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Skiing in Iran

Tourists are well aware of Iran’s historical attractions and vast deserts, but when winter arrives, they think Iran’s travel season is over.

They have no idea that Iran has magnificent mountain attractions covering more than 30% of its land, which keeps its fans entertained during winter. Yes, Skiing!

But seriously, does Iran have ski resorts? With about 20 ski resorts in Iran, skiing opportunities abound in this county!
Winter activities in Iran’s ski resorts include snowboarding, professional skiing on international standard pistes, sliding on snow, flying over snowy mountains with telecabins, etc.
So, if you are interested in skiing and snow sports, stay with Legendaryiran to know the best ski resorts in Iran, their facilities, working months, entrance fees, etc. Also,  if you are interested in skiing in Iran, feel free to contact us.

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Why You Should Ski in Iran

  1. There are 87 kilometers of ski trails in Iran, and they are equipped with almost 66 ski lifts.
  2. Iran is mountainous, with many peaks over 4000 meters, offering excellent skiing areas, stunning landscapes, and perfect snowy slopes.
  3. Aside from skiing in Iran, you can explore one of the world’s oldest civilizations.
  4. You can ski for more than half a year in some Iranian ski resorts.
  5. The cost of skiing in Iran is quite reasonable compared to the other ski resorts in the world.
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  1. The ski resorts in Iran often provide skiing and snowboarding training schools for amateurs.
  2. Grass skiers, mountain bikers, climbers, and hikers are welcome at most Iran ski resorts during the off-season.
  3. There are plenty of hotels, guesthouses, ecolodges, and villas inside and near all Iranian ski resorts.
  4. Iranian ski resorts are safe, and there are clinics, emergency centers, and hospitals near ski slopes in Iran.
  5. Ski resorts in Iran are too high. Therefore the snow condition in these resorts is superb. Notably, all Iranian ski resorts are located above 2000 meters, and the highest ski resort in Iran is Tochal, at 3750 meters.
  6. Iranian mountains become powder paradises from January to March or even April because of massive snowfalls.
  7. You can even find fresh powder even days after the last snowfall, since most Iranian skiers don’t go off-piste.

Ski Season in Iran

When is the best time for skiing in Iran? Actually, the ski season in Iran varies by resort; in Alborz Mountain, where most resorts are located, it begins in November and ends in late April. However, it lasts longer in Dizin and Northwestern resorts, frequently until late May.
On the other hand, skiing at Zagros Mountains is available from December to March.

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Besides, Iran ski resorts are often full on weekends (Thursdays and Fridays in Iran), and those nearby Tehran are full of diplomats on Saturdays; other days are quiet. However, if you are a proficient skier and want to venture off-piste, finding untracked powder would be simple, even on weekends.

Important note: Avoid visiting the major ski resorts in Iran during the Nowruz holiday (March 20th to 24th).

Top 10 Iran Ski Resorts on Map

On this map, you can see how the top ten Iran ski resorts are scattered all over the country. By knowing the location of these villages on the map, you can plan your Iran trip in such a way that you can include visits to these resorts.

We are here to plan your Iran tour so that you can get the best out of your Iran trip. So, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Best Ski Resorts in Iran

Choosing the best ski resort in Iran depends on your itinerary and destinations in Iran and what you expect from a ski resort.

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For example, ski resorts which have accommodations are ideal for those who wish to ski multiple days in a row. But if you are looking for a one-day ski tour, you should choose a ski slope close to the city.
Furthermore, most tourists who visit Iran travel the Iran classic route, so they need to find ski resorts along this path.

Furthermore, Iran ski resorts are different in terms of facilities. In this regard, Iranian ski slopes near Tehran, such as Dizin and Pooladkaf near Shiraz, are among the best.
Anyway, to help you have a great skiing experience in Iran, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Iran ski resorts and their facilities.


Dizin International Ski Resort

Dizin International Ski Resort in Iran

As the first, largest, and most famous Iran ski resort, Dizin Ski Resort hosts international tourists and professional skiers yearly.
Dizin is located at the heights of the Alborz mountain range, 70 km north of Tehran and 85 km from Karaj. This complex is considered the first ski resort in Iran that the World Ski Federation has approved for holding international competitions.
Dizin Piste meets international standards, such as different slopes, lifting devices, and excellent amenities, that make it a great destination for snow and grass skiers. It can therefore be compared with professional ski resorts around the world.
Currently, Dizin has 16 ski lifts and four cable cars. Furthermore, 23 tracks of different lengths and heights have made this complex unique for people with different skill levels.
Moreover, a Tennis court, ski school, snowmobile, and numerous restaurants are other attractive amenities of Dezin ski resort.
Apart from skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy shooting, kite riding, paragliding, tubing, and mountain biking in this complex.
Accommodations near Dizin include the 4-star Dizin Tourism Hotel, 3-star Gajreh Hotel, and chalets.
Finally, we can mention Darbandsar waterfall and ski resort, Varangeh Rood village, and Deh Tangeh Ahar waterfall among the places of interest near Dizin.


