early April. In other months of the year, few tourists visit the island because of the heat, so some water activities aren’t offered.

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Hence, the best time for diving in Qeshm is during the cold seasons, except at the beginning of autumn and spring when the sea can be stormy.

Last but not least, I must mention that diving in Qeshm sites can be unpleasant on some winter days due to the low water temperature.

Best Diving Centers on Qeshm Island

There are several centers in Qeshm that provide marine entertainment, including diving, flyboarding, submarine scooters, water skiing, etc. However, some of these activities are offered only in high seasons and depending on demand. Below we introduce the best diving clubs on Qeshm Island.

Nagin Diving Center (N.S.Q Diving Center)

Negin Club started its activity in 2014 and provides diving training services by using up-to-date methods, modern equipment, and experienced instructors under the supervision of the most reputable professional organizations in the field of diving.

This center is the only official diving center of the SSI organization and the instructor training center of the CMAS organization, affiliated with the Iran Lifeguard and Diving Federation. It is also the provider of American SDI diving courses in Iran.

Moreover, at N.S.Q Diving Center, other water activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana riding, boating, and flyboarding are offered depending on the season and weather conditions.

Address: Zeytoon Park, Darya Road

Blue Dolphin Diving School

Blue Dolphin Diving School was opened in 2011 on Qeshm Island. The center offers specialized diving courses as well as recreational diving at Persepolis Site and Khark Island.

Besides, other water activities, such as shuttle, banana riding, boating, parasailing, and jet skiing, are available based on season and demand.

You can also take home an attractive souvenir from your trip to Qeshm by using the underwater photography service at Qeshm Dolphin Club.

Address: Zeytoon Park, Darya Road

Qeshm Golden Beach Diving Center (Sahele Talai Diving Club)

One of the best Qeshm water sports clubs is Qeshm Golden Beach Club, which is located on Golden Beach, near Ramchah Village.

Various water activities, along with diving, have made Golden Beach Diving Center one of the most popular clubs on the island. In this center, water activities such as boating, jet skiing, shuttle, banana, and water skiing are offered depending on the season and demand.

Finally, the area provides a suitable environment for visitors who want to rest and prepare for the next entertainment.

Address: Golden Beach, Qeshm-Suza Road

Diving in Chabahar Beach

The beautiful Chabahar on the coast of the Oman Sea in the southeast of Iran, where the desert meets the sea, is one of the places you can enjoy memorable diving in Iran.

This tourist attraction attracts many tourists every year, especially in autumn and winter!

Chabahar Diving Cottage is one of the first diving schools in Iran, and it is considered one of the most equipped diving centers in the country. Of course, to take courses in this diving school, you must be a guest of the beautiful Chabahar beach for a week. Notably, the price of diving courses in Chabahar starts at about 20 USD.

In addition to taking diving courses and getting a certificate at Chabahar Diving Cottage, you can enjoy the beautiful beach of the Oman Sea and use their water sports services. Recreational fishing, banana boating, and shuttle riding are some of these services.

Please note that in comparison to Chabahar Diving Site, Kish and Qeshm diving sites have better ecosystem quality and more aquatic life abundance.

Finally, please leave your comments if you have any other information or questions about diving in Iran.

Most Frequent Questions and Answers about
Diving in Iran

The best diving spots in Iran are Kish Island, Qeshm Island, and Chabahar Port.

Diving is possible all year round in Iran. Generally, the best time to go diving in Iran is May to November since the water temperature is warmest and visibility in the water is the best. However, during these months the weather in this region is hot.

Yes, diving in designated diving areas in Iran requires a certificate. It is dangerous to dive in uncontrolled areas.

In Iran, diving conditions are generally good, but sometimes weather conditions and seasonal algae blooms can affect visibility.

You can expect to see a variety of marine life, including colorful coral reefs, sea turtles, sea stars, tropical fish, and sharks.

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