Shemshak International Ski Resort

Shemshak International Ski Resort in Iran

Shemshak International Ski Resort is one of the popular destinations for skiing in Iran, located 69 km northeast of the Tehran city center.
This ski resort obtained an international title from the World Federation and has competed closely with Dizin International Ski Resort to attract more skiers. For those who enjoy skiing as a hobby and aren’t looking for professional skiing, Shemshak is a better and more convenient option than Dizin.
The highest point of the Shemshak Piste is 3050 meters, while the lowest point is 2550 meters.
Shemshak ski resort has facilities including two telesiege and four ski lifts. Also, this complex is equipped with a night piste with a length of about 950 meters open from 18:00 to 22:00.
Other facilities of this complex include a ski school, hotels, and restaurants. Accordingly, the 3-star Shemshak Jahangardi Hotel and Shemshak Boutique Hotel are among the accommodation units of this complex. Shemshak also houses several restaurants, one of which is located at the peak.
Finally, the ski season in Shemshak begins in December and lasts in the middle of April, and this period varies according to the amount of snowfall. In addition to winter sports, Shemshak, with its pleasant weather and lovely nature, is also a recreational site in the summer.


Tochal International Ski Resort

Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran

Tochal, with a height of 3,962 meters, is a peak in the north of Tehran, the capital of Iran, which belongs to the Alborz mountain range. This peak overlooks the city, and the southern slope of this mountain is adjacent to Tehran.
Tochal houses a recreational site consisting of a trekking and hiking pathway and a ski resort with various facilities.
Tochal Ski Resort is considered one of the most popular ski resorts in Iran and the closest ski slope to Tehran (five kilometers north of the city). So, it is possible to depart Tehran in the morning for a ski trip and return to the city in the afternoon.
Moreover, Tochal, with its 3,500-meter-high peak, is the highest Iran ski resort and the country’s first snow-covered ski slope, which is usually open eight months a year.
Also, due to its appropriate slope, the 1,200-meter-long Tochal Ski Trail is ideal for skiing.
You can access this track by taking the cable car to the seventh station; there, you’ll find an equipped ski school run by experienced ski instructors. In addition to a ski lift, this track has a 300m lift (Dupole Meyer).
Besides, Tochal Resort hosts guests interested in nature and mountaineers all year round.
Other facilities of this entertainment complex include a snowmobile, VR simulator, sledge, archery club, zip line, bungee jumping, rock climbing, restaurants and cafes on the roof of Tehran, tennis and billiards club, three-star Tochal hotel, etc.

It is noteworthy that the distance between Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport and Tochal International Ski Resort is approximately 82 km.


Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Pooladkaf Ski Resort in Shiraz

Pooladkaf Ski Resort is located in the Zagros Mountains, approximately 88 kilometers north of Shiraz and 15 kilometers from the Sepidan road to Margoon Waterfall.
With an area of 500 hectares, this ski resort is the second-largest international ski resort and the first in the south of Iran.
With a 3400-meter peak, 3.5 kilometers in length, and a gradient of 35%, it is a four-season trail.
Accordingly, the ski resort is covered in snow from mid-autumn to early spring, while people come to this complex in the summer for grass skiing.
Moreover, the 4-star Pooladkaf Hotel, four dining units, cable car, ski lift, snowmobiles, mountain car, Mini-Bobs, ski school, and other amenities are available at this ski resort.
In addition, visitors can enjoy several activities during the summer vacation, such as grass skiing, cycling, horseback riding, zip lines, paddleboats, buggy cars, cable cars, a theme park, etc.
Moreover, in Pooladkaf Complex, you can also stay in beautiful Yurts (a kind of round tent) with high-quality facilities.
Finally, you can experience nomadic life in the nomad tents located in this complex, listen to their folk music, and taste the local cuisine.


Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar Ski Resort in the North of Tehran

Darband Sar Ski Resort, located in the Darbandsar Neighborhood, 66 kilometers north of Tehran, is one of the most equipped Iran ski resorts. It is a 300-hectare track at an altitude of 2600 to 3050 meters that can be reached by ski lift.
Darbandsar Complex is an excellent place for sightseeing and recreation all year round. But the best time for skiing, snow sports, and winter fun is from early January to the end of April.
Interestingly, a snow machine and five piste bashers are used on this track to produce snow and make the trail ready for a length of 1300 meters, a width of 100 meters, and a height of 50 centimeters at a temperature of 0 degrees. Hence, the ski resort is still open even if the snowfall is not enough.
Besides, there are a variety of facilities in this complex, including several cable cars, ski lifts of different lengths, numerous restaurants, ski equipment, clothing rental booths, hotels near the track, etc.
Moreover, night skiing is possible in this ski resort from 3:00 PM to about 8:00 PM.
Also, there is a ski school with experienced and professional instructors. In addition, 25% of the ski resort in Darbandsar has been specially designed for beginners, 50% for advanced skiers, and the remaining 25% for professionals.


Abali Ski Resort

Abali Ski Resort in Iran

Abali Ski Resort is located in Abali Town in Tehran province and 57 km from Tehran on Haraz road. Easy access to this track and its standard facilities have made it one of the busiest ski slopes in Iran.
As the oldest ski resort in Iran, this ski slope is the birthplace of modern skiing and the foundation of this sport in Iran. Its highest and lowest points are, respectively, 2,650 and 2,400 meters above sea level, and it is suitable for skiing from January through March.
Interestingly, The Abali piste is similar to the Tochal track in terms of area and peak height.
The facilities of Abali Ski Resort include ski slopes (beginner, professional), sledding slopes, restaurants, medical aid center, parking lots, jump and kites, cable cars, ski lifts, the sale or rent of ski equipment, and ski training classes.
Also, in this resort, it is possible to participate in training courses under the supervision of the official instructor of the Iranian Ski Federation. These sessions include different levels, from beginner to advance. Accordingly, the beginner course consists of eight to five-hour sessions.
Aside from winter activities, this complex also offers summer activities like horseback riding, tennis, etc.
Finally, public parking is next to the track, which fills up quickly on busy days.


Koohrang Ski Resort
(Chelgerd Ski Resort)

Chelgerd Ski Resort

Chelgerd is the center of Koohrang County in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, a region known for its pristine and stunning landscape and unique tourist attractions. Tourism is available in this region in every season; spring brings nature lovers to the Plain of Overturned Tulips; summer is the season for those who are interested in herbal medicine, summer tourism, or skiing in Zardkooh Mountain peaks; autumn brings hikers and nomads to this area, and winter is the heaven for skiing in Iran.
Accordingly, Chelgerd, Cheljord, or Kohrang ski resort, located 85 km from Shahrekord city near Chalgerd city, hosts amateur and professional skiers from December to the end of March.
Winters are usually sunny with a lot of snow, and the piste is 800 meters long with a 20% slope.
Moreover, Koohrang Hotel and vast parking are among the facilities of this ski resort. Also, there are three areas for families, men, and women on the Chalgerd track, including two ski lifts for men and women, and a 200-meter-long training ski lift.


Alvares Ski Resort

Alvares Ski Resort in Iran

Alvares Ski Resort is one of the tourist attractions in northwestern Iran, located 12 kilometers from the beautiful village of Alvares and 24 kilometers from Sarein. At an elevation of 3,200 meters above sea level, this ski trail is fully covered in snow during autumn and winter. Therefore, it is in use for about six to eight months out of the year.
Alvares Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Iran but is not among the most equipped pistes in the country. So, what makes it very unique and special is its wonderful nature. This track is located on the high slopes of Sablan and near Alvares village. 
Furthermore, Alvares Tourism Complex offers facilities such as a ski lift, handicraft stall, restaurant, coffee shop, and playground. Another attraction of the region is the hot springs located nearby.
In addition, tourists can rent the necessary skiing equipment at this resort. However, since Alvarez Ski Resort rental equipment is limited, it is wise to bring your ski equipment.
On the other hand, in summer, the green nature, springs, streams, plains full of flowers, and beautiful tents of the nomads attract tourists to this region.
Finally, note that even if you travel to the Alvarez region in summer, bring snowmobile equipment and warm clothes.


FereydounShahr Ski Resort

FereydounShahr Ski Resort in Isfahan

Due to its mountainous location and snowfall, Fereydounshar in Isfahan Province is one of the ski destinations in Iran. Fereydoun Shahr Ski Resort, located 180 km west of Isfahan and 6 km from Fereydoun Shahr, is the only standard ski slope in Isfahan province, with a slope of 35%, which reaches 70% in some places. The height of its lowest point is 2,630 meters above sea level, which reaches 3,000 meters at the highest point of the track.
If this is your first time skiing, you can go to a ski school at Fereydounshar Ski Resort that provides the necessary training to beginners. Alpine and snowboarding are other sports that are taught in this school.

In addition, Fereydounshar Ski Resort offers different kinds of ski lifts (training lifts, special lifts for professionals, etc.), sledding, and zip lines.

Also, snow tubing is a popular entertainment for young people, and three lines have been designated for men and three lines for women for this purpose in this ski resort.
In addition, the Fereydoun Shahr ski resort is equipped with snow blowers, accommodations for athletes and tourists, a clinic, restaurants, coffee shops, a parking lot, etc.


Tarik Darreh Ski Resort
(Alvand Ski Resort)

Tarik Darreh Ski Resort in Hamedan

On the slopes of the Alvand Mountains, Tarik Darreh Ski Resort, also known as Alvand Ski Resort, is located 10km southwest of Ganjnameh road and 15km southwest of Hamedan city.
Tarik Darreh is one of Iran’s international ski resorts with a length of 1600 meters, which, thanks to the pristine mountain landscape, is one of the most beautiful spots for skiing and other winter sports.
As a result of natural springs, rivers, green space, and towering trees near the Ganjnameh Recreational Complex, this area has become a popular natural attraction in Hamedan.
The height of the Hamedan piste is between 2450 and 3000 meters in different parts, and its area reaches approximately 50 hectares, which provides preferable conditions for holding competitions.
About two kilometers of the track is equipped with a lift and can transport more than 100 people. Also, it houses a shelter and guest house, restaurants, and a ski school. Also, the telesiege of this complex has 100 seats and is 1600 meters long.
The Tarik Darreh Ski Resort also provides 1500 pairs of skis to those interested in skiing, and people under 15 can learn to ski for free.
Besides, the favorable weather of Hamedan in spring and summer has led to the construction of a 5000-square-meter grass track at this complex that is used for grass skiing competitions during summer.
Finally, the snowfall in this region starts around December and continues until April. However, note that sometimes snowfall blocks the road leading to the track in the cold months of the year.

Other Ski Resorts in Iran

  1. Khor Ski Resort: Khor village, 40 km northeast of Karaj, with an altitude of 3000 meters and two slopes of 300 and 1850 meters.

  2. Sepidan Ski Resort: five kilometers from the city of Ardakan, Fars, with an altitude of 2655 m.

  3. Nesar Ski Resort: south of Bijar city, 142 km from Sanandaj, with an altitude of 2,350 meters and a length of 900 meters.

  4. Sahand Piste: 39 km from Tabriz, East Azarbaijan province, 1200 meters long.

  5. Kakan or Dena Track: 18 km from Yasuj, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces, 1500 meters long.

  6. Khoshaku Ski Resort: 25 km west of Urmia, West Azarbaijan province, with an altitude of 3,200 meters.

  7. Payam Ski Resort: 15 km from Marand, East Azarbaijan province, with an altitude of 1800 meters.

  8. Pakal or Shazand Ski Trail: 25 km from Shazand, Markazi Province, Pakal Village, 600 meters long.

  9. Shirabad Track: 35 km from Mashhad, on the slopes of Binaloud Mountain, 1200 meters long.

  10. Sirch Ski Slope: Ghandom Beryan Region, Kerman province.

  11. Papaei Track: 3 kilometers from Ijrood city at the heights of Zanjan province, 600 meters long.

  12. Saghez Ski Resort: Saghez to Baneh road, Khan pass, Kurdestan Province, 1200 meters long.

Best Iran Ski Resorts at A Glance

In the following tables, you can see a summary of information about visiting the top 10 Iran ski resorts. This information includes location, piste situation, facilities, ticket price, nearby accommodation, etc.

* These are the seasons and working hours of the ski tracks, other facilities of the resorts have different working hours and can be open in other seasons as well.

** Including all kinds of ski lifts, telecabin, telesiege, etc.

*** Beginner slopes are between 6% and 25%; intermediate slopes are between 25% and 40%; difficult slopes are from 40%.

**** Ticket price includes entrance fee, insurance, and using the ski lift for one day. Ski equipment rental, using the parking lot, dining, accommodation, etc., will be subject to an extra charge.

List of the Leading Ski Resorts in Iran

In this section, we introduce the Iran ski resorts that rank first in the country in different fields.

Finally, please leave your comments if you have any other information or questions about the top 10 Iran ski resorts.

Iran Travel FAQ

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Iran Ski Resorts

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